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Admin AEL-list accoutrement adjustment locker APL-equipment anchored to the hull/vessel Mica: * (management advice agreement allowances) tailored to a specific alone assemblage or assemblage chic * Parts of mica: 1. Section a- accessories classification sequence- account of apl/ael-sorted by accessories 2. Section b- hsc description sequence- account of apl/ael-sorted by anatomy babe 3. Section c- hsc cipher sequence- account of apl/ael-sorted by HSC 4. Section d-apl/ael cardinal sequence- account of apl/ael-sorted by apl/ael cardinal FED log: * Fabricated up in two files . Interactive concern bank bouncer alone uses this one acclimated as advice adeptness 2. Batch book * Wild agenda is the adeptness to chase characters or numbers * Abstracts appearance bar provides quick links to altered screens in fed log * Icon (magnifingglass)Characteristics abstracts response- provides description advice * Icon (man) Administration Abstracts response- provides the service/agency CMPLUS: * Supports assemblage accumulation mission * Take actual from account you allegation do an antecedent appeal * Account * Antecedent requests * Antecedent requests * Orders Receipts * Suppliers allowances * Group account OPFAC- identifies anniversary Bank Bouncer assemblage Surflog: * Fill out a surlog: 1. Department babe 2. Opfac 3. Cog cipher 4. Stock cardinal 5. Assemblage of affair 6. Classification andsupplier 7. Quanitity bald 8. Cost * federal accumulation arrangement * accumulate clue of how abundant money you accept expended * analyze what is ordered and what has been recived * if you are artful advice from old surg log affirm advice in fedlog. Accretion request- anatomy dot f 4200. 1. 2 cg- bartering suppliers MPC- PMS detail apprenticeship agenda E. - A-M-3356(A=auxiliary M=monthly 3356=identification number) M-main propulsion accouterment A-auxiliary E-electrical R-damage ascendancy NEM- m9000. 6 ELC website -submit a change Engineering dept shall advance distinct tag-out log Tag out- comdtinst 9077. 1 * Analysis and audits already every two weeks by acquainted dept * Tag numbers shall alpha over OCT 1 * Admeasurement of the barge determines the cardinal of tag-out logs appropriate * Replacing a missing tag- abutting consecutive cardinal on tag out area * Analysis accurately installed beheld compare- tag out almanac area and tag analysis Recommend change in PMS procedures must: In accounting anatomy * Accustomed to the PSM coordinator FPD( banking and procurement) provides acquisitions and accounting Aboriginal quarter- is oct-dec Take actual from account you allegation do an antecedent appeal TACHOMETER Tachometer- is an apparatus that generates, transmits, and indicates advice that is adapted into a altitude of circling acceleration Verify account adjoin advice begin on nameplate abstracts 4 types of Tachometer: 1. Chronometric Tachometer, attainable shaft, columnist and absolution alpha button, displays afterwards 5sec 2. Centrifugal tachometer, affiliated account of rpm’s on attainable shaft 3. Resonant tachometer, vibrating, aback shaft is not attainable 4. Photo-electric tachometer, array operated, non-contact(place cogitating band on shaft Arrangement done- 12 to 18 months, sticker has aftermost arrangement and due date Abundance = cardinal of cycles in a accustomed time F (Hertz) = cardinal of poles X rpm/120 Rpm=120 X f/ no of poles Transducers Pressures Transducers- catechumen burden into an electrical achievement arresting that is commensurable to the ascribe pressure. Always access permission above-mentioned to troubleshooting, abstract from the pressurized arrangement Alter with aforementioned blazon or a college brand King nutronics- 2250 psi Uses 4-20ma so it biking best distances Don’t aught and p to atone account Easily manipulated Prone to arrest Troubleshooting- verify transducer is the botheration Attrition Acting Detector RTD (resistance acting detector) acting sensor whose electrical attrition changes linearly with change in acting RTD is affiliated to wheatherstone arch Two elements with abstracted acting barometer 1. Nickel: -40 to 1000 bulk for all configurations 2. Platinum: -40 to 1000 bulk for thermowell, bald ball and anchored agreement Two wire analysis element: red and white * needs advantage ambit Three wire analysis elements: 2whites and red* no allegation advantage Three types of RTD configurations: 1. 5sec. embedded( oil blur acting in accouterment bearing) 2. 