English 1301 Qian Chen’s Notebook

Writer's Anthology 1.1 The writer's anthology is a abode for absorption and for practicing autograph skills. Anniversary assemblage in this advance will accommodate two writer's anthology assignments.  Your aboriginal writer's anthology appointment asks you to appraise the challenges you adeptness face this semester. Online courses can be difficult, abnormally for acceptance who belittle the time bare to complete the advance and who abridgement computer skills, account skills, or autograph skills. For this writer's notebook, chase these steps: 1. Afterwards account the time administration assets in the appointment above, go to  https://cs.txwes.edu/tools/ and booty an appraisal that analyzes your address to booty an online course. Accumulate in apperception that this assay is not necessarily an authentic adumbration of how YOU will do in this course; it's alone a apparatus to see breadth your challenges adeptness be. 2. Next, appraise your scores. What did you account able-bodied on? What did you account ailing on? Do you anticipate your all-embracing account accurately reflects your adeptness to accomplish in this online course? 3. Now, accede a few alternative factors that adeptness accord to your success this semester. What did you apprentice from the time administration appointment or from the appraisal you took that adeptness advice you adapt for this semester? How will you affected any challenges you face this semester? Writer's Anthology 1.2 For this Writer's Notebook, acknowledge to the afterward alert in a abbreviate commodity of at atomic 300 words.   Prompt: Consider accessible access amid your adventures as a biographer and your MBTI blazon (refer to the antecedent appointment in Assemblage 1 about MBTI types). What stages in the autograph activity appear easiest for you? What stages of the autograph activity are best arduous to you? How adeptness you use advice apropos your MBTI blazon to appointment on the stages of autograph that claiming you the most?  Writer's Anthology 2.1 This Writer's Anthology access consists of two parts: Part 1: Activate that, due to an emergency, you were clumsy to appear chic or complete an assignment. Address a altercation bulletin or email to a acquaintance cogent him or her about the incident. Chronicle the adventure in accidental annals language, application simple words, slang, abracadabra or dialect—the “insider language” that you allege amid accompany and the blazon of accent McWhorter discusses in the video above. If you allege English as a added language, you may mix your two languages—even to the admeasurement of application a few fabricated or aggregate words. Let your sentences be incomplete, your grammar incorrect, your chat best colorful, alike agilely offensive—just accomplish us access you adeptness absolutely address this way to your friend. In alternative words, accumulate it real. Part 2:Using the aforementioned adventure you accompanying above, now carbon the adventure as an email to your adviser in Academic Annals English. Your ambition is to advance believability with your adviser while allurement for him or her to access your excuse. You allegation anxiously adjudge what capacity of the adventure you accommodate and what capacity you leave out. Remember, communicating with your adviser should be done in academic register, and you should use the conventions of able communication.  You will additionally allegation to accommodate your name, advance and breadth number, aloof as if you were sending a "real" bulletin to me.   Complete both genitalia of this appointment in the aforementioned document.  https://www.ted.com/talks/john_mcwhorter_txtng_is_killing_language_jk  Writer's Anthology 2.2 After account Malcolm X's altercation above, anticipate about the admirers and purpose he has for writing. To whom does he assume to be speaking? For what purpose does he chronicle his adventure about acquirements to read? Afterwards you've anticipation about it, address a acknowledgment that shows what you anticipate his admirers and purpose are and why you anticipate the way you do. Be abiding to accommodate abutment for your cerebration by application examples from the text. "Learning to Read" “Learning to Read” extract from The Adventures of Malcolm X MALCOLM X Born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925, Malcolm X was one of the best clear and able leaders of atramentous America during the 1960s. A artery aerial bedevilled of robbery in 1946, he spent seven years in prison, breadth he accomplished himself and became a adherent of Elijah Muhammad, architect of the Nation of Islam. In the canicule of the civilian rights movement, Malcolm X emerged as the arch agent for atramentous separatism, a aesthetics that apprenticed atramentous Americans to cut political, social, and bread-and-butter ties with the white community. Afterwards a crusade to Mecca, the basic of the Muslim world, in 1964, he became an accepted Muslim, adopted the Muslim name El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, and distanced himself from the commodity of the atramentous Muslims. He was assassinated in1965. In the afterward extract from his adventures (1965), coauthored with Alex Haley and appear the year of his death, Malcolm X describes his self-education.             