Emerging Threats and Countermeasures ITS 834/Organization Leader and Decision Making ITS 630

Part 1   Reading: Find an commodity of your best and altercate it in the forum. Charge be a peer-reviewed commodity appear aural the aftermost 5 years and amid on Google Scholar. Use university library databases to abetment (300 words). Acknowledge to 2 posts ( 100 words each) Part 2   For this week's altercation - read affiliate 16 in the advance text. In your own words altercate at atomic 3 accomplish for facilitating able accord (150 words). Review and acknowledge to 2 posts (75 words each) Part 3    CRM at Minitrex Case Study on pages 243-245 Read the CRM at Minitrex Case Study on pages 243-245 in the textbook. Answer the Altercation Questions at the end of the Case Study. Your responses charge be complete, abundant and in APA format. All assignment charge be 1 FULL page, single-spaced, 12 chantry Times New Roman. (500 words) The awning and advertence folio charge be on abstracted pages. Please DO NOT accommodate the catechism in your assignment as alone your allegation should be submitted. The arbiter is absorbed that is bare for genitalia 2 and 3. 

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