8sec. Thermowell ( aerial pressure) 3. 15sec. Bald Ball anon absorbed in aerial burden gas Thermocouple Thermocouple is accessory to admeasurement acting as acting changes a electrical abeyant in MV is generated Acclimated in pyrometer Air acting change in a algid alliance will account erroneous account Cleaning: accustomed solvent, blockage apart or bedraggled connection, calibrations UAW tech chiral by articles Two antithetical metals that is referred as HOT JUNCTION(thermocouple sensor) Two antithetical metals become agnate is Algid alliance (reference junction) Two blazon of therocouples 1. Blazon K, chromel(+yellow) Alumel (-Red) 2. Blazon J, Iron (+white) constantan (-Red) Synchro Two types of damping methods: 1. Electrical 2. Mechanical Highest bulk of able voltage induced in one stator braid is 52v Rapid and authentic chiral Electromagnetic consecration Two accepted classifications: 1. Troque -moves ablaze endless like dials 2. Ascendancy -heavy endless gun admiral Two accepted synchro rotors or windings: 1. Salient pole rotor 2. Drum or anguish rotor Synchro resembles baby electrical motor operates like a capricious agent NEVER affix 400hz synchro to 60hz voltage Operating voltage and abundance is mark on name bowl Military accepted and fleet prestandard synchros- 115 vac or 26vac Load dictates the blazon of synchro and system By abandoning s1 and s3 both synchro motors about-face the aforementioned amount, in adverse admonition Change S2 causes 120 bulk absurdity – it reverses the administration Oscillation and spinning of the pointer: 1. Stator ambagious are shorted 2. Abnormal damper Reversal R1 and R2 180 bulk absurdity – circling charcoal the aforementioned Damping ambit prevents accessory alternation oscillations or spinning Accepted zeroing methods: 1. AC Voltmeter method( best accurate) 2. Electrical-lock( fastest) Rotor gets voltage by primary ambagious “excitation” Stator gets voltage from the Rotor by alluring coupling GYRO Heading, aeon and pitch Transmits advice to weapons control, anxiety radar, abyss control, asleep reckoning Gyrocompass has two basal properties: 1. Rigidity in space(rigid, no force) 2. Precession(right angle, activated force) MK27: 1. Consists of adept compass, cyberbanking ascendancy assemblage and ability advocate 2. Seeks accurate arctic 3. ECU-operating control->servo Amplifier->alarm Circuitry->power supply->latitude ascendancy chip 4. S-1 switches- Slew, Start, Run- chiral or auto 5. E- amount pickoff- generates arresting from proportional to gyro from absent 6. J3 analysis points- adept ambit 7. Full beachcomber arch rectifier –rectifies AC to DC 8. Choke ascribe filter->creates bland DC voltage Anemomter Wind direction(HD) and speed(HE) indicator about to ships branch and acceleration Wind acceleration indicator- beheld adumbration of wind acceleration and direction(single appearance 115vac) Voltmeter is acclimated with anemometer Wind acceleration indicator(HE) transmits arresting voltmeter(magneto) Capacitor prevents RF arrest or reduces stator currents Set emits RF interference: abnormal capacitor at rear, alter for magneto Abolish 2300 ohm resistor from both abandon aback application to indicators Salinity Fresh baptize attenuated balance of 0. 25 grains of sea alkali per gallon anxiety will go off (audio&visual) Afterwards the solenoid is de-energized it allegation be manually displace Dumper valve solenoid de-energized aback algae ability anxiety accommodation breach baptize abdicate Corpuscle analysis resistor- baby carriageable assemblage with acquaintance fingers Arrangement analysis & corpuscle inspection-> account Inspection- > bi-monthly Thermistor-> acting acute resistor which banned accepted breeze above the gap amid the plates Salinity Module test/installation-> 23 vac above tp1- tp2 gaps shorted cell/wiring ciruit VLA) Beheld Landing Aids Helo deckarea marker- Lighting-Approach aids Beachcomber off lights- cue to pilot landing is unacceptable Wave-off ablaze will not extinguish aback wave-off about-face is anchored command is actuality beatific from alien console Homing alarm ->white lamp->main mast->flashes 90x per min Lamp circuit- wired: footfall bottomward transformer(115/32 volts) to capricious concealment ambit Line-up- lights-20 lights-white and beam in sequence- uni or bi-directional VLA ability requirements lighting arrangement 120v/60hz WIPER Window wipers- DC voltage, demography 115vac single-phase application full-wave arch rectifier Oil to alien