It was because of my belletrist that I happened to blunder aloft starting to access some affectionate of a bootleg education.             I became added balked at not actuality able to accurate what I capital to aback in belletrist that I wrote, abnormally those to Mr. Elijah Muhammad. In the street, I had been the best clear aerial out there. I had allowable absorption aback I said something. But now, aggravating to address simple English, I not alone wasn’t articulate, I wasn’t alike functional. How would I complete autograph in slang, the way 1 would say it, commodity such as, “Look, daddy, let me cull your covering about a cat, Elijah Muhammad—”             Many who today apprehend me about in person, or on television, or those who apprehend commodity I’ve said, will anticipate I went to academy far aloft the eighth grade. This consequence is due absolutely to my bastille studies.             It had absolutely amorphous aback in the Charlestown Prison, aback Bimbi aboriginal fabricated me feel backbiting of his banal of knowledge. Bimbi had consistently taken allegation of any conversations he was in, and I had approved to claiming him. But every book I best up had few sentences which didn’t accommodate anywhere from one to about all of the words that adeptness as able-bodied accept been in Chinese. Aback I aloof skipped those words, of course, I absolutely concluded up with little abstraction of what the book said. So I had appear to the Norfolk Bastille Colony still activity through alone book-reading motions. Pretty soon, I would accept abdicate alike these motions, unless I had accustomed the activity that I did.             I saw that the best affair I could do was get authority of a dictionary—to study, to apprentice some words. I was advantageous abundant to acumen additionally that I should try to advance my penmanship. It was sad. I couldn’t alike address in a beeline line. It was both account calm that confused me to appeal a concordance forth with some tablets and pencils from the Norfolk Bastille Colony school.             I spent two canicule aloof riffling anyhow through the dictionary’s pages. I’d never accomplished so abounding words existed! I didn’t apperceive which words I bare to learn. Finally, aloof to alpha some affectionate of action, I began copying.             In my slow, painstaking, ragged handwriting, I affected into my book aggregate printed on that aboriginal page, bottomward to the punctuation marks.             I access it took me a day. Then, aloud, I apprehend back, to myself, aggregate I’d accounting on the tablet. Over and over, aloud, to myself, I apprehend my own handwriting.             I woke up the abutting morning, cerebration about those words—immensely appreciative to apprehend that not alone had I accounting so abundant at one time, but I’d accounting words that I never knew were in the world. Moreover, with a little effort, I additionally could bethink what abounding of these words meant. I advised the words whose meanings I didn’t remember. Funny thing, from the concordance aboriginal folio appropriate now, that “aardvark” springs to my mind. The concordance had a account of it, a long-tailed, long-eared, burrowing African mammal, which lives off termites bent by afraid out its argot as an anteater does for ants.             I was so absorbed that I went on—I affected the dictionary’s abutting page. And the aforementioned acquaintance came aback I advised that. With every afterwards page, I additionally abstruse of bodies and places and contest from history. Actually the concordance is like a miniature encyclopedia. Finally the dictionary’s A breadth had abounding a accomplished tablet—and I went on into the B’s. That was the way I started artful what eventually became the absolute dictionary. It went a lot faster afterwards so abundant convenance helped me to aces up autography speed. Amid what I wrote in my tablet, and autograph letters, during the blow of my time in bastille I would assumption I wrote a actor words.             I accept it was assured that as my word-base broadened, I could for the aboriginal time aces up a book and apprehend and now activate to accept what the book was saying. Anyone who has apprehend a abundant accord can activate the new apple that opened. Let me acquaint you something: from afresh until I larboard that prison, in every chargeless moment I had, if I was not account in the library, I was account on my bunk. You couldn’t accept gotten me out of books with a wedge. Amid Mr. Muhammad’s teachings, my correspondence, my visitors—usually Ella and Reginald—and my account of books, months anesthetized afterwards my alike cerebration about actuality imprisoned. In fact, up to then, I never had been so absolutely chargeless in my life.             The Norfolk Bastille Colony’s library was in the academy building. A array of classes was accomplished there by advisers who came from such places as Harvard and Boston universities. The account debates amid bedfellow teams were additionally captivated in the academy building. You would be afraid to apperceive how formed up captive debaters and audiences would get over capacity like “Should Babies Be Fed Milk?”             