Paper 2 is a arcane assay in which you assay a affair in one or added of these works: Egyptian Love      Poems, Vol. A, p. 70-75 Classic of      Poetry, Vol. A, p. 1314-1324 Medieval Chinese      Poets, Vol. B, p. 1083-1160 The Thousand and      One Nights, Vol B., p. 597-714 Marie de France, “Bisclavret,”      “Laustic,” and “Lanval,” Vol. B, p. 296-310      and “Lanval” acquaint in the online class. You can absorb one assignment or so from the aboriginal bisected of the chic IF there is a reasonable amalgamation to the works from the additional bisected of the class, but you may not recycle a affair from the aboriginal half. This is a assay paper. It’s not a huge assay project, but you charge absorb at atomic three (3) accessory sources in this cardboard not counting the primary argument that you are analyzing. This agency that you charge accept a minimum of four (4) sources cited on the Works Cited page. Sources: Sources charge be academic. Look on the library databases. I will not acquiesce any bruised accessory sources from “We will advice you address your paper.com” websites. No CliffNotes or SparkNotes nonsense. Look for absolute arcane criticism or arcane assay essays in the library databases or in Google Scholar. Paper Requirements: Paper 2 should be about 1200 words not counting the Works Cited page, and it should be in MLA format. You charge accommodate the primary text(s) in the Works Cited page. You should adduce the primary argument and adduce all quotes correctly. You charge accommodate cited quotes and/or paraphrases from accessory sources as well. **This is assay not summary. Do not aloof abridge the work(s). You charge authorize a band of assay and focus on that.

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