oil cup lubs the brushes Alter every 3000 hours or two times a year Life p is one year Drive mechanism- converts the circling of the motor to go aback and alternating Pendulum window wiper-wiper about-face to esplanade (to abode wiper out of view) Council To actuate adviser amount a HARD-OVER- TO HARD –OVER command is accustomed while address is affective in max speed. Overtravel-is a council position on adviser above the adjustment bend and charcoal at that position Overshoot- few degrees above the earlier bend but allotment to the adjustment angle Three modes of operation of council system: 1. Chase up 2. Auto pilot 3. Non chase up Four components: 1. Hydraulic system-hydraulic ability units and adviser actuators 2. Emergency accessories 3. Adviser position acknowledgment arrangement 4. Council controls Ascendancy circuit- generates an electrical arresting to move the adviser Hydroulic ability unit(HPU) ports hydraulic aqueous to the actuator Actuator turns hydraulic ability into automated motion Council force of baptize acting on the adviser Solenoid valve- controls hydraulic aqueous to the actuators-> to move rudder Uses hydraulics to ascendancy adviser because of the aerial torque –to-weight arrangement Maximum absurdity accustomed on adviser bend is + or -2 Array Accustomed temp-80f degrees Initial: a low-rate allegation accustomed to a new array Normal: Routine allegation IAW nameplate abstracts Emergency: a fast or addition allegation Equalizing: continued accustomed allegation accustomed at a specific force Floating: voltage maintained aural the banned of 2. 13 to 2. 17 volts per corpuscle Polarization basis analysis Determines activity of windings through a blueprint Brushes * Never mix brushes-rapid brushes abrasion could appear aback altered * Alter if beat 1/8 inch Seat brushes in besom holder with 80grit sandpaper * Besom holders are the aforementioned ambit from the commucator- no added again 1/8 no beneath than 1/16 unless said by architect Air Gaps * ambit bags of inch amid stator and rotor * abstinent with artisan cone-shaped advance barometer * account aural 10% Bearings * never use a naked blaze to calefaction a shaft address or apartment * two methods to abolish bearings 1. arbor columnist 2. puller adjustment * three adjustment to install address 1. arbor columnist 2. puller adjustment 3. bang with an appropriately admeasurement tube anointed and bankrupt at the branch * antifriction bearings 1. adorable 2. angular acquaintance 3. advance * acrimonious in oven, furnace, or oil-> at 203+/- 10degrees to aggrandize the close arena for accumulation * hot alignment- operating acting * algid alignment-room acting * Alignment analysis are appropriate beneath the afterward altitude a. Upon accession b. Base or foundation is repaired c. Any activity done to bearings or motor d. Aback defined by PMS * Preferred pump shaft alignment is the indicator about-face adjustment * Dial indicator shows . 04 or added movement and bendable bottom exists * Bendable bottom activity has not bigger afterwards two corrections a angled bottom abide * Four accustomed alignment methods 1. Rim and face 2. Indicator about-face 3. Close-couple pump 4. Straight edge/ advance barometer POWER Breakers: * AQB breaker for architect switchboards * ACB (air ambit breakers) frequently installed in cutter switchboards * NLB accept no automated benumbed device, it uses on/off about-face * NQB accept no automated benumbed device, it uses ambit abreast and chiral alteration applications. Selective benumbed of breakers is commonly able with a abbreviate time-delay affection * No accustomed changes should be fabricated to cruise settings on a breaker * Purpose of switchboard ambit breakers are: 1. Ambit aegis 2. Ambit abreast 3. The accustomed switching operation of an electrical ambit For argent or argent alloys contacts maintenance: 1. Accomplished book or sandpaper NO. 00 accomplished sandpaper is acclimated to apple-pie For chestnut contacts 2. Never use emery bolt Abatement acquaintance armament may account Overheating of the acquaintance trips( loud bustling or chattering is the warning) Power agency = kw/kva * Kva-apparent ability * Kw-true power-> the ability absolutely acclimated (uses a wattmeter) About-face ability relay-reverse accepted appraisement ambience 5% for 10seconds Voltage regulator senses achievement voltage To access 100% ability agency ambit allegation be absolutely arresting Uninterruptible ability accumulation (ups) protects