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DIRECTIONS: Please accept Advantage A, B, C, or D (below). Amuse apprehend the questions carefully. Regardless of which advantage you choose, your article should be 500-1,000 words and bristles to ten paragraphs in length. The article charge accept a TITLE and a THESIS STATEMENT. You charge abutment your apriorism account with examples, facts, and/or alternative affirmation in an article that has a bright beginning, average and end. You should use examples from the argument you accept to abode about, and possibly your claimed acquaintance and knowledge. You should use absolute quotes, but you may additionally digest and summarize. You may ambition to use one or added prewriting techniques to accomplish account afore you begin. Good luck! OPTION A (PROCESS ANALYSIS): Write an article in which you explain the accomplish appropriate to abode a RESEARCH ESSAY (such as our Article Four assignment) application the MLA arrangement style. You charge appellation your essay, application a appellation such as "How to Abode a Assay Article Application the MLA Style." Amuse accredit to the “Using Sources” affiliate in the Barnet book, if necessary. You may use examples from the assay article you wrote for this course, if you wish. Remember what a action assay article and a assay article are afore you activate to write. Please altercate the afterward capacity in your essay: Prewriting. Hook. Thesis. Topic. Support. Conclusion. OPTION B (PERSUASIVE REVIEW / EVALUATION): Write a PERSUASIVE ESSAY in which you assay one (and alone one) of the works listed below. What is the educational amount of this text? What elements (such as thesis, support, character, plot, setting, and/or theme) succeeded (or failed) in authoritative this argument educational and/or interesting? Amuse use absolute quotations to abutment your thesis. "I Accept a Dream," "Shooting an Elephant," "The Story of an Hour," "Trifles," “Animal Liberation,” “From Utopia,” “Mending Wall.” Fahrenheit 451. OPTION C (CONTRAST / RHETORICAL ANALYSIS): Write a articulate assay article in which you adverse the essays "Death and Justice" by Edward I. Koch and "The Death Penalty" by David Bruck. Abode a articulate assay in which you explain both arguments and analyze some of the articulate techniques the authors use to abutment their arguments (such as the ethos, logos, and desolation appeals). How do both authors abode the affair of basic punishment? You may booty a angle for Koch’s position or Bruck’s position, if you wish. Amuse use quotations from both essays to abutment your thesis. OPTION D (ANALYSIS / CLOSE READING): Write an article on Ray Bradbury’s atypical Fahrenheit 451, in which you acknowledgment ONE of the afterward questions. Amuse use examples (preferably absolute quotations) from the account to abutment your apriorism and capital points: In Allotment One of the atypical (“The Hearth and the Salamander,”) Captain Beatty explains how our present association will gradually change in the future. Analyze three civic trends (such as censorship, added use of technology, and/or contravention on animal rights) Beatty discusses in his chat with Montag that you accept are occurring in our association in the year 2020. Please altercate three or added avant-garde inventions (such as the big-screen television, Bluetooth device, and online role-playing games) that Ray Bradbury seems to adumbrate in the novel. How do these inventions account and/or abuse the characters that use them? How do you anticipate these inventions affect association in 2020? EXTRA CREDIT QUESTION: To add an added 5% to your Final Exam grade, amuse acknowledge to the afterward catechism with a one-paragraph to three-paragraph response. Amuse abode your Extra Credit acknowledgment as allotment of the aforementioned certificate as your Final Examination Capital Response. Please abode a absorption in which you call the means the COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted you, your family, and/or your apprenticeship this semester. What has been the best difficult allotment of the Pandemic for you? Accept there been any absolute or alarming aspects of this crisis for you?

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