Educational Psychology and Learning

Teacher The role of the abecedary is to appraise and calibrate the advance of anniversary adherent which they are amenable for. The abecedary affairs the assignment and schemes of assignment as able-bodied as directs the class. A Abecedary carries out assessments and evaluations and follows the civic curriculum. They are answerable and amenable for anniversary and every adherent below their jurisdiction. It is their role to aggregate and summarise admonition to analyze anniversary pupil’s achievement. The abecedary identifies the acquirements cold and letters to the chic aback it should be accomplished. A abecedary will accede with end of term/year letters and be able to acquaint with staff, alternative professionals and parents apropos anniversary student’s advance and ability. A committed abecedary would be acquainted with a pupil’s interests and their acquirements styles. Be agog and committed and the adeptness to assignment with a assortment of needs. A abecedary has to be flexible, awful motivated accept accomplished organisational abilities and be a acceptable motivator. Importantly a abecedary should authenticate actuality a acceptable role model, advance conduct and acclaim their pupils. Learning Abutment Practitioner The role of the abecedary abettor is to advance a pupil’s acquirements and development by acknowledging the pupils, teacher, academy and civic curriculum. The key role is to abutment and adviser the adherent to admonition accomplish the acquirements objective. Their job is to admonition the pupils below the administration and admonition of the teacher. A teaching abettor should accept a acceptable adeptness of the accountable of which they are acknowledging in adjustment to bear it effectively. They should be able to bear acknowledgment to the abecedary on pupil’s advance and adviser it, as able-bodied as liaise with the abecedary on the antecedent acquirements cold and reflect on it. A teaching abettor accept to beam and accede altered formats of observations. Accommodate accounting abutment and adviser and advance resources. A T.A. additionally has to be a good role model, advance discipline, be adjustable and annual pupil’s amusing and cultural background. Acceptable organisational abilities and the adeptness to acclaim pupils are essential. Ultimately the two roles admiration the pupils to adeptness their abounding acquirements potential. Both should accompaniment anniversary other, assignment alongside anniversary alternative as a aggregation in adjustment to accomplish the best aftereffect for anniversary apprentice .JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-04 1.2SUMMARISE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FORMATIVE AND SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT. Summative Appraisal or Appraisal of Learning Summative Appraisal is conducted to analyze the advance which pupils accept fabricated at the end of term, end of advance or arrangement of work. This is a arbitrary of the all-embracing acquirements of a pupil’s accomplishment which involves pupils adventure standardised tests or alien examinations. This anatomy of accumulative acquirements is to adjudicator the advance fabricated at the end of a aeon of study. Accumulative Appraisal is completed for: SAT’S results Class abecedary assessments Reviews of pupils with SEN Pupils’ anniversary academy reports External examinations GSCE’s & AS & A Levels Formative Appraisal or Appraisal for learning Formative Appraisal is the advancing ecology and appraisal of pupil’s assignment with accompanying acknowledgment to admonition them advance their performance. Determinative appraisal makes judgements about the pupils’ advance that is currently actuality agitated out with an ambition of allegorical agents and pupils about how their assignment may be modified, bigger or changed. This anatomy of appraisal for acquirements engages not alone the abecedary but the adherent and can be acclimated to analysis the acquirements in any lesson. Teacher application accessible concluded questions that will animate the adherent to anticipate for themselves “How do you anticipate that could accept been done better?” Listen to pupils’ explanations and description of methods on how they study. A Teacher/Teaching Abettor allurement questions to pupils to analysis their understanding. Observing pupils is a best advisory adjustment of accepting adeptness on a pupil’s progress. There are altered types of ascertainment depending on the learners needs. A acquirements cold should consistently be articular at the alpha of the acquirements activity, so a adherent will accept what they are acquirements and at the end accept they accomplished the acquirements objective. This adjustment teaching will appoint a adherent in reviewing their own progress. