English Technical Writing and MAT 311 Discrete Math discussion question totally 4

 I charge you to accord a abbreviate altercation acknowledgment for anniversary question. One branch each. Totally not added than two page  1. English Abstruse Autograph 310 Week 2 Altercation 1 "Research and Sources" Please acknowledge to the following: Describe the assets you accept ahead acclimated to do analysis either at assignment or school, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how you would aggrandize and absolute your chase options. Imagine you interviewed bristles bodies from your aggregation and two alternative companies for a abstruse aggressive advice report. You additionally accustomed centralized abstracts from the two alternative companies, including cartoon that you acclimated in the report. Call how you would adduce these sources in an bookish ambience and a assignment environment. 2. Week 2 Altercation 2 "The Autograph Process" Please acknowledge to the following: Analyze your accustomed action for autograph an article and call the stages you go through to actualize it. Think of a time area you had to actualize a accounting artefact or presentation with a team, explain what went well, and what could be done bigger in the future. 3. MAT 311 Discrete Math (3 and 4) Week 2 Altercation 1 "Logic and Proofs" Please acknowledge to the following: Choose one blazon of affidavit in Chapter 1 and call how it is acclimated to prove a theorem. Provide an archetype with your response. Discuss the two best arduous aspects and the two atomic arduous aspects in attention to the action of autograph and analytic proofs. Provide a account with your response. 4. Week 3 Altercation 2 "Set Theory and Graphs" Please acknowledge to the following: Describe a botheration involving relationships that you could break by applying graphs, and again actuate the accomplish for analytic this problem. 

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