ESaay paper and ecxel file. Essay should be around 2 pages

ESaay cardboard and ecxel file. Essay should be about 2 pages

Learning Outcome: Construct advice architectural models

Additional Reading:  Data Mapping and Its Impact on Data Integrity.  AHIMA. 2013

1.   Designation

Your alfresco account for this anniversary discusses the similarities and differences amid the LHR (legal bloom record) and the DRS (designated almanac set).    For this assignment, you will admission an excel book that contains some of the abstracts or files that are to be reviewed.  See aloft articulation for template.  This is not an all-embracing list.  For anniversary element, you will announce the primary antecedent of the document.  For example, if your academy has an cyberbanking abduction of accord forms, again the antecedent would be the EHR affidavit system.  But if accord forms are still done via a cardboard form, again you would announce that the antecedent is paper.   Examples of the primary sources are accustomed below.  This is not a complete list, so if your academy has a altered antecedent for the information, you are chargeless to use that. 

Examples of Primary Sources



    Nursing affidavit system

    EHR affidavit system

    PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System)


    Financial System

    Administration system

    Admitting affidavit system

You will additionally announce if the document/file is allotment of the Appointed Almanac Set or the Acknowledged Bloom Record. Allotment of the appointment includes formatting the book in a way that is user affable to the reader.  This may accommodate regrouping some of the items, application concealment or borders to advice the end user acquisition information, or you may charge to add added columns to abduction the advice you feel is important (although added columns are not required).  If your entries do not fit into the arrangement cavalcade width, amuse architecture so that the access is captivated in the cell.

The animadversion area can be activated for any description you may ambition to make.

2.   Retention

 In addition, you will analysis the assimilation requirements for these documents.  In some areas, there are no specific guidelines.  It is up to the academy to actuate the assimilation period.  If you cannot acquisition a specific time period, either analysis with your institution, or use your best judgement and announce your acumen in the animadversion section.


State Medical Almanac Laws.  Table A-7. HealthIT.

 Retention and Destruction of Bloom Information.  AHIMA.  2013.  (

3.   Reflection

Write a two -three branch absorption on how this exercise (identifying the antecedent and blazon of document) will advice back mapping the apparatus and alignment an EHR.

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