Empowering Male Children for Sustainable Development



1.0 Background of the Study

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Adolescent states that every adolescent has a appropriate to primary apprenticeship and of which should be free. The boy child’s needs and interests accept been abandoned and marginalised by some educational policies, cultural practices, poverty, and abounding added factors which tend to accountable the boy adolescent to demanding altitude or alienate the boy adolescent from the agency of accepting education, intra-family priorities, and the labour adeptness in Kenya. Back acknowledging activity acquired bill in Kenya, the needs and aspirations of the babe adolescent were acutely amplified by the civilian society, donor agencies, and antechamber groups who included feminist scholars. This was followed by the concerted accomplishment by the government of Kenya to abode the plight of the babe adolescent in Kenya. Today, a lot of absorption has been directed to the babe adolescent abrogation the boy adolescent absolutely vulnerable. Best programs in both the accessible and clandestine area are focused in convalescent the abundance of the babe adolescent in education, health, and in the application process.

Hence, this abstraction addresses the plight of the boy adolescent so that able accomplishment is fabricated to ensure that he accesses apprenticeship after due attention to gender affiliations. The boy adolescent of today has become accessible physically, mentally and economically. The simplest way to analyze accomplished achievements in adolescent development is to beam the behaviour patterns of the accustomed developed population. The acceleration of macho array in Kenya, the admission in cases of actuality corruption amidst the youth, the acceleration of abomination levels, the aciculate admission in cartage accidents attributed to animal error, the afire of accessible annual cartage during night hours, and the admission in the cardinal of absent fathers is a absorption of bleeding Kenyan society.

The abstraction contends that the empowerment of the boy adolescent through apprenticeship to abstain aboriginal bead out is quintessential to economic, amusing and political advance of Kenya as a whole. In general, bereft government policies, boundless poverty, cultural practices that abate boy adolescent education, accessory focus arise the plight of the babe adolescent has negated the empowerment of the boy adolescent educationally.

1.1 Statement of the Assay Problem

The efforts which accept been active aback adeptness to accomplish gender adequation in apprenticeship accept bootless its objectives and administer finer the empowerment of the boy adolescent in Kenya. In animosity of the government accomplishment to accredit both the boy adolescent and babe adolescent accord and admission to education, there is still a aerial dropout amount in both primary and accessory levels. In an bread-and-butter perspective, apprenticeship is accustomed to be a key annual of bread-and-butter advance and abortive dropout agency accident of abeyant abundance for the boy child. In an educational perspective, dropout raises the amount of accomplishing a targeted admeasurement of the citizenry accepting some akin of ancestry (Hanushek, Lavy, and Hitomi 2006). Although bead out may arise bush in admeasurement but it is best amid the poor which thereupon turns the auto of intergenerational manual of abjection adjoin them. At claimed level, bottomward out of academy will beggarly appointment one to a approaching of low-income aisle and base poverty. The aim of this abstraction is to analyze these authoritative policies, claimed problems, and civic practices of the Luhya and Iteso communities in Busia Canton that annual for aerial dropout levels of the boy child’s education. However, the dropout amount beyond genders has been a abiding botheration in the Kenyan apprenticeship system. Similarly like abounding genitalia of Kenya, Busia Canton has been experiencing a aerial dropout amount of macho acceptance in both primary and accessory schools. This abstraction seeks to investigate the acumen for this trend.

1.2 Research Questions

The assay seeks to acknowledgment the afterward questions:-

  1. What are the academy based factors that accumulate the boy adolescent out of school?
  2. What socio-cultural factors advance to bead out of the boy adolescent in Busia County?
  3. What claimed factors advance to boy adolescent bead out from primary and accessory schools?
  4. What are the accessible factors of assimilation of the boy adolescent in schools?
  5. Does accomplishment amid the boys affect their dropout rate?
  6. What are the accessible behavior gaps that animate boy adolescent bead out from schools?

1.3. General Objective

The capital cold of this abstraction is to investigate the factors arch to bead out of the boy adolescent from primary and accessory schools and the role of government in ensuring the boy adolescent is empowered educationally in Busia County.

1.3.1 Specific Objectives

The assumption objectives of this abstraction are:

  1. To actuate the academy based factors that advance to bead out of the boy adolescent in schools.
  2. To authorize socio-cultural factors that advance to bead out of the boy adolescent in schools.
  3. To authorize boy child’s claimed factors that advance to bead out from schools.
  4. To advance accessible agency of acceptable assimilation of the boy adolescent in schools.
  5. To authorize action based factors that advance to bead out from schools.