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-05 1.3EXPLAIN THE CHARACTERISTICS OF ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING. Assessment for acquirements is the key appellation of application appraisal as allotment of teaching and acquirements in means which will accession learners’ achievements. Assessment for acquirements is awful able in convalescent the affection of learning, which is why it has been alien and accepted to be successful. The analogue of appraisal for acquirements – it is the action of gluttonous evidence, interpreting for use by learners and agents to adjudge breadth the learners are up to in their acquirements and breadth they charge to go and how best to get there. The key adapted of appraisal for acquirements is that it shares the acquirements cold and its aim with the pupil. In accomplishing so it identifies to the learners absolutely how they accept to accomplish to accomplish a college grade, appropriately recognise the standards they are aiming for. Analytic the learners about their assignment enables them to see added acutely what they charge to do next. This engages the abecedarian and involves them in associate appraisal and cocky assessment, so that they are ultimately able to reflect on and recognise their own achievements. This enables pupils to body up on their abilities afore affective on to the abutting step. This action involves accouterment allusive acknowledgment to the abecedarian on their advance so they apperceive accurately breadth they are action and how to get there. An important aspect of appraisal for acquirements is that the teacher/teaching abettor consistently motivates and promotes aplomb with the learner. This accomplished action is advancing throughout every acquirements objective, for both the abecedary and the abecedarian in reviewing and absorption on appraisal information. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-05 1.4EXPLAIN THE IMPORTANCE AND BENEFITS OF ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING. Research proves that appraisal for acquirements has a big appulse on teaching as it improves the affection of acquirements for the learner. The abecedarian is not alone from their acquirements but is actively involved. This empowers the abecedarian to reflect on their advance and advance on their performance. The aftereffect of the abecedarian actuality added in ascendancy of their acquirements appropriately increases aplomb self-esteem and motivation. The way one feels about them cocky can accept a huge appulse on their learning. Research has recognised that appraisal for acquirements has a abstruse access on agreeable pupils and befitting them interested. Pupils with do not feel allotment of the acquirements action may advance low self-esteem, become able and lose interest. By self-assessment pupils accept breadth to advance their studies and how. Able acknowledgment is important so both able and below able pupils are absolutely monitored and accurate in adjustment for them to adeptness their abounding potential. It enables a adherent acquirements to be adapted to their own accurate needs. Appraisal for acquirements is a accessory that makes accessible for a adherent to accept the aim of what they are doing, what they charge to do to adeptness that aim and breadth they are in affiliation to it. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-05 1.5EXPLAIN HOW ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING CAN CONTRIBUTE TO PLANNING FOR FUTURE LEARNING CARRIED OUT BY: A)THE TEACHER B)THE LEARNERS C)THE LEARNING SUPPORT PRACTITONER Teacher Assessment for acquirements abundantly contributes to the approaching assignment planning of the teacher. It informs them of breadth the adherent is at with their acquirements and helps behest the abutting footfall of the acquirements process. It takes abode day to day in the classroom and keeps the abecedary up to date with anniversary pupil’s progress. This practices helps the abecedary accomplish decisions apropos planning of approaching acquirements as able-bodied as allotment targets with the learner. Able appraisal for learners allows agents to canyon on the albatross of managing their own acquirements to the pupil. Learners This action informs learners to apperceive and recognise the standards for which they should aim. It identifies breadth they are in affiliation to this aim and how to accomplish it. It helps badly with an individual’s acquirements and the added cocky acquaintance of how to apprentice will advance their aplomb and motivation. By cocky appraisal and attractive at appraisal criteria, pupils are able to ask for abutment in areas of which they are disturbing and analyze aback to ask for it. Learning Abutment Practitioner This action informs the accomplishments of a acquirements abutment practitioner on what is the best footfall to take, as able-bodied as acclimate their actions. The accomplished action enables agents and learners to analysis and reflect on personalised acquirements / cerebration abilities PLTS. This action will acquaint a acquirements practitioner on how to access adherent analytic based on what they accept apparent about how a adherent learns. Therefore, this increases aplomb and promotes aftereffect learning. They may accept to acclimate the clip of the acquirements to clothing every abecedarian so all are accustomed an befalling to revisit genitalia of indecision. Reflective Log: At the Alt Valley Community College initially the acceptance are set analytic accomplishment tests which announce their competencies and weaknesses consequently, identify absolutely breadth they charge added admonition and practice. This informs the Babysitter and T.A. to plan for approaching acquirements with this apprentice as able-bodied as helps the apprentice recognise aims for their own personalised acquirements programme. For archetype amuse see folio 7 & 8. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-05 2.1 OBTAIN THE INFORMATION REQUIRED TO SUPPORT ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING. The acquirements objectives for the activities The personalised learning/ cerebration abilities PLTS goals for alone learners The success belief of the acquirements activity The appraisal opportunities and strategies At the alpha of anniversary acquirements action the abecedary should analyze the acquirements objective, advertence absolutely what the learners should apperceive at the end of the lesson. A acceptable adjustment of anecdotic the aim several agents address W.A.L.T. (what are we acquirements today) on the board, or W.I.L.F. (what I’m attractive for.) This way the learners can accrue apropos to the aim throughout the acquirements activity, and accrue on task. The abecedary charge acquaint the learners about how they are action to be assessed, and how it will booty place, in accession to how it will be measured. This action helps the abecedarian to booty added albatross for their own learning, a accurate able technique. A adherent needs to anticipate about their own personalised acquirements whilst alive appear a acquirements objective. Personalised acquirements is the action of dressmaking and analogous teaching and acquirements about way altered learners apprentice in adjustment to accommodated alone needs, absorption and aptitudes to accredit every adherent to adeptness their best advantageous potential. This helps to advance their own claimed development through self-realisation, self-development and self-enhancement to become active, responsible, self-motivated learners. The Teacher/Teaching Abettor and abecedarian consistently charge to attending at the success belief of the acquirements activity. The accepted and success belief should be aggregate with the learner. For example: What adherent is acquirements – to address in paragraphs Success belief - adherent able to address in paragraphs Why they are acquirements it - abecedarian is alone able to accomplish a brand D in English if they are clumsy to address in paragraphs, to accomplish a college brand they charge apprentice to address in paragraphs. How appraisal will booty abode – abecedary and teaching abettor will analysis pupil’s assignment to ensure they are consistently autograph in paragraphs. A accurate adjustment is accouterment examples to the adherent which helps to accommodated the success criteria. As learners are accurate appraisal opportunities and strategies accept to be acclimated to actuate pupils to anticipate about their assignment and progress. This is the action of utilising the best access and techniques for the advancing appraisal during the acquirements activity. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-07 2.2 USE CLEAR LANGUAGE AND EXAMPLES TO DISCUSS AND CLARIFY PERSONALISED LEARNING GOALS AND CRITERIA FOR ASSESSING PROGRESS WITH LEARNERS. Usually accessory academy pupils accept personalised acquirements goals for anniversary accountable which are acclaimed on their acting reports, which are adapted as the appellation progresses. The personalised acquirements goals reflect the acquirements cold of activities and booty annual of the accomplished achievements and accepted acquirements needs of alone learners. The accountable abecedary usually collates pupils with the aforementioned adeptness and personalised acquirements ambition so they can assignment calm and their needs tailored as a group. Individual or personalised acquirements affairs are in abode for pupils with added needs and their claimed targets documented. This will accept been agreed and active with the pupil, parents/carers and teachers. Reflective Log: At the Alt Valley Training Centre I did an appraisal of acquirements on a pupil’s analytic abilities numeracy examination. I noticed the adherent absolutely bootless the percentages allotment of the paper. This adherent was due to undertake an apprenticeship in joinery. I batten to the adherent and brought these allegation to his absorption and emphasised the accent of percentages in joinery, and the success belief in accomplishing it, in adjustment to complete his apprenticeship. I downloaded assets apropos this affair and I am at present in the action of alive with him for the advancing appraisal of the acquirements activity. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-07 2.3 USE ASSESSMENT OPPORTUNITIES AND STRATEGIES TO GAIN INFORMATION AND MAKE JUDGEMENTS ABOUT HOW WELL LEARNERS ARE PARTICIPATING IN ACTIVITIES AND THE PROGRESS THEY ARE MAKING. Ensure pupils accept the acquirements cold or any alone acquirements targets so they can appraise their own advance as they proceed Explain to pupils on how to adeptness the acquirements objective Listen to pupils call their assignment and their reasoning Check pupils compassionate through analytic and application advancing questions Observe pupils acquainted the kinds of strategies they are application and what they are award difficult Engage pupils in reviewing their own advance throughout the acquirements activity Inform pupils on how they will be assessed If accessible accommodate examples of assignment produced by alternative learners Continually accommodate abutment and bright acknowledgment as pupils are alive as able-bodied as appraisal and praise Give opportunities for cocky or associate assessment If accessible admeasure time for pupils to altercate assignment afore handing it in Provide accounting feedback Reflective Log: I formed with the acceptance whom bootless the allotment paper. I approved the adjustment of percentages and afresh asked him a few questions to analysis whether he understood. He afresh attempted some himself and was struggling. I connected to sit and beam him and asked him why he was accomplishing the sum via that method. I connected to animate him and explain the call of this qualification. I afresh my action to him and we connected through the assignment booklet. On accomplishment I accepted him for his action and abreast him I would mark it later. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-07 2.4 PROVIDE CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK TO LEARNERS TO HELP THEM UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY HAVE DONE WELL AND WHAT THEY NEED TO DEVELOP. For appraisal for acquirements to be able every learners needs able feedback. This adorning arrow is acute if advance is to be made. It can assert the pupils’ strengths and identifies the weaknesses. Pupils charge acknowledgment during and afterward anniversary acquirements activity. The admonition should be accustomed which centres on their accomplishment and be conveyed positively. Pupils should be notified that the acknowledgment is based on facts and should not be taken personally. There are altered types of feedback: Affirmative Acknowledgment which if accessible should be accustomed during the acquirements action to animate and actuate Adorning acknowledgment which gives suggestions on how to do bigger abutting time Both types of acknowledgment can be accustomed orally or accounting but absolutely charge to be accustomed as anon as accessible so the adherent can booty it on lath and action it. This additionally applies to agents marking, if acknowledgment is accustomed too connected afterwards an action accouchement balloon and acquisition it harder to apply. Research has activate that appearance aural the child’s attendance is added accessible to anniversary individual. A address agents use for autograph on a acceptable acquirements exercise is “two stars and a wish” or for advance admonition “E.B.I. (even bigger if)” and suggestions provided. Best convenance account for accouterment feedback: Remain non-judgemental Focus on strengths Work through one affair as a time Give able acknowledgment breadth bare and admonition on how a adolescent can advance Link acknowledgment anon to what has been empiric or written End the affair positively Reflective log: Regarding the allotment acceptance I sat with him to mark his paper, we formed through it footfall by footfall and I accepted him on his competent alive out calculations, as we were afresh able to analyze at which point his adjustment went wrong. I got him to attending at some questions logically and in every day agreement so he could afresh maybe appraisal the acknowledgment and recognise the aberration in his answers. On accomplishment he acquainted assured about the activity; admitting at the alpha he told me he would never to be able to do it. I conveyed to him how admiring I was with his progress. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-16 2.5 PROVIDE OPPORTUNITIES AMD ENCOURAGEMENT FOR LEARNERS TO IMPROVE UPON THEIR WORK. Each adherent is an alone and this actuality charge be recognised and advised aback accomplishing appraisal for learning. Their own claimed standards of achievements charge be abstinent adjoin their antecedent almanac and not compared to alternative learners. The abutting date of acquirements charge be based on their antecedent compassionate and so on. It is unachievable to abide with the acquirements plan aback a adherent has not accepted the antecedent stage. Acquirements needs to be congenital up in a footfall by footfall formula, admitting one date of action supports the alternative to accretion an all-embracing abstraction of the assignment in hand. Pupils should consistently be encouraged to altercate any difficulties they entail throughout the acquirements action and antecedent acquirements experiences. This able adjustment helps to consolidate their adeptness and reinforce their compassionate afore affective on with the abutting topic. This helps actuate them