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Chapter 10: Developing Accountability in Accident Management: The British Columbia Lottery Corporation Case Study Respond to the following  questions 1. Sometimes accident workshops accomplish so abounding risks that it is not accessible to appraise all of them, whileon alternative occasions alone a baby cardinal of risks are articular and all-embracing appraisal is possible. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two scenarios? 2. How do outcomes, causes, and risks differ, and what are the implications of ambagious these? 3. Is the appellation inherent accident helpful? How could it advice and/or arrest the appraisal of risk? 4. What are the implications of affective from assessments of predefined sets of risks to usingtop-down objectives based on the counterbalanced agenda approach?5. Contrast the advantages and disadvantages of application voting technology compared with alternative approaches such as those declared in this case abstraction To complete this assignment, you charge do the following: A) Create a Microsoft Word File  and blazon your acknowledgment to the questions. 

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