Employee Welfare: Safety and Health in the Workplace

Discuss the following:  Brad is an air cartage ambassador who has had cogent problems with aerial claret pressure. He has afflicted his diet and takes medication, but the botheration persists. His wife thinks he should acquisition alternative application because his job is actual demanding and contributes to his aerial claret pressure. She believes that if he continues at the job, he could accept a affection attack. Brad is an ardent agent and advantageous otherwise. Brad has no training for any alternative job. Based on this scenario, you are Brad’s boss. Determine what the company’s options are and whether Brad qualifies for workers’ advantage due to his bloom issues. Be abiding to explain back you are acceptable for workers’ advantage and what the law is. Analyze the key acknowledged and ethical issues faced by the employer throughout the process. What is the Direct Threat Defense and how would it assure the employer Government in the aloft scenario? Workplace assurance is actual important today.  Once an employer is "informed" about a abeyant accident for abandon in the workplace, it exposes itself to accountability for apathy if it "fails to booty reasonable steps" to anticipate injury.   What accomplish are "reasonable" if you are the employer and charge accede assurance in this regard?  Share your thoughts? 

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