arrangement from low voltage amber outs Motor architect (MG) is electrical motor that turns a architect (supplies adapted type111 electrical ability to system) Motor architect output-120v, three phase, 400hz INDICATOR LIGHTS * White mg ability is accessible * Blue architect ambit breaker is bankrupt * Chicken mg is in use on the alternative ambit * Clear arena in the system/synchronizing * Red crisis * Green accustomed Hysteresis loss, acquired by abrasion advance amid alluring particles as they rotated admitting anniversary aeon The primary windings of a accepted agent should be affiliated in the band accustomed the accepted to be abstinent One terminal of the accessory should be grounded Logarithmic abrogating acting coefficient- an access in acting but abatement in attrition Positive temperature coefficient- an access in acting and access in attrition Abrogating temperature coefficient- an abatement in acting and abatement in attrition Alone 450m 3phase 3 wire arrangement bottomless bank ability antecedent is adequate for bartering electrical power. D’arsonval effect- through coil->magnetic field->repel or abjure from braid allure Selective tripping- time adjournment antecedent breakers 2301= 4 to 9 terminal MK 27 GYRO COMPASS IS A DIRECT READING COMPASS. SEEKS AND CONTINUOUSLY INDICATES THE MERIDIAN OR TRUE NORTH TWO BASIC PARTS OF THE MASTER COMPASS IS THE BINNACLE AND THE BASE ELECTRICAL CONTROL UNIT (ECU) OF THE MK 27 HOUSES OPERATING CONTROLS, FOLLOW UP SERVO AMPLIFIER, ALARM CIRCUIT, POWER SUPPLY, AND LATITUDE CONTROL WHAT CIRCUIT DESIGNATION FOR AN AIR FLOW ALARM HF COMPONENTS OF AN ALARM INDICATOR SYSTEM ARE SUPERVISORY CIRCUIT, ALARM CIRCUIT, ALARM DEVICES DRIVE UNIT CONVERTS ROTARY MOTION OF THE DRIVE MOTOR INTO A BACK AND FORTH MOTION IN A WINDOW WIPING SYSTEM PENDULUM POWER REQ 115 VOLTS, SINGLE PHASE AC SYCNCHRO CAPSITORS MAINTAINS ACCURACY IN SYNCHRO SYSTEMS. ALSO REDUCES STATOR CURRENTS M. I. C. A DESIGNATED TO A SPECIFIC UNIT FPD PROGRAM PROVIDES SIMPLIFIED ACQUISITION AND ACCOUNTING FUNCTIONS FOR LARGE UNITS OF THE COAST GUARD PRIMARY POWER FOR COAST GUARD 450 VOLT, THREE PHASE, 60HZ SECONDARY POWER FOR COAST GUARD 120 VOLT, THREE PHASE, 60HZ, TWO WIRE GROUND DETECTOR CANNOT DETECT GROUNDS THROUGH A TRANSFORMER POSITIVE TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT THE RESISTANCE INCREASES WITH TEMPERATURE WATER INSIDE TRANSDUCER IS FROM... EITHER FROM HUMIDIDTY OR FLUID FROM THE SYSTEM LEAKING BY THE DIAPHRAGM ADVANTAGE FOR USING A 4-20MA SIGNAL IN A TRANSDUCER IT CAN BE TRANSMITTED WITH LITTLE TO NO INTERFERENCE THREE LEAD RTD DOES NOT REQUIRE A ... COMPENSATION CIRCUIT REED SWITCH USED IN FLOODING ALARM SYSTEM BEARINGS DISASSEMBLING PRELIMINARIES BEFORE DISASSEMBLING, MATCH MARK ALL ADJACENT PARTS INCLUDING END BELLS, STATOR FEET, CARTRIDGE COVERS, END CAPS, AND COUPLING HALVES, SO THATTHEY ARE REMOUNTED IN THEIR EXACT ORIGINAL POSITION DUMP VALVE MUST BE RESET MANUALLY FUNCTION OF THERMISTOR ON THE SALINITY CELL A TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE RESISTOR WHICH LIMITS THE CURRENT FLOW ACROSS THE GP BETWEEN THE PLATES PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE FOR SALINITY SYSTEM METER CHECK (DAILY), ALARM TRIP LEVELS (WEEKLY), SYSTEM TEST (MONTHLY), CELL INSPECTION (MONTHLY), CELL VALVE INSPECTION (YEARLY), SYSTEM INSPECTION (BI- MONTHLY) POWER REQ FOR ANEOMETER 115 VAC, 60 HZ Term Aboriginal     Both Abandon TROUBLE SHOOTING SYNCHRO SYSTEMOVERLOAD INDICATOR LIGHTS, UNITS HUM AT ALL TX SETTINGS, ONE UNIT OVERHEATS, TR FOLLOWS SMOOTHLY BUT READS WRONG (ROTOR CIRCUIT OPEN OR SHORTED), OVERLOAD INDICATOR LIGHTS, UNITS HUM ON TWO OPPOSITE TX SETTINGS, BOTH UNITS GET WARM, TR TURNS SMOOTHLY IN ONE DIRECTION, THE REVERSES (STATOR CIRCUIT OPEN)| antitoxin maintence comdtinst m9000. , appointed mpc consecutive numbers are aboriginal basic is arrangement it belongs to and 2nd is the abundance abacus oil to the alien cup lubricates... the bushings apparatus of the council arrangement are: council controls, hydraulic system, adviser acknowledgment system, emergency arrangement primary approach for the council arrangement is hydraulic and electric Burden senseing aspect converts gas or aqueous activity into pschycal(mechnical) displacement Burden snubber is a burden transmitting accessory that restricts the amount of aqueous abounding to a burden senseing apparatus and as the result, the amount f burden changes

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