ENC technology essay

  Technology Essay The Technology Article will be the additional one that adds analysis to your claimed essay. The article itself can be on any aspect of avant-garde technology that has afflicted or will affect you alone such as: computer software, the internet websites, accessory TV, cellular technology, a address or apparatus in avant-garde anesthetic (like Lasik) or warfare, UFO's, video games, robots, DNA or changeable technology and abounding alternative subjects. Your affair should be a specific new apparatus or apparatus (please do not do the Iphone or Itouch). Be specific in your topic. For example, corpuscle phones would be too broad, but you could focus instead on the new photo-phone technology or the latest video bold (TiVo, Blu-ray, Skype, Blackberry,YouTube, Wikipedia yes; internet, the computer, no: too broad). Your appellation should name your accountable for example, TiVo or Second Life and should state, "The Past, Present, and Approaching of __________." Use your analysis to accompaniment 1)when, area and by whom the technology was invented; 2)whatits accepted accompaniment is (features now); and 3)what you apprehend this technology to be like in thefuture. Your examination and anatomy paragraphs should reflect this organization. Caution: accomplish abiding you don't aloof address "three appearance of_______" because this is not the assignment. Instead, you are asked about the history, accepted state, and approaching of the subject.If you are not autograph about the change of the apparatus or device, again you accept not accomplished the assignment. You will charge at atomic two sources for this article but the quotes in anniversary anatomy branch should not be added than 25% of the essay. If you accept no quotes again you accept not accomplished the assignment. Again, go to the College's library databases or out assimilate www.google.com. Alternative acceptable sources are www.wired.com and www.cnet.com. For this essay, the quotes will serve as your account reference. Put citation marks about any actual taken chat for chat or agenda annihilation you paraphrased. Be abiding to adduce the sources (www.yoursource.com) at the end of your cardboard as an breezy antecedent page. Again, you may set this article up in any of the four forms of discourse. The accepted sandwich anatomy is appropriate and you should use aboriginal being (I). Read the selections in Technology inCollegiate Reader appearance anniversary for anatomy , and do the cant at the end. You should apperceive the answers to the abstraction questions as well.

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