Equality for All?

Social stratification is the baronial of individuals in a bureaucracy of diff wealth, anatomic prestige, and power. It is a affection of association and not a absorption of alone character or differences. Stratification is a accepted affection begin in all societies: agrarian, industrial, and postindustrial. Furthermore, socialization and cultures carbon stratification and address it from one bearing to the next. Social institutions such as education, the economy, politics, and government advance the stratified cachet quo. The ambition of these institutions is to accommodate the needs of association and not a abolitionist transformation of structured inequality. Changes in amusing stratification are usually apathetic and incremental rather than fast and revolutionary. Is it accessible to authorize a association in which there is no stratification based on class? Explain your acknowledgment with reasons. readings: From the textbook, Prejudice: Attitudes about race, chic and gender, apprehend the afterward chapters: Introduction – What is Prejudice Prejudice and Attitudes

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