Scholarly Commodity Annotation  By the due date assigned, column your annotated bibliography access for a bookish commodity to the altercation area. By the end of the week, acknowledge to your classmates’ posts with your feedback, questions, and suggestions.  For this assignment, acquisition a bookish commodity on your Anniversary 4 abbreviate adventure in the SUO Library. First, complete the address on administering analysis in the SUO Library. Next, access the online library and acquisition one credible, bookish antecedent analytic the abbreviate adventure that was the focus of your Anniversary 4 asperous draft. Do not use accepted publications, such as Masterplotssummaries or alternative media that are not analysis oriented. Refer to this Analysis Guide and this video provided for this advance by South University Online Library Services.  Post an comment of your antecedent to the altercation board. Your comment should include: A complete APA commendation of your bookish article A branch of arbitrary of the key credibility presented in your source A branch answer the source’s affection and how it is accordant to your analytic essay Here is an archetype of an annotated APA access (not an absolute source):   Smith, A. (2016). Journey into the unknown. American Literature, 22(3), 4-5. This commodity compares Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” and Eudora Welty’s “A Worn Path,” discussing the protagonists’ journeys as a focal point. The commodity examines these two capital characters and their altered paths in life. Those paths led Young Goodman Brown and Phoenix Jackson into the backwoods on actual altered quests, but both were bent to booty these journeys that were emotional, meaningful, and dangerous. Smith’s commodity offered a alluring angle on the motives and outcomes of these two disparate characters and their activity paths that led them into the unknown. I acquired a bigger compassionate of my character, Phoenix Jackson, by account this commodity and allegory her with Young Goodman Brown. There are several quotations and account I will be able to absorb into my final draft. Examples of Journals with Bookish Articles:  Studies in Abbreviate Fiction The Explicator Modern Fiction Studies Language and Literature Critique Modern Language Notes Nineteenth-Century Fiction Twentieth-Century Literature Your replies to classmates should be at atomic a branch in breadth and fabricated with an eye to expand, clarify, defend, and/or clarify their thoughts. Consider allurement questions to added allusive conversation. Participation charge be completed by the end of the week to acquire credit.

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