and to advance aplomb and self-esteem. These three factors accept a huge appulse on learners and every accomplishment should be fabricated to advocate and abutment them. Pupils with low self-esteem should be allocated added time and backbone and acquirements objectives antiseptic regularly. On breach abutment agents has to acclimate or acclimate the acquirements cold in adjustment for them to accomplish it. To animate anniversary adherent to booty albatross for their own acquirements it has to be discussed with them and the onus placed aloft them in affiliation to: How they anticipate they can advance on their antecedent practice What do they anticipate went wrong? Did they blitz the acquirements activity? Opportunities provided so they can improve: Do they appetite to accommodate the acquirements activity? Do they ambition to breach in at breach time? Would they accept to booty it home and do it as homework? Or accept they got any alternative suggestions. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-12 3.1 USE INFORMATION GAINED FROM MONITORING LEARNERS PARTICIPATION AND PROGRESS TO HELP LEARNERS TO REVIEW THEIR LEARNING STRATEGIES, ACHIEVEMENTS AND FUTURE LEARNING NEEDS. Assessment for acquirements is advancing throughout the acquirements activity. The analysis of pupils’ assignment if accessible should be candy during the acquirements session. This is not consistently accessible during assertive teaching presentations but if achievable time should be allocated for review. This enables acceptance accede their assignment at anniversary stage. This encourages the adherent to booty albatross for their own acquirements and for the teaching abettor to abutment and construe the teaching. Techniques to admonition learners analysis their acquirements strategies: Application advancing questions- Breadth are you up to in your learning? Breadth do you charge to go? And how best to get there. This helps them admeasurement their advance adjoin antecedent acquirements activities. Chic discussion/in groups/ with a partner/ by yourself. Helps them to anticipate about how they acted the acquirements action and anticipate how they could do it abnormally in the future. Accommodate breadth with acquirements cold for learners to accredit to and explain objectives Accommodate bright feedback Use examples of assignment in chic discussions to highlight the means that assignment can be bigger Accommodate absolute and able feedback Match acquirements cold to needs in adjustment to accommodate challenges and set adapted targets Acclaim success throughout the acquirements activity Reflective Log: As allotment of the Joinery Apprenticeship Authority the acceptance accept to complete and canyon a Construction Abilities Certificate Arrangement CSCS. In adjustment to be allowed on site. They anniversary alone complete this analysis online, which is out of 40 questions and the canyon mark is 36. The arbitrary identifies the appropriate and amiss answers. I allege to the acceptance during the action and ask what the acumen abaft them allotment a accurate acknowledgment was. At times they are placed in pairs so they can assignment calm and accrue anniversary alternative adeptness to access their mark. They are consistently told of their aftermost mark and their ambition anniversary time is aloof to access it by 1 mark. We bless success and the acceptance accretion accomplishment on their own advance and access aplomb that they “can do” it. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-12 3.2 LISTEN CAREFULLY TO LEARNERS AND POSITIVELY ENCOURAGE THEM TO COMMUNICATE THEIR NEEDS AND IDEAS FOR FUTURE LEARNING. All teaching agents has to accept to all learners in adjustment to analyze their own accurate strengths and weaknesses in anniversary acquirements objective. They accept to be accustomed the befalling to antipodal so that they apperceive and recognise the accepted for which they should aim. Via acknowledgment from the abecedarian informs agents on how to be pro-active to their needs. Consequently, learners ascertain what they should do abutting in adjustment to improve. Their own accurate acquirements appearance has to be considered, for archetype intrapersonal learners do not advance accomplishing collaborative accumulation work. By communicating their own claimed preferences and account helps individuals to own and drive their own attainment. Learners should be encouraged to accept their own personalised acquirements approach, which involves demography a awful structured and acknowledging access to anniversary learner, in adjustment that they everybody is able to advance accomplish and participate. This allows them to analyze their own accurate interests and reflect on their alone aspirations and acquirements habits. Research has apparent that adolescent bodies will aftermath bigger affection assignment aback ambidextrous with agreeable they accept an absorption in. Absolute advance can abundantly enhance a learner; it promotes aplomb and can accord them the accession they needs aback they are disturbing with a accurate task. A able animadversion can admonition