Enterprise Risk Management Assignment 1

 ERM in Practice at the University of California Health System Case and accommodate acknowledgment for afterward questions. 1. Your medical accumulation wants to aggrandize by starting a new venture, owning and operating a pharmacy. In adjustment to access the affairs for success, you accept been asked to accomplish an action accident appraisal that includes reputational risk. Accord three examples of how starting a new adventure ability accept accident contest that could advance to repercussions that would abnormally appulse the organization’s acceptability and three examples area it ability be enhanced, creating opportunity. 2. Explain how advance is abstinent with KPIs and accord one archetype accompanying to Human Capital and how this KPI ability advice you advance your organization. 3. What do you anticipate is the aberration amid acceptable accident administration and action accident management? You are appropriate to acknowledge to the questions thoroughly, in 250 -to-300 words for anniversary question. Be abiding to accommodate at atomic three advertence sources. APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and advertisement of sources are to be followed. 

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