Environmental science

   Big Sugar, Lake Okeechobee, and Florida's Water Recent years accept apparent aborigine mandates to the Florida Legislature to accord with Everglades protection, affecting videos of Summer time blooming fungus outbreaks on both of South Florida's coasts, and ample infighting in the Legislature over whether or not to accord with the growing crisis in South Florida's baptize flow. A. Read these online belief and appearance the video as accomplishments above-mentioned to accommodating in his Forum. Do not participate in the altercation after accepting this accomplishments knowledge. (The afterward are links, you can archetype and adhesive on google) Big Sugar Hires 64 Lobbyists in Tallahassee Bittersweet: The Sugar Industry in South Florida Florida Legislature Passes Everglades Restoration Bill - May 2017 Lake Okeechobee: A Time Warp for Polluted Water What is Eutrophication? (video) U.S. Sugar Corporation home page B. Now acknowledgment the afterward questions in your announcement and cardinal your responses B1 and B2 (worth 12 points). 1. How has artist Doug MacGregor acclimated the animation at the top of this folio to allegorize the accepted cachet of the affection of South Florida's baptize flow? That is, how has he acclimated the map, colors, shapes, etc. to acquaint this story? (6 points) 2. Describe whether or not you anticipate the analogy is authentic in its depiction. Use your arbiter readings or the aloft articles/video to abutment your description. (6 points)

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