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 Over the advance of the accomplished weeks, you were assigned to address a research paper about an ERM affair of your choice. The analysis cardboard development will abide of: (a) analysis cardboard affair (defining the affair of your research), (b) annotated bibliography (finding abstract about the topic), (c) abstract analysis cardboard (producing a abstract cardboard based on the analysis topic) and (d) final analysis cardboard (improving on the abstract and autograph a final paper). This anniversary you will abide the abstract adaptation of your paper, amuse use the arrangement provided.  Note:    Introduction  All analysis letters activate with an introduction. (1 – 2 Pages) Background Provide your clairvoyant with a ample abject of compassionate of the analysis topic. The ambition is to accord the clairvoyant an overview of the topic, and its ambience aural the absolute world, analysis literature, and theory. (3 – 5 Pages) Problem Statement This area should acutely bright how the abstraction will chronicle to the accepted literature. This is done by anecdotic allegation from the analysis abstract that ascertain the gap. Should be actual bright what the analysis botheration is and why it should be solved. Provide a general/board botheration and a specific botheration (150 – 200 Words) Literature Review Using your annotated bibliography, assemble a abstract review. (3-5 pages) Discussion Provide a altercation about your specific affair findings. Using the literature, you found, how do you break your problem? How does it affect your general/board problem? References

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