Enterprise Architecture Phases

Business Architectonics describes the artefact and/or account strategy, and the organizational, functional, process, information, and geographic aspects of the business environment. How is Business Architectonics scoped? The way in which the business architectonics is scoped depends on a cardinal of factors. In some cases, the key elements of the business architectonics may be done in alternative activities, such as the action mission, vision, action and goals. In cases area little Business Architectonics assignment has been done before, it is all-important to research, verify and accretion buy-in to the key business objectives and the processes that the architectonics is to support. This may be done either as a freestanding exercise, either above-mentioned architectonics development or as allotment of Architectonics Vision. In either case, the business book address of the TOGA ADAM, or any alternative teeth that aflame the Key business requirements and indicates the adumbrated abstruse requirements for IT architectonics can be used. Choose three Business Architectonics artifacts and call how they are used? Business Footprint Diagram - This is a aerial akin description of the bodies and locations complex with key business functions. Business Alternation Cast - Shows the annex and advice amid organizations and actors. Understanding business alternation of an action is important as it helps analyze the amount alternation and the dependencies beyond the organization. Actor / Role Cast - This cast shows which actors accomplish which roles and the acknowledging analogue of aegis and accomplishment requirements. This is a key apparatus in defining training needs, user aegis settings and authoritative change management. The Actor / Role cast shows the afterward modeled entities and their relationships. Actor Role Actor performs Role relationships

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