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                                            WRITING ASSIGNMENT   In adjustment to acquisition the best architecture for your abstracts or armpit it is important that you accept a close butt on what your goals are for any allotment of writing. Do you appetite to entertain, to sell, to accomplish a task, or to teach? You charge additionally accumulate your articulate action in apperception as you accede certificate design. Are you planning to focus mainly on logos, pathos, or ethos? Perhaps you are aggravating to antithesis all three. What is the age and demographic of your ambition audience? What are their needs in affiliation to the document? Do they accept a disability? Do they appear from a altered culture? Select a technology aggressive armpit (examples: Apple, Amazon, Intel) and analysis the armpit in the ablaze of the architecture attempt discussed in Affiliate 11. It is important that you do not aloof abound the advice from the chapter. You should use the chapter, but additionally go above it to use alfresco sources. THREE PAGES EXCLUDING WORKS CITED AND NO PLAGIARISM. THE INSTRUCTIONS TO FOLLOW ARE EMBEDDED IN THE DRAG AND DROP BOX.

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