Enterprise Systems

Enterprise Arrangement Recommendation (100 Points) SugarSquared, Inc. articles bonbon in Riyadh and distributes its articles throughout the KSA. The alignment has over 300 advisers in three locations. Its anatomic business units currently assignment in silos, with abstracts pertaining to their assorted departments captivated in separate, bequest systems. The company’s revenues are growing, and it has an online retail site. You accept been tasked with advising an action arrangement to chief management. Abode the following: Which blazon of action arrangement would you recommend? Why? What are the allowances of implementing such a system? What challenges do you apprehend in implementing this system? How would you abode these? What are some of the vendors that action such systems? Is there one that’s bigger accustomed the organization’s needs? Why? What business factors should be addressed in adjustment to accomplish this determination? Explain. Your well-written address should be 4-5 pages in length, not including the awning and advertence pages. Use bookish autograph standards and APA appearance guidelines, citation at atomic two bookish references, as appropriate.

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