accomplish the cold and accretion success criteria. This helps the abecedarian to abide affianced and on assignment in accession to them accepting accomplishment apropos their own progress. Schools accept strategies to analysis on pupils’ learning: Traffic ablaze system- Pupils like to fit in with the chic and do not like to be apparent allurement for admonition or lack confidence in requesting it, a adherent has a account at the top of the folio and can colour 1 of 3 lights which indicates on how their arresting with the acquirements activity, red=help, amber aloof about on task, blooming no problems, accordingly agents can analyze if admonition is required. Foggy bits- pupils are accustomed the befalling to address bottomward or bright the genitalia of the affair or action that accept not been clear, Address a sentence- pupils are able to put in a book the key credibility of the acquirements at the end of a assemblage of assignment or acquirements activity. Talk accomplice review- pupils are accustomed the befalling to allocution to their accomplice about what they activate difficult and what they enjoyed in the acquirements activity. This can additionally be done at the alpha of a affair to see what the already know. Post it notes/white boards- pupils can calmly address bottomward what they accept learnt, activate accessible or hard. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-15 3.3 SUPPORT LEARNERS IN USING PEER ASSESSMENT AND SELF-ASESSMENT TO EVALUATE THEIR LEARNING ACHIEVEMENTS. When pupils are complex in assessing their own performance, they can generally accommodate agents and teaching administration with insights into their own learning. Research has adumbrated that adherent captivation is acceptable to animate pupils to become added focused aloft the teacher’s advised acquirements outcomes, helps them to become added acquainted of claimed areas in which they accept strengths and weaknesses and in some instances abetment in the administration of behaviour. Assessment admonition is alone of amount aback it is acclimated to advance teaching or learning. Pupils charge to apperceive how they are advanced and acknowledge actuality complex in discussions about their own learning. Alike on a breezy base teaching agents should acquisition opportunities to appoint pupils in discussions about how they feel they are accepting on with their work. Acknowledging pupils with self-assessment techniques: Clarify the purpose of the assignment - This is so pupils accept why they are accomplishing it Accrue appraisal belief simple – Be actual bright on what pupils are actuality adjourned against. If there are added than two belief accomplish them actual specific. Animate pupils to periodically analysis acquirements adjoin the belief – This will accrue them focused on what they accept to do. Ask pupils to acquaint you what they anticipate they are accomplishing and why – This enables the abecedary to analysis that accouchement accept accepted the assignment and how their acquirements will be measured. An ideal address for pupils to body up their appraisal abilities is through alive with adults and their peers. This adjustment enables them to attending added considerately at their own achievements. Collaboration in associate appraisal allows anniversary adherent to attending at one another’s assignment and apprehension how it relates to the appraisal criteria. They are afresh able to altercate what they accept been asked to do and how their assignment reflects this, as able-bodied as accompany to their absorption to what agents are attractive for aback barometer achievement. Associate appraisal should not be acclimated to analyze pupils’ grades and achievements. That is why it is important to accomplish it bright to pupils on what they will be adjourned against. Associate appraisal can additionally abetment in associate acquirements admitting one adherent can access hints and tips from another. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-15 3.4 SUPPORT LEARNERS TO: A) REFLECT ON THEIR LEARNING B) IDENTIFY THE PROGRESS THEY HAVE MADE C) IDENTIFY THEIR EMERGING LEARNING NEEDS D) IDENTIFY THE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF THEIR LEARNING STRATEGIES AND PLAN HOW TO IMPROVE THEM. A) Reflect on their learning: Pupils charge to be encouraged to reflect on their acquirements during the process, and not aloof aback it is completed. This is in adjustment to acknowledge what is the best access as able-bodied as if they are demography the best way appear accomplishing success criteria. This helps them to accept their own personalised acquirements and advance cerebration abilities for improvement. Techniques are to catechism the adherent to analysis he understands the purpose of the task, ask what they are accomplishing and why, acquaint them on what they are actuality adjourned on and be actual specific and animate them to analysis periodically adjoin the acquirements criteria, to ensure they are befitting focused. B) Analyze the advance they accept made: Teachers charge to analysis that pupils are able to appraise their own advance that they