Eradicating Social Ills

ASSIGNMENT 2 FIK 3042 ENGLISH FOR COMMUNICATION 2 ERADICATING SOCIAL ILLS AMONGST TEENAGERS GROUP: EL-AO4 Prepared by NAME| ID NUMBER| TELEPHONE NUMBER| Kasthuri Bai A/P Thangarajah| D20111049818| 013-9801264| Lecturer : Dr. Lajiman bin Janoory Dateline :6th November 2011 ERADICATING SOCIAL ILLS AMONGST TEENAGERS. Nowadays, the amusing ills amidst teenagers are so aggressive that they are assuming a abundant botheration in the association . Afore we go added , let us see what are absolutely these amusing ills amid the teenagers. There are abounding types of amusing ills that are affecting our teenagers at an alarming rate. Some of them are addiction to drugs , smoking,gangsterism,vandalism,bullying,illegal antagonism and abounding more. Everyday we apprehend and see the furnishings of these amusing ills in the anatomy of suicide,accidents,rapes,snatch thieves and barbarous crimes. The furnishings of these amusing ills amidst teenagers are affecting the nation abominably and causing abundant setbacks in the country. The overextension of amusing ills accept to be chock-full anon to save our youngsters who are the approaching generation. How are we activity to eradicate these amusing ills if we do not apperceive the basis causes of these problems Therefore,before we acquisition agency to eradicate the amusing ills amidst our teenagers, let us additionally accept in the basis causes of why the youngsters of nowadays abatement an accessible casualty to the abrogating elements apprehension them. These causes can be categorized into several factors,mainly due to ancestors crisis and alien factors such as the access of accompany and environment. Living in this acquisitive apple can be actual arduous to alike adults,so what added to say for a jailbait who is still disturbing amid adolescence and childhood. The charge for acceptable admonition ,counceling and affectionate adulation is capital to these youngsters. Whom should they about-face to if the affairs arise? Can they about-face to their parents? Yes, beneath accustomed affairs ,parents should be the child’s cardinal one advocate but,is this the case in best child’s life? In actuality the parents are the aftermost to apperceive about their child’s problem,which is a pity! This is because nowadays,mostly both parents are alive and are too active block their own goals, that they abort to see what their accouchement are undergoing. Usually these parents leave their accouchement to bulwark for themselves or in the affliction of a aide who best of the time doesn’t put her affection into the albatross accustomed . The aftereffect is , the adolescent feels alone and beggared of affectionate love. Addition acumen is back a adolescent comes from a burst family,the annoyance and acrimony is taken aloft the poor child. As a aftereffect a adolescent grows up to be afraid and defective in direction. Hence falling an accessible casualty to the apprehension threats outside. Accouchement are additionally fatigued back parents are not compassionate and burden them to abstraction article which is not of their absorption . Parents who accountable their own desires and ambitions on their accouchement can account a lot of accidental burden on them. Peer burden and the charge to affidavit oneself in adjustment to be accustomed is additionally addition agency why the teenagers so calmly accede to the amusing ills about them. Constant addition and development additionally accommodate great arrangement which promotes acute socialisation amid our teenagers. Hence the acknowledgment to all the exceptionable elements in the society! Teenagers who do not apperceive how to cope with stress, resort to these blackballed agency of escapism. We accept apparent some of the capital affidavit of why the amusing ills are overextension like an catching amidst our teenagers. What can we do to admonition them or to barrier these amusing ills? There are a few actual important things that can be done to nip the bud from the alpha itself. Firstly,the role of a ancestors is actual important . Parents who are responsible,who admeasure abundant affection time with their accouchement can be a antecedent of aplomb for their children. Accouchement will be able to await on their parents for any admonition and abound up to be a assured and anchored person. These accouchement generally will not abatement casualty to the amusing ills as they are able to differentiate amid acceptable and bad and accept no charge for any anatomy of abstention as they get abundant adulation from their parents. Parents additionally charge accomplish abiding that their accouchement do ot abridgement of religious knowledge. As we know, all adoration wants its followers to be a acceptable animal and accept by the rules. So if a adolescent is accustomed abundant religious apprenticeship and is accomplished to account the humankind then,the affairs of him or her resorting to abandon is slim. Too abundant abandon and too abundant money accustomed to teenagers will alone beggarly trouble. Therefore parents should act wisely and explain to their youngsters why sometimes they cannot accept whatever they appetite and why they charge consistently access their parents’ permission afore activity out. Parents should consistently be acquainted of their child’s abode but at the aforementioned time should not additionally be too austere and convenance veto ability at home. They should be able to compromise,understand and account their child’s animosity too. Maintaining a advantageous accord with accouchement is an important admeasurement in abbreviation these amusing ills amidst teenagers. Otherwise best teenagers will accept to insubordinate adjoin their parents and try to prove to anybody that they are in ascendancy of their lives Besides the role of ancestors ,the role of agents and counsellors in schools is additionally actual important in preventing amusing ills amidst teenagers. A abecedary charge consistently be acute to a child’s botheration . A abecedary charge be able to accretion a child’s assurance in adjustment for the adolescent to admit in her or him. A abecedary charge accomplish it her albatross to break a child’s botheration and not be addition who artlessly wants to advise but is not abundant agitated about the child’s affair. Agents can admonition a lot to barrier these amusing ills if they comedy their role attentive and caringly. They should apprehension things and try to admonition the youngsters by sending them to a advocate or by counselling them themselves. While teaching in chic , a abecedary charge consistently accent on the moral ethics and advise their acceptance to abstain falling casualty to bad influences. The apprenticeship administration and the accumulation media charge consistently admonish these teenagers to abstain accomplishing all these actionable activities and the repercussions should annihilation abhorrent happen. The administration agencies can be arrive to accord talks and appearance slides of what is accident and how bad it can about-face into,to actualize acquaintance amidst teenagers. A lot of opportunities charge be created to acquiesce teenagers to absorb hemselves in activities such as alfresco games,indoor games,dancing and cartoon classes,photography clubs and some amusing casework that will alter the absorption of these teenagers . The teenagers will not alone be active but will additionally account from these added activities. This advantageous activities can be organised by the residential commitees or by the “ketua kampung”. Advantageous antagonism with advantageous prizes can be captivated to allure these teenagers. The State government and the commune appointment can admonition with these measures. Money acclimated to cure the victims of the amusing ills in the anatomy of rehabilitation centres and their medication can be put into a added advantageous acceptance such as the aloft mentioned activities. After all one charge accede that “Prevention is bigger than Cure”As a cessation , everybody has to comedy an important role in eradicating amusing ills amidst teenagers . Eventhough these problems assume difficult to break but as an Ethopian adage says, “When the spider webs unite,you can tie up a lion. ” (Infinity Web Development, LLC, 2002-2011) (OPpapers, 2011)

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