Egyptian Muslims And Christians Religion Essay

In the Middle East, forth with abounding Muslim communities there abide abounding Non-Muslim communities: the Coptic Christian association is one of the better Non-Muslim communities in the Middle-East. The Coptic Christian association is anchored in Egypt and a abrupt history about this community: the Coptic Christians acquire that Christianity was brought to Egypt by “the Apostle Mark” in 64 CE and those who accustomed his bulletin of Christianity were the age-old chase of the pharaohs (Henderson). The chat “Copt” is acquired from the Greek chat “Aiguptos” acceptation Egyptian, along the chat “Copt” is additionally affiliated to the age-old Egyptian name for the burghal of Memphis. In the seventh Century Islam advance throughout Middle-East and Africa, Egypt was baffled by aboriginal Muslims in the year 641, during the time of the aggression 80 percent of citizenry in Egypt consisted of Coptic Christians (Henderson).

As Muslims came to ascendancy in Egypt they answerable the Coptic Christians “Jizya” for two important purposes: the aboriginal purpose was to altercate the Christians to catechumen to Islam so that they could abstain taxation and the additional purpose was to aggregate money to armamentarium the nation’s army. The “formal arrangement and designation” for Non-Muslims (Coptic Christians) came to be accepted as “Dhimmia” (Henderson). During the 1970s and 1980s Anwar Sadat became president, beneath his aphorism there was abundant battle amid Muslims and Coptic Christians, the Muslims argued that the citizenry of Christians has chock-full Egypt from acceptable a able Islamic Country. The Coptic Association acquired abutment from the U.S and formed an “anti-Islam” campaign, eventually afterwards abundant agitation the added tensions decreased as Sadat absent his abutment to the Islamic fundamentalists (Henderson).

Today Coptic Christians accomplish up alone bristles to fifteen percent of the absolute citizenry in Egypt the blow of which are Muslims, because of their low citizenry the Christians generally face amusing burden to catechumen to Islam (Vliet). Furthermore, Coptic Christians altercate that they face discrimination, underrepresentation and additionally face difficulties back architecture or abating their churches. In the angle of Muslims the Coptic Christians are an embarrassment, a few years ago some acceptance of “Tafsir” in Al-Azhar University were asked what distinguishes a Coptic Christian from a Muslim, and the acceptance answered that a Muslim believes in Islam and that he is of Arabic agent (Vliet). Since Coptic Christians are additionally Egyptian meant that they additionally would acquire had an Arabic accomplishments but they did not chase Islam creating a problem.

Recently there acquire been abounding problems amid Coptic Christians and Egyptian Muslims. There is a connected attempt amid Egyptian Muslims and Coptic Christians to advance their character in Egypt, both the sects accompany the government to abutment them. According to “The Times” several Coptic Christians were dead in the southern Egyptian towns as they larboard a midnight Mass adulatory the Coptic Christmas, assemblage appear that three gunmen in a agent opened blaze to a accumulation of Coptic Christians who had aloof larboard the Abbey abrogation about nine bodies blood-soaked and killing seven bodies (Times). One of the assemblage Bishop Kirollos of the bounded area said that he had accustomed threats admonishing of a accessible advance on the Coptic Christians to exact “revenge for the abduction of a 12-year old Muslim babe by a Coptic youth” (Times). Bishop Kirollos additionally said to the columnist that, “It is all religious now. This is a religious war about how they can accomplishment off the Christians in Egypt,” he said (Times). The astriction amid Coptic Christians and Muslims has been on the acceleration in the contempo years whether the battle is about acreage or women. The Coptic Christians “complain of boundless discrimination, including astringent restrictions on religious architecture sites” (Times).

Coptic Christians were the majority of the citizenry afore and during the aggression of Egypt in 641, about in contempo years Muslims are the majority of the population. As the citizenry of Muslims keeps growing in Egypt, the Coptic Christians not alone face the burden to catechumen to Islam but additionally feel a accident of identity. The Christians appetite “…acceptation and affiliation as against to abnegation and exclusion” aural the association (Vliet). As the Muslim citizenry keeps on growing in Egypt the Coptic Christians face connected discrimination, government restrictions on the architecture of Churches and underrepresentation.

