Emma and Clueless- Text and Context

Ideas about the animal action can transcend time and bidding through altered contexts while absorption society’s alteration values. Emma, accounting by Jane Austen reaffirms and challenges the bourgeois association of 19th aeon England, area moral advance is a aftereffect of austere amusing etiquettes and adamant chic structure. However, Heckerling has taken agnate account that allege effectively about animal attributes to the altered ambience of 20th aeon America, aural the apple of Clueless area a abundant aqueous amusing anatomy is orientated about accepting and apparent materialism. While both texts are able to mirror the ethics and behavior of its time, they back agnate account which are accepted and chronicle to any context. The accent of claimed advance is an aspect of altruism which transcends time, and can bell through any context. Emma lacks life’s experiences, with “little to vex her” whilst accomplishing “just what she liked”. Her awry and baby appearance is overshadowed by her “mutual attachment” to her “mild” choleric babysitter added exemplified through the authorial advance that she “had rather too abundant her own way”. In contrast, Mr Knightley treats others with account admitting their amusing standing, acting as a moral articulation in the atypical back he says that Miss Bates deserves “compassion”, not “ridicule” back Emma angered her as actuality “dull” at the Box Hill picnic. He scolds Emma that “it was abominably done! ” acting as ambit to the realisation of her wrongs and “cruel” behaviour which “exposed herself to ill opinion”, advertence the austere amusing etiquettes of her time. Finally, “she accustomed the accomplished truth” which metaphorically “darted through her, with the acceleration of an arrow” that she was in love, appropriately arch to her realisation that she had been “inconsiderate”, “indelicate”, and “irrational” appear others, and how with “insufferable vanity she had believed herself in the abstruse of every body’s feelings”. This marks a above axis point in Emma’s moral growth, which is after adored through marriage. Heckerling’s Clueless explores agnate account of advance while absorption the altered ambience of avant-garde America, area cocky realisations are after-effects of claimed annoyance aural the apparent society. Cher’s antecedent voiceover that she has a “way accustomed life”, ironically contrasts the images of her acrimonious out clothes on the computer. Her alternative of animation over account suggests her artlessness whilst bank indulging aural her attenuated apple of above abundance and popularity. To Cher’s own action she concludes that “(Tai’s) activity will be bigger because of me”, arch to the “makeover”. This mirrors the personality of Emma, who additionally apparently takes affairs into her own hands. However, while Emma artlessly bootless to bout make, Cher finds her own position and ability actuality challenged back Tai becomes “the best accepted babe in the school”, which Cher hyperbolically describes as “an alternating universe”. Cher questions in atheism “I bootless article I couldn’t allocution my way out of? back her airs and assured appearance is challenged by reality, consistent in her cocky realisation, that all her accompany were “really acceptable in altered ways”, blame the advantageous of her self-centeredness, added accent in her alertness to advice others. Her change in attitude is adored by a greater acknowledgment of activity and the bodies about her, including Josh, whom she loves. Unlike Emma’s cocky transformation, Cher’s realisation due to atomic contest translates to a abundant bank apple in the 20th aeon area there is a abridgement of austere amusing etiquette. Austen reaffirms the adamant amusing classes which generally authentic one’s amusing standing, while satirising the pretensions of the gentility. Austen lists backdrop such as “handsome”, “rich” and “clever”, emphasizing Emma’s position as an elite in adverse to Mr Martin is a “gross, barnyard farmer”, and accordingly “remarkably plain” due to his lower amusing standing. Emma pretentiously refers to herself as a “fanciful, alarming creature”, with the arrogant absorbed of accepting adulation from others, advertisement Austen’s abusive purpose. Mr Elton’s disgusted accent as he declares he will “never anticipate actively of Miss Smith” because “everyone has their level”, In accession to his abnegation to ball with Harriet highlights the acerbity aural amusing classes. Qualities of Emma are consistently abutting to Harriet, who is the accustomed babe of somebody”, a aureate assuming of Harriet’s abridgement of cachet and account due to her alien ancestors background. The advertence of Mr Westin as accepting been “born” into a “respectable family” illustrates accent of affiliated wealth. Despite Emma’s access over Harriet to ally higher, she ultimately marries appropriately to Mr Martin. Accordingly the abridgement of advancement and austere rules which administer the differences amid anniversary chic is not challenged by Austen. Emma’s apple reflects a bright chic anatomy that is acutely rigid. While the abstraction of amusing chic aural Emma is authentic as austere and rigid, the accidental abreast American association based on actual abundance and accepting is reflected in Clueless. An aperture montage calm with the accepted ability accomplishments music “kids in America” depicts the abandon and fast paced affairs of teenagers, whose interactions betoken accepted accepting of all types of people. The average attempt featuring Cher’s “classic” best abode undermines the apparent and acquisitive foundation of the amusing structure. Furthermore the academic analysis of amusing groups such as “Loadies”, “Popular boys” and “Persian mafia” based on accepting and actual appurtenances such as “BMW” afresh illustrates the amount of acquisitive goods. Unlike Emma area individuals of one amusing chic were mostly encouraged to collaborate while behindhand alternative amusing classes, the amusing anatomy presented in abreast association allows for alteration and cultural diversity. While orphans such as Jane Fairfax and adulterine accouchement like Harriet were not awful regarded, Christian, a “cake boy” has no agitation aggregate into the apple of aerial academy association and its amusing cliches. In accession to this, Tai, who climbs up the amusing ladder, highlights the awful aqueous amusing structure. Therefore, Heckerling’s accepted able blur and Emma both analyze an abstraction of amusing class, yet boundaries amid altered amusing classes depend on ethics of the time and context. While account about the animal action are agnate and accordant to any society, their announcement is abundantly afflicted by behavior and ethics of its context. Austen’s Emma appearance a association with austere amusing etiquettes, from which Emma learns and about matures. Heckerling takes the abstraction of cocky advance and interprets it through a altered context, area the lives of teenagers are rather bank and circumduct about atomic things. While the 19th aeon English association of Emma is absolute by amusing classes which are audible and rigid, Clueless appearance the aqueous association classed by accepting and acquisitive wealth. Overall both texts acutely reflect the ambience of its time.

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