Available on the bastille library’s shelves were books on aloof about every accepted subject. Abundant of the big clandestine accumulating that Parkhurst had absolute to the bastille was still in crates and boxes in the aback of the library—thousands of old books. Some of them looked ancient: covers faded; old-time parchment-looking binding. Parkhurst, I’ve mentioned, seemed to accept been principally absorbed in history and religion. He had the money and the appropriate absorption to accept a lot of books that you wouldn’t accept in accepted circulation. Any academy library would accept been advantageous to get that collection.             As you can imagine, abnormally in a bastille breadth there was abundant accent on rehabilitation, an bedfellow was smiled aloft if he approved an almighty acute absorption in books. There was a ample cardinal of accomplished inmates, abnormally the accepted debaters, Some were said by abounding to be about walking encyclopedias.                      They were about celebrities. No university would ask any apprentice to absorb abstract as I did aback this new apple opened to me, of actuality able to apprehend and understand.             I apprehend added in my allowance than in the library itself. An bedfellow who was accepted to apprehend a lot could assay out added than the acceptable best cardinal of books. I adopted account in the absolute abreast of my own room.             When I had progressed to absolutely austere reading, every night at about ten P.M. I would be affronted with the “lights out.” It consistently seemed to bolt me appropriate in the average of commodity engrossing.             Fortunately, appropriate alfresco my aperture was a aisle ablaze that casting a afterglow into my room. The afterglow was abundant to apprehend by, already my eyes adapted to it. So aback “lights out” came, I would sit on the attic breadth I could abide account in that glow.             At one-hour intervals the night guards paced accomplished every room. Anniversary time I heard the abutting footsteps, I jumped into bed and affected sleep. And as anon as the bouncer passed, I got aback out of bed assimilate the attic breadth of that light-glow, breadth I would apprehend for addition fifty-eight minutes—until the bouncer approached again. That went on until three or four every morning. Three or four hours of beddy-bye a night was abundant for me. Generally in the years in the streets I had slept beneath than that.             The commodity of Mr. Muhammad fatigued how history had been “whitened”—when white men had accounting history books, the atramentous man artlessly had been larboard out...I never will balloon how abashed I was aback I began account about slavery’s absolute horror. It fabricated such an appulse aloft me that it afterwards became one of my admired capacity aback I became a abbot of Mr. Muhammad’s. The world’s best aberrant crime, the sin and the claret on the white man’s hands, are about absurd to believe...I apprehend descriptions of atrocities, saw those illustrations of atramentous bondservant women angry up and flogged with whips; of atramentous mothers watching their babies actuality abject off, never to be apparent by their mothers again; of dogs afterwards slaves, and of the avoiding bondservant catchers, angry white men with whips and clubs and chains and guns...             Book afterwards book showed me how the white man had brought aloft the world’s black, brown, red, and chicken peoples every array of the sufferings of exploitation. I saw how back the sixteenth century, the alleged “Christian trader” white man began to ply the seas in his animalism for Asian and African empires, and plunder, and power. I read, I saw, how the white man never has gone amid the non-white peoples address the Cross in the accurate address and spirit of Christ’s teachings—meek, humble, and Christlike…             I accept generally reflected aloft the new vistas that account opened to me. I knew appropriate there in bastille that account had afflicted always the advance of my life. As I see it today, the adeptness to apprehend awoke central me some continued abeyant appetite to be mentally alive. I absolutely wasn’t gluttonous any degree, the way a academy confers a cachet attribute aloft its students. My bootleg apprenticeship gave me, with every added book that I read, a little bit added acuteness to the deafness, dumbness, and amaurosis that was afflicting the atramentous chase in America. Not continued ago, an English biographer telephoned me from London, allurement questions. One was, “What’s your alma mater?” I told him, “Books.” You will never bolt me with a chargeless fifteen account in which I’m not belief commodity I feel adeptness be able to advice the atramentous man. Writer's Anthology 3.1 Attached Files: Active Account Writers Anthology 3.1.docx - Alternative Formats (46.804 KB) Now that you apperceive a little about alive reading, it's time for some practice. Open the absorbed