This appointment involves commutual two exercises, and the purpose is for you to administer the assurance and bloom administration systems access to abode ergonomics. Exercise 1: Relating Antitoxin Strategies Discuss the 10 all-encompassing antitoxin strategies proposed by Haddon as they chronicle to an adventure that ability accept occurred on your worksite, or chronicle the countermeasures to article you accept observed.  The 10 all-encompassing countermeasures are listed below:  (a) Prevent the antecedent accretion of energy. (b) Reduce the abeyant energy. (c) Prevent the absolution of the energy. (d) Reduce the amount of absolution of energy. (e) Separate the host from the activity source. (f) Place a barrier amid the host and activity source. (g) Absorb the energy. (h) Strengthen the affected host. (i) Move rapidly in ascertain and adverse the release. (j) Take procedures to alleviate the damage.  Your acknowledgment should be at atomic 200 words in length. Exercise 2:  Applying the Assurance and Bloom Administration Systems Access to Abode Ergonomics This catechism involves account the afterward passage, allotment one ancillary of the debate, and again arresting your best by accouterment your rationale. Read the afterward access and again adjudge who is at fault:  the aggregation or the employee.  Our barter driver, Ben, injures his aback while attached bottomward the tarps on his flatbed trailer. He has to use four-inch straps to defended the load, and again has to awning the amount with tarps which crave the use of bungee cords (rubber straps) to defended the tarp.  Either avert the aggregation and adjudge that the basis account for the aback abrasion was due to the abortion of the agent to appropriately chase the processes and procedures, or avert the agent and adjudge that the basis account of the aback abrasion was due to the abortion of the aggregation to accommodate a hazard-free workplace. To auspiciously acknowledgment this question, you ability accept to do a bit of research. Consider the afterward sources: the OSHA standards, the Federal Motor Carrier Assurance Administration (FMCSA) rules, and the textbook. Use APA Style to admit adapted citations into your response. Your acknowledgment should be at atomic 200 words in length.  

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