English/ Nursing


Drama Analysis 

By the due date assigned, abide your analytic article as a Microsoft Chat attachment.

 Your adviser will accredit a comedy for the chic to apprehend and will column the advice as a Week 3 Announcement (i.e., The Glass Menagerie, A Doll’s House, or Trifles).


Select one of the capacity from the account below.  Use the questions to advance a abbreviate article of at atomic three paragraphs and 500 words. In your response, be abiding that you accept the following: an anterior branch with a bright thesis, at atomic one anatomy branch with acknowledging reasons, examples, and quotations from the play, and a absolute paragraph. Use APA appearance for formatting the cardboard and for in-text citations and end references.


(Choose either Character, Symbol, or Theme) 

  1. Select one appearance from the play. What does he or she want? What is the battle this appearance encounters? How does he or she attack to get this desire? What prevents him or her from accomplishing it? What is the resolution by the end of the comedy for this character?
  2. Select one attribute from the play. What is the acceptation or acceptation of the symbol? How is it acclimated to added the story? How does it advice the admirers to bigger accept the characters or bulletin of the play?
  3. Select one affair from the play. How would you call the bulletin that is conveyed? How is the affair bidding in the play? Give examples. How does the affair giving acceptation to the ball for the audience?


  • Use APA style, and accommodate a appellation page, active header, able chantry and spacing, in-text citations, and a abstracted references page.
  • Do not use any alfresco sources to complete this response; await on your own insights.
  • Quoted actual from the comedy should not beat 25% of the essay.
  • You may beat the minimum chat and branch count.


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