According to BBC News Coptic Christians generally get tattooed with a cantankerous which determines their character and association because they are not accustomed the able Identification Cards. Amyan Raafat Zaki has been a affiliate of the St. Michael’s Abbey for nine years and has the boom of the cantankerous to represent that he is Coptic Christian; about the accompaniment has denied that he is Christian because his mom was a Christian but his ancestor had adapted to Islam (BBC News – Fraser). Since in Islam the ancestor determines the adoration of their children, Amyan was banned to be accustomed a able Identification Agenda that determines his adoration and identity, from the age of sixteen Amyan has lived an bearding activity and doesn’t abide in the eyes of the accompaniment (BBC News – Fraser).

Another adventure is that of Nahla, Nahla lived with her sister who had adapted to Islam in adjustment to ally a Muslim man; Nahla was affected by her brother-in law to catechumen to Islam as he had begin her a Muslim husband. Back Nahla banned to marry, she was taken to a badge base area she was beaten, eventually she affiliated the Muslim Man but afterwards on ran abroad to ally a Christian (BBC News). Nahla’s accouchement are Christian and she attends the Abbey on a approved base but yet she is banned to be accustomed a able Identification Agenda by the accompaniment which says that she is Christian. Lawyer Peter Ramses Al Nagar currently is administration the case of 3,200 Christians affected to acquire a Muslim Identity, “The law says back a actuality becomes 16 years old, back they charge get an character card, he or she has the appropriate to booty affidavit from the abbey to prove they are Christian”, about back these cardboard are brought in advanced of Interior Ministry they are accustomed alone two choices. The aboriginal best is to booty a Muslim Character Agenda and the additional best is to alive afterwards an Identification Agenda which can account abundant problems (BBC News).

Samuel Huntingdon in his altercation apropos “Clash of Civilizations” has categorical six affidavit as to why civilizations will clash: “how they accord with axiological social/political relations, globalization, character crises brought about by modernity, responses to Western domination, the adherence and ability of identity, and the role of ability in announcement bread-and-butter regionalism” (Ayesha). In some means Samuel Huntington is actual as Coptic Christians and Muslims action over identity, Coptic Christians face character crisis as they face discrimination, and underrepresentation by the Muslims. Muslims feel that as Coptic Christians action for their articulation that it will account them (the Muslims) to apart ability and adherence of their own identity.

Samuel Huntington additionally says that battle at the “Micro-level” amid two civilizations is generally aloft the ascendancy of area which is actual as one of the affidavit Muslims and Coptic Christians acquire had agitated clashes is to accretion land. Along Samuel Huntingdon mentions that battle at the “Macro-level” amid two civilizations is generally for Military and Bread-and-butter ascendancy as able-bodied as announcement religious and political ethics (Ayesha), this is additionally accurate as Coptic Christians were consistently beneath burden by the Muslims to catechumen to Islam and were additionally politically abiding to acquire Islam by not giving them able Identification Cards. One blemish in Samuel Huntingdon’s altercation is that he describes the attributes of battle amid civilizations but fails to mentions as to why “why principalities, nation-states, ideological-states, and civilizations clash” (Ayesha).

In agreement of character there are above differences amid Coptic Christians and Egyptian Muslims. Both the groups chase altered religions, Muslims chase Islam while the Christians chase Christianity. Coptic Christians were the majority of the citizenry in Egypt afore the aggression in 641, about today they accomplish up alone ten to fifteen percent of the absolute population; they acquire absent their character as they abide to face bigotry and underrepresentation: not actuality accustomed able jobs, education, Identification Cards, and alike the appropriate to assemble or adjustment their Churches.

The Christians additionally face the burden to catechumen to Islam back they are burdened “Jizya” and are affected to acquire a Muslim Identification Card. In the view-point of the Muslims, the Coptic Christians are additionally a botheration as they do not chase Islam and are of Arabic coast (because they are Egyptians). The Muslims additionally feel that as the Coptic Christians action for their appropriate and acreage that they (Muslims) would lose their identity. The tensions amid Muslims and Coptic Christians has developed aural the contempo years, as both the groups resort to abandon to accretion ability (Land) and for their articulation to heard by the government, an example, that was mentioned was the shootout by the Muslims on the Coptic Christians as they were abrogation their Abbey afterwards a Christmas celebration.

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