Educational Theories

2-3-page article about the theories and their implications.  APA Format  No Plagiarism  Read about Cueing Systems, Automaticity, Schema Approach and Transactional Theory. Do the theories accomplish faculty to you? What would you do to advise a adolescent to read? Define the approach and call it in agreement of its basal assumptions. State whether you accede with it (in allotment or in whole). Why or why not?  Explain the applied implications of the approach in agreement of how it would access the kinds of activities or strategies one ability use in the classroom.  Provide an anterior and absolute branch for the paper. Resources: Probst, R. E. (1987). Transactional Approach in the Teaching of Literature. Retrieved February 2012 from An, S. (2013). Schema approach in reading. Approach and Practice in Language Studies, 3(1), 130-134. Adams, M. J. (2003). The three cueing system. Retrieved from Kuhn, M. R., Schwanenflugel, P. J., & Meisinger, E. B. (2010). Aligning approach and appraisal of account fluency: Automaticity, prosody, and definitions of fluency. Account Research Quarterly, 45(2), 230-251.

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