Enduring Vision Chapter 30 Notes

Identifications: * Yuppies/VCRs/Three Mile Island * Yuppies: young, burghal professionals who wore boastful accessory such Rolex watches or BMW cars. they came to betoken the added afterward of abundance and materialism of Americans in the 1980s, represented decade of greed, chock-full actuality radical, afraid about weight. * VCRs: video cassette recorders became accepted in the backward 70's that accustomed admirers to band and appearance afterwards their admired programs and to hire movies on cassette. As ball became privatized, families backward home with the VCR instead of action to the movies * Three Mile Island: 1979 an blow at the nuclear bulb at this area that acquired a radiation aperture and afflicted the aborticide of 140,000 bodies abreast the site. the adventure fabricated annual about the apple and seemed to affirm people's fears about nuclear power. * Roe v. Wade/Equal Rights Alteration (ERA)/AIDS/Moral Majority/televangelists * Roe v. Wade: the 1973 Supreme Court accommodation captivation that a accompaniment ban on all abortions was unconstitutional. he accommodation forbade accompaniment ascendancy over abortions during the aboriginal trimester of pregnancy, acceptable states to absolute abortions to assure the mother's bloom in the additional trimester, and acceptable states to assure the fetus during the third trimester * Equal Rights Alteration (ERA): a built-in alteration originally alien in assembly in 1923 and anesthetized by assembly in 1972, advertence that "equality of rights below the law shall not be denied or abridged by the affiliated states or by any accompaniment on annual of sex. admitting accessible support, the alteration bootless to admission the all-important abutment from three-fourths of the accompaniment legislatures. DID NOT RATIFY * AIDS: AIDS catching in the 1970s fabricated abounding Americans added alert in their animal behavior. * Moral Majority: political alignment of the Affiliated States which had an calendar of evangelical Christian-oriented political lobbying. Formed by Jerry Falwell. alignment fabricated up of bourgeois Christian political action committees which campaigned on issues its cadre believed were important to advancement its Christian apperception of moral law. his accumulation pressured for legislation that would ban aborticide and ban the states' accepting of homosexuality. * Televangelists: ministers who would advance their letters via television networks * Gerald R. Ford/WIN/Mayaguez incident/Election of 1976 * Gerald R. Ford: Nixon’s carnality admiral afterwards Agnew resigned; he became the alone admiral never to be elected. Taking appointment afterwards Nixon resigned, he pardoned Nixon for all federal crimes that he "committed or may accept committed. * WIN: “Whip Aggrandizement Now” a affairs by the ford administering to barrier aggrandizement and affecting amount increases by putting burden on businesses to lower prices and avert consumers from hording goods. Did not absolutely work. Alpha due to OPEC * Mayaguez incident: in May of 1975, Cambodian communists appropriate the address Mayaguez and 39 Americans are captivated hostage. In backfire the admiral ordered bombing on Cambodia and the barrage of a accomplishment mission * Election of 1976: Jimmy Carter/democrat vs. Gerald Ford/republican= carter wins * Jimmy Carter/Love Canal/Panama Aqueduct Treaty/SALT II/Iran earnest crisis/Camp David * Jimmy Carter: from Georgia was beheld as a Washington "outsider" with no political ties and no scandals, bodies anticipation he would accompany beginning account * fatigued animal rights. because of the soviet war in Afghanistan, he allowable an embargo on atom shipments to USSR and boycotted the 1980 Olympics in Moscow. Created the administering of action and the administering of education. e was criticized for his acknowledgment of the panama aqueduct area * Love Canal: a adjacency in Niagara falls, New York, which became the accountable of civic and all-embracing attention, controversy, and closing ecology ballyhoo afterward the analysis of 21,000 bags of baneful decay active below the adjacency * Panama Aqueduct Treaty: 1978 - anesthetized by admiral carter, these alleged for the bit-by-bit acknowledgment of the Panama Aqueduct to the bodies and government of panama. Very controversial. The bodies were not happy. * SALT II: (strategic accoutrements limitation treaty) superpowers apprenticed to absolute nuclear accoutrements production, although active it was never clearly ratified by the American assembly * Iran earnest crisis: in November 1979, revolutionaries stormed the American admiral in Tehran and captivated 52 Americans hostage. The carter administering accustomed abominably to accommodate for the hostages’ release. n January 20, 1981, the day carter larboard office, Iran appear the Americans, catastrophe their 444 canicule in bondage * Camp David: accord talks amid Egypt and Israel advised by admiral carter * they led to a accord accord the abutting year that alternate the Sinai peninsula to Egypt, affirmed Israeli admission to the red sea and Suez canal, and more-or-less normalized adept and bread-and-butter relations amid the two countries. his abandoned Egypt from the alternative Arab countries and led to Sadat’s assassination in 1981 * Ronald Reagan/Reagan Revolution/Reaganomics/deregulation/Contras/Grenada/Beirut bombings * Ronald Reagan: adopted admiral in 1980 and afresh in 1984. he ran on a advance based on the accepted man and "populist" ideas. Had alternate in McCarthy trials. Iran appear hostages on his commencement day in 1980. he acclimated the cardinal aegis action to abstain conflict. his affairs with Gorbachev were the aboriginal accomplish to catastrophe the algid war. e was additionally amenable for the Iran-contra action which bought hostages with accoutrements * Reagan Revolution: added aegis spending bargain amusing programs and cut taxes they were based on accumulation ancillary approach of growing the abridgement by acid government arrest and taxes. advance to acknowledgment America to the acceptable ethics of church, family, and chargeless action * Reaganomics: these behavior accumulated a monetarist budgetary policy, supply-side(cut assets taxes), and calm account cutting. beneficiary ambition was to abate the admeasurement of the federal government and activate bread-and-butter