What’s the Worst That Could Happen? (25 points) This is a catechism you should (and will be) allurement yourself as you booty on a aegis administrator role.  Quite honestly, this account could become your accident if you do not anticipate it through or try to abstain answering such a question; however, the acute “voice of doom” is not one you will be visiting actual often.  You should be evaluating the accessible affairs and ask yourself the aloft catechism as it pertains to article that could happen, such as a blaze or user error.  For this exercise, you should anticipate about a bounded aggregation (one which you assignment or accept worked) or a affected business close in Kansas City Missouri.  Ask yourself this catechism as you anticipate through what they accept and what could be lost.  Anticipate of a minimum of 7 threats to this arrangement (one for anniversary of the 7 IT Infrastructure Domains [pg.7]) and call “What’s the Worst That Could Happen?” if these threats came true.  For the threats, you should anticipate of 5 aural the branch of achievability and 2 on the binding of possibilities. Organize this acknowledgment as an APA formatted paper.  For anniversary threat, you should address at atomic one branch responding to the catechism to anniversary threat. Not Met Basic Proficient Distinguished Identified and describes threats or risks (15 points) Did not analyze any threats (0) Listed 1 to 6 threats (1-7) Listed 7 threats (8-14) Went aloft and above basal requirements (15) Demonstrates ability of vulnerabilities (15 points) Did not authenticate ability (0) Demonstrated basal akin ability of vulnerabilities (1-7) Showed a accomplished butt of vulnerabilities and how they affect their ambiance (8-14) Showed an avant-garde akin of ability of how threats appulse their ambiance (15) APA formatting (10 points) Did not advance APA formatting (0-3) A few APA formatting errors with assorted mistakes (4-7) Little to no APA formatting errors (8-10) Grammar and anatomy (10 points) Student acquiescence is beneath academy akin autograph expectations (0-3) Multiple grammar and anatomy issues (4-7) Little to no grammar and anatomy issues (8-10) Course Outcomes Assessed: 1. Analyze and ascertain accident and accident administration techniques. 5. Analyze and appraise threats, vulnerabilities, countermeasures, and acknowledgment recommendations.

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