English 1301 Essay #2 Visual Analysis

Visual Assay Essay Guidelines for Beheld Assay Essay Assignment Overview Your abutting aloft article in this advance will be a beheld assay essay.  In this essay, you will be accepted to administer the concepts covered in Units 1-4 as you assay an angel to appearance some of its beyond meanings.  This includes ability of the autograph process, articulate situation, bookish register, article structure, and beheld analysis. This article additionally requires you to adduce at atomic one aboveboard source.   Due Dates Refer to the appointment agenda for due dates. Remember, associate reviews are graded alone and accept their own due dates in the appointment calendar.   Purpose and Learning Objectives In this assignment, you should convenance allegory beheld texts, application the autograph process, and developing a complete article in bookish register. The article should appearance how an assay of the beheld apparatus of an angel leads to a bigger compassionate of the image.   Process for Completion  The aboriginal footfall in this action will be to accept an image.  Browse the images accessible through the Gordon Parks Foundation Archives.  The articulation is accessible abreast the end of Assemblage 3.  Choose an angel that you acquisition agreeable and that you feel offers abounding befalling for analysis. Some images are interesting, but they’re difficult to allocution about.  The angel you accept will be the accountable of your essay. After you accept called your image, you should appoint in some prewriting activities application the account and agreement presented in Assemblage 4.  First, booty banal of your antecedent reactions to the image.  What affections did you feel as you aboriginal looked at the photograph?  What aspects about the angel advance admirers to acknowledge a assertive way? Before you activate writing, you will appetite to accomplish some research. This appointment requires at atomic one antecedent (print or web). If you're allotment an angel about the Civil Rights Movement, you ability appetite to assay the movement. If you're allotment an angel about Flavio in Rio de Janeiro, you ability appetite to assay how Gordon Parks met Flavio. You're adequate to use added than one source, but be abiding to accumulate clue of the advice you accretion from your antecedent so that you can adduce the antecedent appropriately. Next, assay the angel by attractive anxiously at the content, framing, composition, focus, color, lighting and context.  What absorbing or altered appearance do you apprehension about the image?  What is the cultural or actual ambience of the image?  You should almanac all of these activities. Some of them will become important pieces of your final draft. Next, it will be time to acquisition your focus and activate breeding a alive apriorism statement.  For this assignment, your apriorism will accomplish a affirmation about the acceptation of the image.  In alternative words, what bulletin does the angel communicate?  Remember, every angel tells a adventure and an angel may acquaint a altered adventure depending on who is looking.  Once you accept absitively what abstraction or adventure the angel communicates to you, you will charge to explain how content, framing, focus, color, bend and lighting appear calm to actualize that adventure or back meaning. Your apriorism will be added specific if you appearance which beheld elements your article discusses and what they do to actualize meaning. So, an archetype apriorism ability be article like this: “Through content, framing, and angle, the angel demonstrates how allegory afflicted not alone adults but additionally the accouchement of atramentous families in the South.” After commutual the antecedent steps, it will be time to activate drafting your essay.  The afterward outline ability advice you to anatomy your antecedent draft. Introduction: Analyze and call the image. It is so actual important that you analyze the angel actual clearly. Use the name of the columnist and the image: for example, you ability say, “In Gordon Parks’s photograph blue-blooded “American Gothic,” a woman stands in advanced of a banderole with a besom in her duke and a mop in the background.” In the introduction, you ability appearance why the angel is important or accordant or accommodate some accomplishments advice about it. Please bury the angel into the anatomy of your article about so that the readers can see it. One way to bury the angel is to put your abrasion on the angel and right-click, and again baddest “copy.” Next, go to your certificate and right-click on your document, and again baddest “paste.” Thesis:  Tell your readers what abstraction or adventure the angel communicates. Be abiding the apriorism shows the aftereffect of your analysis. (See the aloft altercation in #4 beneath Action for Completion.) Supporting paragraphs:   Explain how the beheld elements appear calm to actualize meaning.  In assorted anatomy paragraphs, altercate the aftereffect of content, framing, composition, color, focus, angle, lighting and/or context.  You should not altercate every one of these elements, but you should altercate abundant of them so that your clairvoyant understands how the beheld elements appointment calm to actualize a adventure and to actualize meaning. You may accept three or added anatomy paragraphs committed to this task.  It would be a adequate abstraction to altercate aloof one or two elements in anniversary paragraph. Conclusion:  At a minimum, your cessation should admonish your clairvoyant how the beheld elements back meaning. Minimum Requirements The final abstract of your article should be amid 600 and 900 words in breadth (about 2 -3 pages long). The article should accommodated the apprehension of an bookish articulate situation. You will be accepted to use bookish annals English.  Your admirers will be a accepted admirers of accomplished adults.  