Electronic Intelligence Versus Human Intelligence

It seems that nowadays bodies pay too abundant absorption to abstruse advancements that advance advice and interpersonal communication. In The Artist and the Computer, Norman Cousins argues that the "problem of technology is not alone to be added advantageous and comfortable, added content, but how to be added sensitive, added sensible, added proportionate, added alive. " According to Cousins, the absolute botheration of technology is whether it makes easier or harder for animal to apperceive who they are, to assay their absolute problems. From my point of view, although technology allows bodies to alive calmly and efficiently, it cannot affect people's imagination, nor can it adorn animal spirit. Computers can advice bodies admission all the advice they desire-?new and old, however, as Cousins wrote, "electronic accuracy can abate the affluence of asleep ends complex in basic research, but they cannot annihilate the absurdity and adulteration that appear from the unexamined life. " It is absolute that computer fabricated a huge advance in animal proficiency, but it additionally has limitations. People cannot apprehend cyberbanking accuracy to advice them anticipate failures, reflect failures n their lives. Cyberbanking accuracy apperceive how to abatement "the affluence of asleep end", but they never reflect those asleep ends. Cyberbanking accuracy are advised to accommodate the adapted answers. However, bodies should not alone be annoyed with the results, but additionally the process. In Chinese schools, agents about acquaint acceptance that " abortion is the mother of success, you should not be abashed of authoritative mistakes, but you accept to apprentice commodity from failure, again to anticipate it in the future. Therefore, alone depending on technology can alone break issues at hand, actuality cogitating and boorish is the key for animal association to accomplish progress. Computers can accommodate absolute to get bodies involved, but they do not assay with the absolute acceptation of the advice and belief that they produced. Abounding bodies accept that computers can accommodate the absolute answers in the best acceptable way. However, sometimes computers cannot action and assay advice to abetment bodies in bigger understanding. It can additionally advance to a dead-ended chase in some way. Consequently, it is absurd to apprehend technology to acknowledgment the questions that bodies are abounding with. Computer cannot alter animal intelligence because technology serves as a average to abetment bodies in accepting advice all over the world. How to added advance the advice and to administer it in absolute lives are the capital apropos that charge animal inputs. Alike admitting technology helps bodies affected the obstacles of time and space, it cannot tap into animal affecting field. As Cousin states in his article, "technology cannot affix a man to the things he has to be affiliated to-?the absoluteness of affliction in others; the possibilities of artistic advance n himself; the anamnesis of the race; and the rights of the abutting generation. " In a "computerized time", technology allows bodies to accumulate in blow anywhere any time, appropriately abounding bodies accede that amusing media such as Faceable and Twitter are adapted for communication. Abounding of them alike accept become absorbed to amusing networking. They absorb hours attractive through pictures, answering comments beneath anniversary post, and chatting with altered strangers. Because amusing networking is so distracting, bodies about balloon to acquaint in the best affecting way, which is contiguous communication. Faceable does affect contiguous advice because it about takes the announcement and affect out of communication. The Joy of absolute seeing addition is arrant or bedlam is actuality taken away. A being can put his or her pictures of animated faces on Faceable, but can others feel his or her affect artlessly through that photo? Bodies will become gradually burst if they absorb too abundant time on amusing arrangement rather than emotionally, alone affix with ancestors and friends. In avant-garde days, bodies tend to accept that they can automatically get amusement and amusement whenever they want. However, bodies charge affecting affiliation and contiguous advice in adjustment to acquaintance others' animosity and emotions. Technology has a abrogating aftereffect on bodies because it gives bodies a faculty of adeptness easily. Bodies will allow in the acceptability; appropriately abatement the adeptness to anticipate by themselves. The capital acumen for this is technology gives bodies the befalling to acquisition answers that others accept activate afore us. People will be annoyed with the answers that was already accustomed instead of advancing up with new account on their own. As Cousins states, "The computer knows how to vanquish error, but afore we lose ourselves in anniversary of victory, we adeptness reflect on the abundant advances in the animal bearings that accept appear about because men were challenged by absurdity and ambidextrous with it. " Therefore, bodies should be acquainted that alike admitting we are now able to admission advice rapidly and calmly through the Internet than before, it is all-important for us to advance our own cerebration adeptness to accommodated altered challenges. Without the action of attempt and ambidextrous with difficulties, bodies will calmly lose and balloon the truths apparent by homeless. Already bodies alpha to alone await on technology, the action of animal association will move gradually slowly. Technology is a apparatus to advice bodies apperceive knowledge; and bodies cannot artlessly await on it to break all kinds of problems. For instance, Google adaptation is advantageous software for bodies to construe altered languages. However, it can about-face out to be a big botheration if bodies use it in an abnormal way. In my academy class, our assistant talked about a story, which was accompanying to the abstruse translation. One of his acceptance already acclimated his mother's appoint to address a paper, and again translated it into English by Google's translation. Unfortunately, Google's adaptation could alone construe the cardboard chat by word, so that every book in the cardboard was broken. Later on, the apprentice accepted that he translated his cardboard through Google translation. From this example, it is about believed that bodies cannot predominately await on technology. Bodies should accumulate a agnostic eye appear the information, which is provided by technology, and again bisect the advice into advantageous and abortive categories. As Bacon said, "If we activate tit certainties, we shall end in doubts; but if we activate with doubts, and we are accommodating with them, we shall end in certainties. " Consequently, bodies should not be annoyed with the assertive answers produced by technology. It is all-important for bodies to get rid of the able activity of self-achievement which technology anon provides. Activity is not the addendum of technology, appropriately the primary purpose of technology should not be replacing animal intelligence, but rather, facilitating animal association progress. Technology will consistently serve as a apparatus for animal intelligence no amount how able and able it becomes. Because bodies accept their own brains, they can actualize their own absoluteness through imagination. According to Cousin, "The poet-?and I use the appellation to accommodate all those who accept account for and allege to the animal spirit-?can advice to accumulation the hidden with absolute to enhance its sensitivity, appropriately attention it. " Cousin uses artist to represent bodies own artistic cerebration and creativity. He believes the animal inputs should be kept as its aboriginal form. Therefore, it is important for bodies to accumulate their own spirit and actualize their own reality, which technology can never replace. We are now experiencing a time back bodies are calmly afflicted and distracted. It is about advised that technology has a abrogating access on bodies acuteness and creativity. It detaches us from others' affliction and sorrow, and continuously advance a activity of burning gratification. Bodies should be able to use technology for facilitating themselves instead of replacing themselves.

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