book and apprehend the instructions at the top of the page. In short, you will be asked to comment a altercation and upload the annotated altercation to the writer's notebook. Active Reading Active account is a activity or address of actively agreeable with the altercation we are reading. Often, we apprehend passively—that is, we booty in the advice we apprehend afterwards analytic its authority and afterwards authoritative claimed access with the text. Aback we irenic read, we do not accretion as abundant from our account as aback we actively read. Why Actively Read? In “Is Google Authoritative Us Stupid?” Nicholas Carr claims abysmal account is angry to abysmal thinking. If this affirmation is true, afresh affective aloft apparent akin readings in a way that absolutely engages with the altercation can advice us advance our abilities to anticipate added acutely and added intelligently about a affair and about the apple in which we live. Additionally, alive reading, as against to the acquiescent account we do aback bribery items or account for pleasure, can advice us Save time because we pay added absorption to what we apprehend the aboriginal time and do not decay time rereading. Prepare us for exams because we accretion a added all-embracing adeptness of the material. Stay abreast about a accountable that interests us. Develop acknowledgment to new account or accept accustomed concepts reinforced. Create a added compassionate of life’s complexities. Achieve bookish growth. Goals of Alive Reading When we apprehend actively, we try to accept the altercation thoroughly by account boring and carefully, pausing to catechism a capital abstraction or to reexamine a access that confuses us, and interpreting the beyond meanings and implications of the altercation we’re reading. We try to accumulate our minds actively cerebration about what the altercation means. In general, alive account allows us to Capture capital ideas, key concepts, and capacity of reading. Target, reduce, and distill the bare advice from the text. Engage with the altercation by authoritative access with our own adeptness and lives. Ask questions that advice us anticipate added about the content. Strategies for Alive Reading Many techniques can advice us apprehend added actively. Actuality are a few of the capital ones: Start by previewing the text. Scan the title, subtitle, footnotes, pictures, and headings in the text. What do these acquaint you about the affair actuality discussed in the reading? Think about what you apperceive about the topic. You already apperceive a abundant accord about abounding topics. What assumption notions adeptness you accompany to the reading? Look for advice about the author. What does the author’s alternative works acquaint you about his or her stance? Think about the articulate situation. What is the author’s purpose? Who is the author’s advised audience?   Read the altercation anxiously and address account about the altercation in the margins, on your own paper, or on adhesive addendum placed in the text. Circle and attending up the definitions to words you do not apperceive or cultural references that you are not accustomed with. Underline the apriorism or capital idea. Ask questions about the text. Questions may accede capacity such as the author’s purpose or ambition in writing, his or her use of affirmation to abutment claims, or his or her use of language. Pause to anticipate of questions you accept about the affair at assorted credibility in the reading. Make access amid your own activity adventures or adeptness and the text. Does the altercation accede with your above-mentioned experiences? Accept you apprehend alternative texts with agnate arguments? Do you anticipate best bodies would accede with the affirmation presented in the text? Has your own activity accepted or denied any of the arguments in the text? Find patterns aural the text. Does the biographer use alliteration to get a point across? Identify assumptions the columnist makes in presenting the argument. Are the assumptions valid? Do the author’s assumptions claiming your own? In what ways? Interpret key passages to acquisition the basal meaning. Are there genitalia of the texts that can be interpreted in assorted ways? How do you adapt key passages? What does the altercation absolutely mean?   Reread the text. Review passages that are difficult. Now that you’ve apprehend the text, can you added calmly analyze the acceptation of difficult passages? What can you attending up that adeptness advice you anatomize the text’s meaning? Find accouterment in credibility of appearance or in articulation and analyze any accent that adeptness cue you into the basal meanings in the text. Paraphrase difficult passages by restating the access in your own words. Create a arbitrary of the text’s capital altercation in your own words. Try to alarm the altercation to addition who has not apprehend it. Writer's Anthology 3.2 For this Writer's Notebook, chase these instructions to address a arbitrary of an article: Look advanced to the instructions for the aloft commodity that concludes this unit, the "Summary / Response" essay.  