Enterprise Network system management by the installation, configuration and management of Domain Controllers (DC).

 The appointment charge be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 11-pt Calibri (Body) chantry and 2.54 cm margins on all four abandon of your folio with adapted area headings.  Advertence sources charge be cited in the argument of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a advertence account application IEEE referencing style.  Your acquiescence charge be your own work, and will be arrested for boldness application Turnitin boldness blockage system.   Assignment Description  Choose one (1) book from the account accustomed below, and backpack out the afterward tasks:  1. Find your accumulation mates who accept called the aforementioned scenario. Anniversary accumulation should not be added than three members, two are acceptable. 2. Identify adapted configurations for your called scenario, and accomplish the configurations application either around or physically installed OS to realise the scenario. Students can use Windows Server 2008 or any alternative college version. 3. Prepare a abundant arrangement affidavit address (individually written, but screenshots can be aforementioned aural the group) of the configurations application description of anniversary step, and screenshots of your configurations. This address will serve as an important allotment of advancement and adversity accretion affidavit for the organisation accustomed in your called scenario, and can be acclimated for training new IT agents in the organisation. 4. This is due on Week-11 on moodle. 5. Use your configured arrangement to authenticate in accumulation the implemented book during your week-12 lab. Individual compassionate will be activated during the demo. This address should accommodate the following:  1. Clear identification of what technology/features will charge to be configured in adjustment to realise your called scenario.  2. The important accomplish of how the book was implemented/configured with anniversary technology/features that you accept identified, forth with labelled screenshots.  3. Students charge configure the area application either his/her own name, or a accumulation member’s name.  4. Students charge actualize a simple webpage (using attack tag only) to affectation the apprentice ID numbers of the accumulation members, which shall be stored on and displayed from the created IIS (web server). Scenarios (Choose one only):  Scenario  1: Local Area Network (LAN) to abutment Windows Server and Client Environment TridentS is a software development aggregation acute the ambience up of a LAN for their appointment amid in Sydney.  They accept four departments: Developers, Marketing, Operations, and Finance. All altar (e.g., users, computers, etc.) acceptance to these departments charge to be created aural their corresponding OU for their own department. TridentS requires the afterward technologies to be implemented aural their LAN:  1) Centralised user authentication  2) Print server for users  3) All computers should admission the IP addresses from a DHCP Server 4) TridentS needs to host a website, appropriately a abstracted IIS server is required  5) The aggregation wants to abundance all the files on a abstracted book server and alone users with adapted admission will be able to admission them (not every user should accept admission to the files). You can accept which users/groups will accept admission to these files, and accompaniment your acceptance clearly. 

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