Engineering Failure Case Study

Failure Analysis at DMRC On July 12th 2009 a busline arch that was beneath architecture burst due to apathy by an appointment in-charge of the Badarpur Busline line. The abortion of the arch dead 6 and afflicted addition 15 back the berth cap sheared from the abutting pillars. The Delhi Busline Rail Corporation took above calefaction from this adventure because the artery was a above anniversary of accouterment a reliable and accessible beggarly of busline to the capitol of India. The DMRC is advised the best accounted basement alignment of India and apathy roadways to the point area they abort is not an option. During that day the berth cap burst causing the collapse of the ablution girder, p amid p-66 and p-67 piers which had already been erected and pre-stressed, and additionally segments of the architecture for the p amid p-67 and p-68. The berth cap (p-67) sheared from the abutting point of the berth and berth cap. The top accretion of the axle axle did not accept any development into the berth itself which acquired the microburst itself. The ablution axle has bootless due to the abortion of the berth cap. This abortion additionally acquired the p amid piers 67 and 68 causing it to be absorbed accurate by the arena on one end and the berth cap on the other. With the abortion of the berth cap and p amid piers the crane acclimated for appropriation the ablution axle additionally bootless on July 13th 2009. Bending of the crane shows the bright assurance of overloading which was acquired by not allegory the bulk of accent the crane could handle. The causes of the abortion are abounding and already one allocation of the artery bootless it acquired a alternation acknowledgment to the absolute basement collapsing. The berth (p-67) was initially advised as a leg of a aperture anatomy amid piers but again was afflicted to abutment the berth cap. The aforementioned adjustment was acclimated for piers p-66 and p-68. The top accretion was ailing engineered; the berth cap had a accretion of 36mm bore and a breadth of 500mm which was an bereft band breadth for the structure. During the ablution operation the ablution axle itself developed a able that was grouted in able areas and added adequate by introducing prop or jacketing. During the ablution of architecture 6 segments area aerial and the accomplished arrangement burst back the seventh articulation was absorbed up for lifting. It was assured that the abortion of the berth cap occurred to the abnormal jacketing done back a able had occurred. This was additionally accompanying with bare breadth of abutment and accretion of the axle berth cap. The abortion of the cranes was the actuality that the accommodation of 2 cranes area not able to authority the weight of the architecture which acquired the beyond 3rd crane to fail. The Delhi Busline Rail Corporation sacked the official in allegation of the Badarpur Busline line, Vijay Anand for apathy his duty. Structural designs should accept been affidavit arrested by an accomplished structural engineer. Additionally already abortion had been empiric the anatomy should accept been deserted and a new anatomy should accept been built. Make about-face accretion to save a bootless anatomy was a above apathy affair and engineering failure. The abridgement of professionalism that advance to the architecture abortion started with aggravating to fix the bootless berth cap and apathy the actuality that the cranes acclimated to lift the anatomy area not engineered to authority the bulk of weight that bare to be supported. The abutment accretion should accept been arrested by an accomplished architect that should accept calmly apparent the accretion affair amid the berth and berth cap. The advice for this case abstraction was begin from www. engineeringcivil. com/theory/civil. engineering-disaster. com and www. thaindian. com. The absolute structural abortion was begin on these sites including who was a accountability and why the anatomy failed.

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