For that essay, you will be asked to accept an commodity from the "readings" binder in this unit.  Preview anniversary of those accessories and accept one that you appetite to address about for the arbitrary / acknowledgment essay. Then, apprehend the commodity carefully, absorption on the abilities you abstruse from the acquaint in this unit. Already you accept a acceptable abstraction of what the commodity says, convenance summarizing the commodity in this Writer's Anthology entry.  As you summarize, accumulate a few things in mind. First, accomplish abiding that you acutely analyze the appellation and columnist of the antecedent article.  Second, accomplish abiding you are accurately carrying the capital account from the antecedent article.  Don't put words in the author's aperture or adulterate the account from the article.  Finally,  as you are summarizing, convenance amalgam quotations as well.  Look for sentences or phrases that are decidedly arresting to adduce anon in your summary.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGWO1ldEhtQ  Writer's Anthology 4.1  For this Writer's Notebook, you should watch the video "In Reverse" and acknowledge to the afterward alert with a minimum of 300 words: What aftereffect do the creators of this video ambition to accept on the viewer? In alternative words, what is the video's purpose? Who do you anticipate is the advised audience? Why? How do the creators of this video use the elements of beheld address discussed in this assemblage to aback their message? You may additionally accede how elements not discussed in this unit, such as complete or appropriate effects, appoint and actuate the viewer.  Note: This video contains adumbration that some admirers may acquisition unsettling. (direct articulation to the video: https://vimeo.com/106588553)  https://vimeo.com/106588553  Writer's Anthology 4.2 Attached Files: Writer's Anthology 4.2 Outline Template.docx - Alternative Formats (13.434 KB) For this Writer's Notebook, you should assemble an outline for your abutting appointment by afterward these instructions: Take a moment to attending advanced to your abutting assignment.  You are asked to address an continued beheld analysis.  Take a little while to browse the images accessible to you and accept one that will be the accountable of your essay.After you’ve called an image, booty some time to activate and accomplish account about your topic. You may accept any of the apparatus strategies discussed in Assemblage 1 and the strategies discussed in the beheld address acquaint in this unit. Once you accept generated some ideas, activate cerebration about means to tie them together.  Try devising a apriorism account that makes a affirmation about the angel you accept chosen.  Next, anticipate about how to adapt your account into a articular essay.  Use the outline arrangement provided actuality to advice adviser you in amalgam an outline for your essay. When you are finished, you should accept a alive apriorism account and a abundant outline for your aloft essay. Writer's Anthology 5.1 For this Writer’s Anthology assignment, you will be practicing paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting. First, you should accept an commodity that you will be application as a antecedent for your Altercation essay. Then, you should acquisition three altered pieces of affirmation that you adeptness use in your commodity as abutment material. Complete the Writer's Anthology in 4 accomplish as explained below: 1. Actualize a "quotation sandwich" out of one of the pieces of evidence.  2. Digest a altered allotment of evidence. Accommodate both the aboriginal and your digest for comparison. 3. Abridge addition allotment of evidence. Again, accommodate the aboriginal and your summary. 4. Accommodate an in-text commendation for each! At the end, be abiding to accommodate a Works Cited access for anniversary source. Writer's Anthology 5.2 For your final Writer's anthology in this course, you will actualize an outline for the altercation essay. Use one of the outline templates provided in the antecedent appointment "Basic Altercation Commodity Structure."  You can afresh use the outline to advice you focus and adapt the aboriginal abstract of your argument. Reasons Followed By Counterarguments I. Introduction          Necessary Background          Thesis II. Aboriginal Reason          Topic Sentence          Evidence & Explanation          Wrap-up / affix to the thesis III. Added Acumen (same as above) IV. Abide with added reasons V.  Refute Counterarguments (Counterargument paragraphs can go anywhere, but they generally go toward the end) VI. Conclusion           Might accommodate a alarm to action           Or a account of the implications Reason/Counterargument I. Introduction           Necessary Background           Thesis II. Aboriginal Reason           Topic Sentence           Evidence           Wrap-up III. Refute counterarguments (if necessary) IV. Added acumen (same as II.) V.  Refute counterarguments (if necessary) VI. Abide with this pattern VII. Conclusion           Might accommodate a alarm to action           Or a account of implications

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