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The Take-Aways should Specifically analyze a absolute quote/issue in the reading Discuss what you begin interesting, conflicting, new, important, noteworthy as you read Connect to alternative advance agreeable or alternative items you accept abstruse in alternative courses.  Be blunt and specific to this advance and what you’re learning Identify the author, the folio cardinal and the absolute adduce (if you are quoting). For archetype (and you may use this architecture until you get adequate with your own voice): As I apprehend hook’s argument the afterward adduce seemed decidedly accordant to me, “We charge courageously claiming the advantaged who aggressively see to abjure the disadvantaged a adventitious to change their lot” (p. 99). How is it that we are still accepting this chat about who gets what and why in 2018? This was accounting in 2000, and in my own naïveté, I accept consistently affected that bodies about appetite to advice others.  I anticipate this connects anon to Baldwin’s “A Talk to Teachers” and it seems that the aforementioned bodies are talking about the aforementioned issues and ideas.

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