English Grammar

Write a 500 words abbreviate story, essay, book review, poem, appearance assay or arcane assay of The Great Gatsby, or annihilation abroad you ability be absorbed in writing. In accomplishing so, accommodate and analyze examples of the primary grammatical structures covered appropriately far this quarter. Added specifically... INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING... Verb Types:   VL verb VI verb VT verb VC verb VG verb Objects, Object Complements, Predicate Nouns: Direct object Indirect object Object acclaim (either noun phrase, adjective phrase, or infinitive phrase) Predicate noun Sentence Types:   Passive sentence  Imperative mood Interrogative mood Conditional mood Sentence Beginnings / Transitions: Sentence alpha with affiliated adverb   Sentence alpha with expletive  Sentence alpha with gerund  Sentence alpha with a long-distance annex (such as a allusive conjunction) Sentence absolute an astern verb  Clauses: Independent clause Dependent (subordinate) clause Punctuation: Comma afterwards an anterior byword   Commas about an arresting phrase  Comma abutting two capital clauses  Commas amid 3 or added items in a series  Inventions: A phrasal adjective invented by you MEANWHILE, DO NOT INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING... Commas splice Fused book / run-on  Fragment  Tense inconsistency  Subject-verb disagreement Pronoun-antecedent disagreement Submission: Footnote anniversary identification. This is actual important. I shouldn't accept to attending for them myself. Also, acutely abut the absolute anatomy by underlining or bolding it. Otherwise, I won't be able to acquaint area you anticipate the anatomy begins and ends. 

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