growth, unemployed started action aback to assignment * it included tax break for the rich, "supply-side economics," and "trickle down" approach * Deregulation: the appropriation of restrictions on business, industry, and able activities for which government rules had been accustomed and that bureaucracies had been created to administrate * Contras: a Nicaraguan insubordinate accumulation that got banking abutment from the CIA. his accumulation was formed as a acknowledgment to the abuse of Anastazio Somoza Debayle * Grenada: a baby Latin country area a antipathetic government had taken power. Reagan invaded the country in beef of antipathetic expansion, assuming that he was not advancing detente. Beirut bombings: Lebanon 1983: two barter bombs addled abstracted barrio apartment affiliated states and French aggressive armament killing 299 Americans and Frenchmen - suicide bombers - led to the abandonment of the all-embracing peacekeeping force from Lebanon - Reagan administering was ; is acutely criticized for its adopted action * SDI/Election of 1984/Iran-Contra Affair/Mikhail Gorbachev/START/INF Treaty/Pan Am 103 * SDI: Reagan’s proposed cardinal aegis action (1983), additionally accepted as "star ars," alleged for a land- or space-based absorber adjoin a nuclear attack. Although SDI was criticized as absurd and in abuse of the antiballistic missile (ABM) treaty, assembly accustomed billions of dollars for development. * Election of 1984: republican: Ronald Reagan (won in a landslide) democrat: Walter Mondale (running mate: Geraldine Ferraro-- aboriginal woman candidate). Iran-Contra Affair: admiral Reagan accustomed the off-the-books auction of baseborn weapons from the pentagon to Iran in adjustment to armamentarium the Nicaraguan contras; assembly had banned him to use government funds to abutment the contras; helped accumulate Iraq from acceptable the Iraq-Iran war (did not appetite a average eastern superpower); actual actionable (Iran was advised a agitator state) and about acquired Reagan to be accusable * Mikhail Gorbachev: soviet elder whose adopted action brought an end to the algid war and whose calm action alien above reforms * START: “Strategic Accoutrements Reduction Talks”, talks amid the affiliated states and the soviet abutment in which reductions in missiles and nuclear warheads, not alone a limitation on increases, were adjourned * INF Treaty: 1987 acceding amid the Affiliated States and the Soviet Union. Active in Washington, DC. by US. Admiral Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev on December 8, 1987. he accord alone nuclear and accepted ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with average ranges, authentic as amid 500-5,500 km (300-3,400 miles). below the accord both nations were accustomed to audit anniversary other's aggressive installations * Pan Am 103: 1988 Libyan agitator advance on US; destroyed American even (bomb); affliction agitator advance on us until 9/11 (270 killed) Questions: 1. Which amusing activist movement of the 1960s connected acerb in the 1970s and 1980s? Why? a. The ecology movement connected acerb in the 1970’s and 1980s. It acquired drive with Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, and the ecology laws of the 1960’s and the alpha of Earth Day in 1970. The conception of groups such as Sierra Club and Greenpeace, for which associates added greatly. Campaigns to save animals, plants, and the ocean were launched. In the 1970’s environmentalists attacked the nuclear plants employing rallies and protests. The Three Mile Island adventure and the China Syndrome cine additionally aided in Environment change. b. The woman’s movement additionally connected strongly. With the Roe v. Wade decision, and the ERA 2. What was the Roe v. Wade decision? Why did it prove to be politically alienated throughout the 1980s and aboriginal 1990s? c. Roe v. Wade was the 1973 Supreme Court accommodation captivation that a accompaniment ban on all abortions was unconstitutional. The accommodation forbade accompaniment ascendancy over abortions during the aboriginal trimester of pregnancy, acceptable states to absolute abortions to assure the mother's bloom in the additional trimester, and acceptable states to assure the fetus during the third trimester. d. The accommodation accepted controversial, abnormally with the Evangelicals who were pro-life. The women, however, responded with Pro-life campaigns, which acclamation appear represented the majority of Americans. 3. How did affairs for Built-in Americans advance in the backward 1960s and 1970s? What cogent problems connected to affliction American Indians? e. Acts of aggression by the Built-in Americans acquired the government to accord the built-in Americans added rights over their lives and the reservations. Pride in actuality Built-in grew. The citizenry additionally launched business ventures on the reservations, authoritative a lot of doe. They additionally acquired the rights affirmed in antecedent treaties. Alcoholism, disease, and aerial unemployment ante still afflicted the anxiety but they still acquired abundance as a whole. 4. In what means did religious acceptance comedy a added absolute cultural and political role in the 1970s and 1980s? f. The evangelists took on bourgeois backfire adjoin the abolitionist changes in America. They aboriginal fabricated movements adjoin Roe v. Wade which led to the government endlessly Medicaid for abortions. It additionally chock-full the casual of the ERA bill. It additionally retrogressed the gay rights movement. New groups formed with adoration and airy questioning. The moral majority formed the pro-life, pro-family, pro-moral, and pro-American crusade. Televangelists appeared on TV beyond the nation extensive millions of viewers. 5. What were the troubles that afflicted the Carter administering and prevented Carter's reelection? g. Carter gave the Panama Aqueduct aback to Panama. His apartment of the Shah in Iran led to the earnest bearings in Iran. The Iranians abused the American flag, and had anti-American mobs. Aggrandizement grew acutely worse as a additional above oil crisis collection up prices. The Federal Reserve Board pushed the abatement amount anytime higher. With the amount of both acclaim and oil so high, bread-and-butter action attenuated to "stagflation. " Carter’s administration was cursed.

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