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1 folio for dis, 1 folio for stu acknowledgment that i absorbed in the file, plz use 2 chat doc to ipload FOCUS: In the extract from Barack Obama's Dreams From My Father, there are echoes of what we accept addressed while belief the Chicago Renaissance. Although this affiliate (9) deals with an era over thirty years afterwards the advertisement of A Raisin in the Sun, Obama's ascertainment apropos activity in a apartment activity in Chicago, "That achievement had been fragile, though, and by the time I had met with them they had already accommodated themselves to their disappointments" sounds like article Walter was angry as he struggled with his abstraction of "getting ahead." What one of the bounded businessmen additionally states, "Maybe you can't accusation us for actuality the way we are (like crabs in a bucket, not alive together). All those years, after opportunity, you accept to amount it took article out of us" (182) reminds us of Walter's own "friend" burglary his money. What alternative issues, concerns, etc. bell from what either Lorraine Hansberry or alternative works we accept looked at in this assemblage accept portrayed? You can additionally altercate what alternative abiding influences you anticipate abide from that era.

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