The angel you accept called as the accountable for your article should be affiliated to or anchored in the anatomy of the essay. The article should be accounting in MLA format, with a able header, folio numbers, title, and font. See the MLA guidelines in the unit. The article should altercate two or added beheld elements from the lessons. The article should adduce at atomic one source. The antecedent should be cited in MLA format, so there should be an in-text commendation for the antecedent and a works cited page. Books, journals, magazines, and web sources are all adequate for this assignment, but you should be abiding to accede the believability of your sources. You should not use Wikipedia. If you do not accommodated the minimum requirements for the essay, you should not apprehend to acquire added than a 60% on the assignment.   Plagiarism Plagiarism is application addition else’s words or account after giving acclaim and is a austere bookish offense.  It can ambit from: Turning in a cardboard any allotment of which you did not write,  Cutting and pasting a cardboard calm from assorted sources after advertence the sources correctly, Changing a few words but basically befitting best of the words and book anatomy of the original, Using the account of addition after giving acclaim to the being who originally had the idea. Using the exact words of the antecedent after application citation marks alike if you accord the name of the source. Refer to the abridgement for after-effects of appropriation in this class. For added information, see http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/589/01/   Submission Protocol Your appointment charge be submitted as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf attachment. Microsoft Word is accessible to acceptance for free. Let me apperceive if you charge advice accepting admission to it. The Gordon Parks Foundation Archive http://www.gordonparksfoundation.org/ This articulation will booty you to an annal of photographs by Gordon Parks.  Choose one angel from the annal to be the accountable of your beheld analysis.  http://www.gordonparksfoundation.org/  Instructions for Associate Review   Peer reviews are an capital allotment of the afterlight process, as it’s important to accept acknowledgment on your writing. Alike the best writers ask for others to apprehend their work. All you charge to do is about-face to the accepting breadth of abounding books to acquisition acclaim for others who accept apprehend drafts of the book. All important autograph should be apprehend by addition abroad above-mentioned to submission.   To acquire acclaim for associate review, you charge abide a abstract to the associate assay altercation lath by the due date and animadversion on one of your classmates’ drafts by the additional due date (the agenda lists two due dates: the aboriginal is back you charge abide your draft; the additional is back you charge abide your responses to others). You charge abide a abstract AND animadversion on addition else’s abstract to acquire any acclaim for associate review. Aloof appointment a abstract OR aloof commenting on someone’s abstract will not acquire credit.   Posting Your Draft To column your draft, go to the altercation lath for associate assay included aural the unit. Create a new cilia and column your abstract as an attachment.  Your adapter charge be adored as a .doc or .docx document. Please ensure that your abstract uploads correctly.   Responding to Classmates Select a classmate’s cilia and download his/her absorbed draft. Reply to his/her cilia to announce the abstract is beneath assay (i.e. John Dow is currently reviewing the document).  Do not baddest the cardboard if addition abroad is already reviewing. Read the abstract anxiously and acknowledge to the questions listed below, either in a new certificate or at the top of your classmate’s document. At the actual least, you charge acknowledgment the questions, but you can additionally use the “Comment” action in Microsoft Word to address comments to your classmates aural the article (put your cursor breadth you appetite the comment, go to the “Review” tab in Microsoft Word, and baddest “New Comment”). Complete the assay and save the certificate to your computer. Once you accept completed the review, acknowledgment to your classmate's cilia and upload the review.    Questions for Associate Review 1. Apprehend your peer’s article from alpha to end aloof to let its account ablution over you.  What are your antecedent thoughts? Did your associate amuse the requirements of assignment?  Please explain in detail.   2. Assay the essay’s appellation as able-bodied as its addition and conclusion.  Think about the relationships amid these three components. Do they bout or do they disagree? Accomplish agenda of strengths or weaknesses in these acute areas.  Please explain in detail.   3. Acquisition the essay’s thesis.  Is it clear? Is it able-bodied positioned? Paraphrase (put in your own words) the apriorism of the article to assay your understanding. Assay the appointment guidelines to ensure that your peer’s apriorism is on target. Accomplish agenda of strengths or weaknesses in this area. Please explain in detail.   4. Focus on the alone paragraphs of the essay.  Does anniversary branch accept a affair book that previews the account of the paragraph? Observe the essay’s development of paragraphs.  Does anniversary branch accept a distinct capital abstraction that relates to the thesis?  Are there any paragraphs that assume broken or out of place?   5. Accede the essay’s use of the English language.  Are book structures, grammar, spelling, punctuation and mechanics active effectively, or do errors abstract the clairvoyant from compassionate and adequate the writer’s analysis? Accomplish agenda of strengths and weaknesses in this area.  Please explain in detail.   Remember: Back in agnosticism about how to do the associate review, be honest, helpful, and constructive. Saying “Great job! Don’t change a word!” never helped anyone to be a bigger writer.

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