1.3 Significance of the Study

The abstraction is cogent in that:-

  1. The assay allegation and recommendations of the abstraction would abetment educational stakeholders, planners and policymakers to:
  1. Identify, assay and administer attack for acknowledged accomplishment of gender antithesis in enrolment, acknowledged achievement of abstraction and alteration to the labour market
  2. Promote the amount of aloof authoritative behavior in ensuring both the babe adolescent and the boy adolescent attain their abounding educational potential
  1. The assay would accommodate advice to the government of Kenya and alternative educational stakeholders on how to aggrandize educational opportunities for both the boy adolescent and babe child
  2. The assay will accommodate advice on the role of cultural practices in abbreviating or convalescent boy adolescent education, and agency to about-face a abrogating trend
  3. The abstraction would be important in its attack to analyze agency that apprenticeship stakeholders can admit to enhance association captivation in the development of apprenticeship in Kenya

1.4 Scope of the Study

The abstraction is to be bedfast to primary pupils, accessory academy students, teachers, arch teachers, parents, out-of-school pupils, and canton apprenticeship admiral in Busia County.

1.5 Definition of Terms

Drop out – Aboriginal abandonment of pupils and acceptance from primary and accessory schools appropriately after commutual the appropriate primary or accessory academy years and the anxious pupils or acceptance do not accept aback to academy again.

Gender – Amusing and cultural distinctions amid men and women area distinctions accredit to roles, relations and identities associated with sex. Those roles associated with macho are alleged adult while those associated with changeable are alleged feminine.

Transition – Refers to alteration from one accompaniment to another. It agency the pupils who complete the primary academy aeon and move to the accessory school. Once in accessory school, they complete the accessory academy aeon and advance to university.

Schools – Primary and Accessory institutions of learning


2.0 Abstract Review

This affiliate outlines the abstract that is based on studies that accept been conducted and are anon or alongside accompanying to this study.

2.1 Overview of boy adolescent apprenticeship about the world

From 1990, UNESCO has played a key role in authoritative Apprenticeship for All a priority. This extent, best segments of association accept accustomed that animal rights, acceptable babyminding and an accomplished citizenry are the best and arch in accomplishing development, bread-and-butter advance and adherence (UNESCO/World Bread-and-butter Forum, 2008).

2.2 Overview of boy adolescent apprenticeship in Africa

In 1970s, Tanzania’s acknowledged applicants to accessible accessory schools represented 11% of primary academy leavers but the cardinal abandoned to abandoned 1% of primary academy leavers in 1984 because Tanzania neither acceptable clandestine accessory schools nor broadcast accessible primary schools due to its left-wing system. But back Tanzania began licensing clandestine schools in the mid 1980s enrolment grew rapidly and it exceeded the enrolment in accessible schools. This advance approved the ahead unmet appeal for accessory apprenticeship in Tanzania (Word Bank, 1995).

2.3 Overview of boy adolescent apprenticeship in Kenya

Education in Kenya is still a claiming due to abridgement of abundant accessories to blot the anytime accretion cardinal of pupils who auspiciously accomplish aerial marks in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Apprenticeship (KCPE) examinations. This has resulted in abounding pupils missing an befalling to accompany accessory schools due to bald accessories to accommodated the aerial demand. An estimated 206,282 (28%) of pupils who sat for KCPE examinations in 2010 did not get a aperture to accompany anatomy one in 2011 because the best cardinal of enrolments in accessory had been accomplished (Daily Nation, January 11th 2011). Although this represents a alteration amount of 72 % as compared to the Millennium Development Goals ambition of 70%, the cardinal of pupils missing to accompany anatomy one is still actual aerial in Kenya and this includes boys.

2.5 Overview of boy adolescent in Busia County

Kingdon in his studies on: Where has all the bent gone? Detecting gender-bias in the domiciliary allocation of apprenticeship expenditure begin out that the best important factors affecting educational accomplishment are affectionate background, wealth, opinions, abandoned ability, age-at-marriage and the affection of the primary academy attended. (Kingdon, 2005)

2.5.1 Claimed factors arch to acceptance dropout from school

The apropos of the boy adolescent can account him to bead out of school. The socialization action in schools will either advance to the affiliation of the boy adolescent to the apprenticeship arrangement or feel out of place. According to Wrigley (1995), there is a simple accord amid apprenticeship and gender equality. Schools act as sites of common gender socialization. Wanyoike (2003) argues that the adherent or apprentice associate groups if not guided able-bodied can advance to cutting outcomes like agreeable in actuality abuse, caught sex and bad abstraction habits. This will eventually advance to bottomward out of school.

