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Q1,Q2, Q3 - 450 words Q1. Reflect on   Chapter 2: The Authoritative Context: Strategy, Structure, and Culture  Identify what you anticipation was the best important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any alternative affair that you acquainted was aces of your understanding.   Also, accommodate a graduate-level acknowledgment to anniversary of the afterward questions Q2. Consider a medium-sized aggregation that has absitively to activate application activity administration in a advanced array of its operations.  As allotment of their operational shift, they are activity to accept a activity administration appointment about aural the organization.  Make an altercation for the blazon of PMO it should accept (weather station, ascendancy tower, or ability pool).  What are some of the key accommodation acceptance that will advice it actuate which archetypal makes best sense? Q3. Compare and adverse the authoritative cultures at Amazon and Google.  Imagine if you were in allegation of a activity aggregation at both companies.  How ability your access to managing a project, developing your team, and analogous with altered anatomic departments adapt at the two firms? Q4. Activity---- 2 pages(550 words) You are a affiliate of the chief administration agents at XYZ Corporation.  You accept historically been application a anatomic anatomy set up with bristles departments: finance, animal resources, marketing, production, and engineering.  1.Create a cartoon of your simplified anatomic structure, anecdotic the bristles departments 2.Assume you accept absitively to move to a activity structure.  What ability be some of the ecology pressures that would accord to your acceptance that it is all-important to adapt the structure? 3.With the activity structure, you accept four projects currently ongoing: stereo equipment, blueprint and testing equipment, optical scanners, and aegis communications. 4.Draw the new anatomy that creates these four projects as allotment of the authoritative chart.

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