Touchstone 1: Anecdotal Essay ASSIGNMENT: Address a anecdotal article application the techniques and elements of anecdotal autograph that you accept abstruse in this unit. Your article charge be about 500-800 words long. Sample Anecdotal Essay A. Instructions Choose a affair that enables you to acquaint a short, absorbing claimed story. Your adventure can be funny, suspenseful, meaningful, or exciting, but it charge focus on one event. For example, if you adjudge to address about traveling to Denmark, you should not address about the absolute trip. Choose one accident — for example, an afternoon you spent bicycling on an island, or your aboriginal aftertaste of smoked herring, or visiting the adolescence home of Hans Christian Anderson — and acquaint a abundant adventure that focuses on that event. Following are some account that can advice you to baddest a affair for your story: Firsts — Anticipate of a "first" in your activity and call that moment in detail. Proud Moment — Choose a moment back you acquainted appreciative about an accomplishment. Adversity — Call a time back you had to anticipate or act bound to affected a challenge. Traveling — Recall a memorable acquaintance you had while traveling. B. Anticipate About Your Writing Below your completed narrative, accommodate answers to all of the afterward absorption questions: 1. Which anecdotal techniques did you use to accompany your adventure to life? (2-3 sentences) Sophia says: Did you use active description, acoustic details, and/or chat to appoint readers? Provide two examples from your article in which you “show” readers rather than “tell” them. EXAMPLE: A book such as "I glanced at the clock, affective my briefcase, and sprinted for the elevator" uses added anecdotic accent than artlessly adage "I was active backward for the meeting." 2. How did your purpose and admirers appearance the way in which you wrote your narrative? (3-4 sentences) Sophia says: Your academic admirers extends aloft the bodies who will appraise your narrative. Which individuals or groups were you acclamation back you wrote your narrative, and how did application of your admirers and your purpose access the way in which you wrote it? 3. Provide a accurate archetype from your anecdotal that shows how you accept accounting accurately for this admirers and purpose. (3-5 sentences) Sophia says: Consider including a citation from your article and answer how it was accounting to address to your audience, and to accomplish your purpose. Alternatively, you ability call a theme, tone, or anecdotal address that you acclimated and explain how it was advised to address to your audience, and to accomplish your purpose. C. Anecdotal Guidelines DIRECTIONS: Refer to the account beneath throughout the autograph process. Do not abide your Touchstone until your article meets all of the guidelines. Print this checklist! Narrative Focus and Flow ❒ Are all of the capacity in your adventure accordant to your purpose? ❒ Are the contest presented in a analytic adjustment that is accessible to follow? ❒ Is your adventure 500-800 words in length? If not, which capacity do you charge to add or subtract? Narrative Structure ❒ Is there an aperture branch that introduces the setting, characters, and situation? ❒ Are there average paragraphs that call the progression of events? ❒ Is there a closing branch that provides a absolute resolution to the story? Narrative Accent and Techniques ❒ Accept you congenital anecdotal accent and techniques (e.g., allegorical language, acoustic details, dialogue, and active description)? ❒ Can examples of anecdotal accent and techniques be begin throughout your story, or are they alone axiomatic in some places? Conventions ❒ Accept you accurate for actual grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting, and capitalization? ❒ Accept you adapt to acquisition and actual typos? Before You Submit ❒ Accept you included your name, date, and advance at the top larboard of the page? ❒ Accept you answered all of the “Think About Your Writing” questions? ❒ Is your article amid 500 and 800 words in breadth (2-3 pages)? D. Scoring Your agreement and absorption will be denticulate according to the Touchstone 1 Rubric, which evaluates the anecdotal focus, anecdotal flow, anecdotal structure, anecdotal accent and techniques, use of conventions (grammar, punctuation, etc.), and your answers to the “Think About your Writing” questions above. E. Helpful Tutorials Introduction to Narrative Narrative Techniques Elements of Narrative Narrative Language Writing Effective Narratives

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