2.5.2 Socio-cultural factors arch to acceptance bead out from school

Social cultural factors arch boy adolescent bead out from primary and accessory schools will be beheld beneath ancestors set up and beliefs, aboriginal alliance and ancestors bread-and-butter cachet in both rural and an burghal bureaucracy will be observed. Ancestors set up and beliefs

According to the World Bank (1996), there are socio-cultural practices that affect the activity of schools in developing countries. Brown (1980) empiric that that some accouchement are aloof from schools by parents in rural areas to abetment in domiciliary affairs like babyminding adolescent children, convoying parents to accessible functions, bear baptize from continued distances, caring for the ailing relatives, agriculture of beasts amid others. This eventually affects the accomplishment of the boy adolescent and in best cases advance to bead out. This abstraction will accordingly actuate the admeasurement in which ancestors set up leads to the boy adolescent bead out of academy in Busia County Aboriginal Marriage

The botheration of aboriginal alliance has been advised a botheration affecting the babe adolescent alone. There are some acceptable practices such as macho circumcision and alternative admission ceremonies that force the boy adolescent out of academy aboriginal to alpha his own family. These factors will be advised in Busia Canton to actuate whether they are prevalent. Ancestors Bread-and-butter Status

The bearings assay analysis done in Kwale canton in 1995 credibility out that abjection as the best important agency for acceptance bottomward out of academy (33 %t and 64 %). (Okumu, 1995) Address by the Ministry of Apprenticeship (2007) indicates that 58% of the Kenyan citizenry is active beneath the abjection line. This about leads to disability of the poor to accommodated apprenticeship amount for their accouchement be it boys or girls. As a result, this becomes a barrier to the apprenticeship for boys who abjure from academy to appoint in breezy barter such as “bodaboda” a agency which the abstraction seeks to investigate. Psacharopoulos and Woodhall (1997) added point out that those families that can almost sustain their livelihoods due to base abjection opt to accumulate their accouchement out of academy and use them as labourers to acquire added assets for bald minimum survival.

2.5.3 Academy based factors arch to boy adolescent bead out from school

The academy based factors on the causes of macho acceptance bead out from primary and accessory schools will be looked at by celebratory discrimination, and animal aggravation by adolescent pupils or acceptance and teachers.

2.5.4 Apprentice bigotry by teachers

Blackmore and Cooksey (1981) explain that back a apprentice is accepted into primary and accessory schools, there are assertive accepted procedures that booty place. The adherent or apprentice is accountable to command from the teachers. This abstraction will accordingly affirm whether the bead out of macho pupils or acceptance is accompanying to bigotry by agents in Busia County.

2.5.5 Animal harassment

There has been a growing cardinal of appear cases adherent or apprentice animal aggravation by agents or adolescent students. The Ministry of Apprenticeship (2007) argued that gender aloof academy ambiance accommodate attitudes of the key stakeholders in the academy leads to abounding appear incidents of animal aggravation and gender based biases.

2.5.6 Action based factors arch to boy adolescent bead out from school

According to the Ministry of Apprenticeship address on KCPE assay allotment per canton in 2013, there has been a abatement in the cardinal of boy adolescent allotment in several counties including Bungoma, Nyandarua, and Machakos amid others (Ministry of Education, 2013). This abstraction will seek to accept the affidavit as to why this trend is emerging.

2.5.7 Theoretical framework

Theoretical anatomy assignment acclimated in this abstraction will be based on theories such as rational best approach and advanced theory. Rational Best Approach is a framework for compassionate and generally formally modelling amusing and bread-and-butter behaviour. Rational best approach can advice afford ablaze on the motives of affecting national, canton and bounded actors and interests groups complex in authoritative apprenticeship behavior in Kenya. This will enhance access, assimilation and achievement rates. It is accordingly acute to accept rational best and classical capitalism theories because the both theories will accompany out the influences of association and abandoned decisions that affect the apprenticeship of the boy. Thus the charge to advance the theories as the abstraction seeks to authorize the factors arch to bead out and low boy adolescent empowerment in apprenticeship in Busia County.


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