ENRGY Systems

ENRGY Systems – Sales Administration CasePart 7 – Accomplishing of Sales Force Automation (SFA) Technology (Writing)Because of the accelerated advance of the Sales Force at ENRGY Systems over the aftermost two years, the VP of Sales is because deploying an SFA arrangement to aid him, the RSM’s and the Sales Reps. He has advised the promotional abstract and has had several calls from the arch suppliers of SFA. He is actual optimistic that the appropriate SFA arrangement will aid sales productivity, advance sales administration capability and abate non-productive sales time. However, he has some concerns. A acquaintance of his at addition aggregation who runs a ample sales alignment has warned him that SFA can be aftereffect in some actual abrogating reactions from the sales force if the selection, accomplishing and training are not done correctly. He gave anniversary RSM the afterward guidance: • “Research SFA systems; • Prepare a  3-5 folio accounting address reviewing at atomic 3 SFA systems for accessible use actuality at ENRGY; • Consider the appearance and advantages anniversary of the 3 systems and advance a advocacy for the arrangement you accept the aggregation should select; • Cite the affidavit for your selection, be abiding to accommodate cost; • Propose strategies to assure that the sales force absolutely embraces the called SFA system. • Hand in the analysis address on Thursday, November 11 at 11:00AM. Remember the use able commendation and accommodate a bibliography ”

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