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  For readability, amuse be abiding to double-space your assignments. Use this provided upload document to abide your acknowledgment to the afterward discussion:  Please accommodate your acknowledgment to the afterward altercation alert in 250–500 words. Save the book in either .doc or .docx architecture and upload the certificate into the Upload Area for Altercation 2. Just as you are wrapping up your courses in alertness for graduation, your affinity asks you to adapt her cardboard for grammar and punctuation errors. All you can anticipate is, “Ugh, aloof as I anticipation I was accomplished with schoolwork!” Thankfully, you bethink some of the accepted mistakes abounding apprentice writers make, so you should be able to adapt quickly. 1) Edit anniversary of her statements below, 2) explain to her the error, and 3) agenda a adjustment or methods for revising.  1.)   Gorillas aggravating to acquisition baptize in the jungle.  2.)   Polar bears bathe afar in chase of aliment decidedly they can survive absolutely some time after a meal.  3.)   Jaguars ascend copse back necessary, such as for hunting purposes, they alike swim! 4.)   Snakes in the agrarian is usually actual acquiescent unless they feel threatened.  5.)   Many animals airing the aforementioned African Plains, so it charge be alert of its surroundings. 

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