Epideomolgy assignment

Please acknowledgment the afterward questions in your own words to the best of your understanding. If you acquisition affirmation that is not from the Gordis text, amuse adduce it in APA Style. An investigator advised cases of fetal afterlife in 27,000 pregnancies and classified mothers according to whether they had accomplished animal action aural 1 ages afore delivery. It was begin that 11% of the mothers of fetuses that died and 2.5% of the mothers of fetuses that survived had had animal action during the period. It was assured that action during the ages above-mentioned commitment acquired the fetal deaths. What guideline(s) did this researcher abort to booty into account? Why is the cessation accomplished by the investigator incorrect? (3 pts)\ How would you chronicle affiliation and causation? Are these agreement the aforementioned thing? (3 pts) How could an epidemiological abstraction prove causation? Other than the examples in the book, can you altercate addition archetype of how an epidemiological abstraction accepted causation? (3 pts) Give examples of aberrant and absolute account associated with adventures in accustomed life. (3 pts) Give an archetype of a time you accomplished what you anticipation was causation, but angry out to be confounding. This could be an accident that has happened to you or a account adventure that approved confounding. (3 pts) Please bethink to cardinal your responses appropriately

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