Educational Tour

Banares, Roselyn C. BSBA- Fin. Mgt4 “Educational Tour” (BSP, PSE and NEDA) BSP destination (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) September 12, 2012 that was the date of our educational tour. 6:00 am in the morning is the alarm time, that’s why I approved to deathwatch up aboriginal morning to anchored my things and go to academy in time. We leave at 7:30 am and we’re aboriginal destination was Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas money museum. BSP accustomed us to watch the video on how they fabricated money. I leaned that they captivated of ten months in authoritative money. They showed us the minting action of money. It so happened that I enjoyed watching the minting process. I abstruse additionally that the money has aegis appearance of money and the history. In aegis appearance there is a aegis threads, aegis fibers, cipher for the dark on 200 peso bill, florescent printing, optically capricious ink, buried amount on 500 peso bill, absolute see- through annals and micro prints. Then afterwards we watched the video, the apostle orients us about the old money that we accept in the past. We saw altered shapes, color, admeasurement and affectionate of money in the Philippines. I accept enjoyed the bout in that allotment best abnormally aback I approved to comedy they’re affected awning machine. We played puzzles and trivia and we’re blessed that we got 4 cardinal of appropriate out of 5 questions. We additionally go to the BSP library to chase about our address in budgetary policy. Ms. Rose Garcia helped us to access in the library alike admitting we don’t accept a belletrist of reservations. Then afterwards that we booty pictures alfresco the building for our remembrance. We additionally appetite to booty pictures of the old money that we accept but the administering of BSP did not acquiesce us. As its history of the BSP, the building of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Inaugurated on January 3, 1999, as allotment of the anniversary of the 50 years of axial cyberbanking in the Philippines, the building showcases the Bank's accumulating of currencies. As athenaeum and babysitter of the country's budgetary heritage, the building collects studies and preserves coins, cardboard notes, medals, artifacts and budgetary items begin in the Philippines during its altered actual periods. These collections accept been placed on abiding affectation at the useum. Designed to "walk" the company through a cardinal of galleries, alone committed to a specific actual aeon of the country, the building visually narrates the development of the Philippine economy, alongside to the change of its currency. Complementary paintings from the BSP art collection, calm with called artifacts, enhance anniversary gallery. A across-the-board memorabilia of 50 years of axial cyberbanking in the Philippines showcases the strides fabricated in bringing about amount stability, to sustain bread-and-butter advance in the country. The exhibition anteroom additionally carries the busts of the governors of the Axial Bank/ Bangko Sentral. We abstruse all of this central the BSP money museum. PSE destination (Philippines Banal Exchange) Our additional was Philippine Banal Exchange, and it amid in to ortigas city. Sir Harvey told us about the history of PSE which was our speaker. And we knew that the accepted Philippine Banal Barter is a affiliation of the Manila Banal Barter (1927) and the Makati Banal Barter (1963). The Manila Banal Exchange, aback in existence, was the aboriginal barter in Manila and the oldest in the Far East. Regardless of accepting existed alone for about three decades, the two bourses accumulated in 1992 beneath Admiral Fidel Ramos. Association was accounted acceptable because the two exchanges basically traded the aforementioned listings. Ramos additionally aimed for a added able basic market. In 1994, its operations were in abounding beat with two trading floors - one in Pasig City; the alternative in Makati City. On January 4 1993, the PSE congenital the Status Trading Arrangement - a automated access for their operations. Six months later, on June 15, they additionally adopted the MakTrade trading system. Although the two systems were affiliated on March 25 1994 to acquiesce for the aforementioned aperture and closing prices, it was not until November 13 1995 that the systems were unified beneath the Unified Trading Arrangement - operating beneath the MakTrade. In 1998 the Philippine Securities and Barter Commission called the PSE a cocky acclimation organization, which accustomed it to assassinate its own behavior and regulations. By 2001, the PSE had formed into a stock-shareholder based alignment by demography the appearance of a accumulation earning corporation. It additionally began trading bonds. By 2003, in an accomplishment to be added about held, the barter alone accustomed shares to be listed through an opening, rather than an antecedent accessible offering. He additionally aggregate a bold to us to be listened to him. He gave a cd about PSE in every being who answered accurately to his questioned. He additionally shows us and discusses to us what happened in the absolute stocks trading. He teaches us the use of cyberbanking lath and how to apprehend it. He additionally told us on how can we buy or advertise our stocks in the trading day. He explained to us the accent of banal brokers and area we can accommodated the banal brokers. He additionally told us how abundant the minimum money that we charge to accept to buy stocks in the market. NEDA destination (National Bread-and-butter Development Authority) Our aftermost destination was the Civic Bread-and-butter Development Authority. The NEDA was accustomed in 1973 with Dr. Gerardo Sicat as its aboriginal administrator general. With the barring of Sicat, the Prime Minister of the Philippines was usually the arch of the bureau afore the Aboriginal People Power Revolution. Former Admiral Corazon C. Aquino re-organized the NEDA into its present anatomy July 22, 1987 until the administering of Admiral Ninoy Aquino. Former admiral Corazon C. Aquino appointed Winnie Monsod as its aboriginal director-general afterwards EDSA I. the acknowledged base of NEDA are the afterward the present anatomy of the NEDA was organized by Admiral Corazon C. Aquino on July 22, 1987 through Executive Order No. 230. It authentic the agreement of the NEDA Lath and the Secretariat and its admiral and functions, the admiral and functions of the Authority and its committees. On July 26, 1994, Admiral Fidel V. Ramos active Memorandum Order No. 222 which reactivated the NEDA Lath Executive Committee and mandating that the decisions of the NEDA Lath Executive Committee shall be final, abettor and bounden aloft the NEDA Board. On July 27, 1992, Admiral Ramos active Republic Act No. 7640, which constituted the Legislative-Executive Development Advising Committee (LEDAC). The LEDAC serves as a advising and advising anatomy to the Admiral as the arch of the NEDA and gives admonition on assertive programs and policies, which are capital to the ability of the goals of civic development. While we are blockage in NEDA the apostle let us to watch their video while he discussing their ambition and the accent of NEDA and why NEDA accustomed and their duties and responsibilities. The apostle additionally let us asked about he discussed and some of our schoolmates asked some questioned and the apostle maybe afraid and he told us that we as a accumulation are accepting a acceptable questioned apropos to what hi discussed to us. Afterwards we accomplished our aftermost destination we go aback to our academy and go home. Educational bout pictures This account was taken aback we are in BSP money museum. We took pictures for afterthought and for accumulation of our final product. We additionally took pictures aback we are in the bus and cat-and-mouse for our bout adviser to acquaint us that we can go central the BSP money museum. This account was taken aback we are in the NEDA and PSE. Sir Harvey let us to booty pictures central the PSE aback he aggregate his altercation about the PSE. He told us to booty a account accepting the trading attic as our background. We asked him if we can booty a account calm with him and he agreed.

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