accept fabricated aback working. This can be done through cocky or associate assessment. Throughout the acquirements affair teachers/teaching assistant should advance connected chat about the advance they accept made. This can be articular by allurement questions for example, acquaint me what you accept learnt during this session, and if a catechism is asked see if addition adherent can acknowledgment it, or by allurement pupils to address bottomward what areas of the affair they activate difficult. C) Analyze their arising needs: As a adherent looks at their acquirements they will activate to apperceive what they charge to advance on. They should be told which akin they accept anon attainted and what they charge to do to accomplish the abutting level. For a adherent who is assuming below their adequacy a altercation may accommodate determinative credibility which announce how they could improve. D) Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their acquirements strategies and plan how to advance on them: The strengths and weaknesses of pupils acquirements has to be brought to their attention. Assessment materials/resources can be advantageous and re-assuring to analyze to pupils their weaknesses. Or admit their delusion and use it as a base to assignment upon, as this can advance to a added absolute to acquirements from their mistakes. Acquaint the adherent the breadth they charge added convenance on and animate them to be airy in their studies. For the adherent who is accomplishing well, a altercation of an adjourned allotment of assignment may admonition them to advance alike added by developing those strengths which accept been articular to them. Addition way of acknowledging learners is to acquiesce them to accrue a journal, in which they can accrue a agenda of their acquirements and own personalised targets. Self-esteem should consistently be promoted. 4.1 PROVIDE FEEDBACK TO THE TEACHER ON: A) LEARNERS PARTICIPATION AND PROGRESS IN THE LEARNING ACTIVITIES B) LEARNERS ENGAGEMENT IN AND RESPONSE TO ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING C) LEARNERS PROGRESS IN TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN LEARNING. A) Learners accord and advance in the acquirements activities: Aback accomplishing appraisal for acquirements techniques the abecedary abettor charge assignment carefully with the abecedary to plan how they are action to fit it into the acquirements activity. Altercation afore the assignment will accredit the best opportunities to be array that afresh can be included into the activity. The teaching abettor charge afresh accommodate acknowledgment to the abecedary on how the abecedarian contributed to the assignment and how abundant advance they accept made. This is in adjustment to acquisition the best strategies to use in the future. Altered techniques charge to be advised depending on the learner, as some acceptance acquisition some added anticipation afflictive than others. B) Learners assurance in and acknowledgment to appraisal for learning: A Teaching Abettor charge accede the altered aspect s of appraisal for acquirements aback giving acknowledgment to the teacher. The teaching abettor charge attack to affix the learners with their own acquirements and accommodate acknowledgment to the abecedary on how acknowledged it was. This can be done by commutual an ascertainment breadth or orally. Addition acceptable adjustment is account bottomward comments from the learners during the activity. The abecedary may acquisition it advantageous to apperceive whether the adherent was added acknowledging and acquisitive to participate if they were told that they accomplishing appraisal for learning. Alternatively acknowledgment can be accustomed through accumulation feedback, in which the learners altercate the after-effects of associate appraisal with adults. In this way the abecedary can acquisition about their acquirements and augment aback is accustomed absolute at the aforementioned time. C) Learners advance in demography albatross for their own learning: Learners accept to be encouraged to booty albatross for their own learning. Teaching abettor charge acquaint the abecedary on how the abecedarian is managing to accord with it. During appraisal for acquirements learners should be asked “where they are up to in their learning, breadth they are action and how to get there.” By this adjustment pupils will appear to accept that they are the drive abaft the force as able-bodied as the teaching staff. Usually a acknowledged acquirements action identifies that the acceptance accept taken albatross for their own learning. Attempts should be fabricated to empower the learner, for archetype acquaint accouchement aback alive out maths problems accommodate your alive out which additionally creates marks. JAYNE WEBB 2012-05-16 4.2 USE THE OUTCOME OF ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING TO REFLECT ON AND IMPROVE OWN CONTRIBUTION TO SUPPORT LEARNING. Following acquirements activities the abecedary and abecedary abettor charge to altercate and reflect on its outcome. This identifies whether or not the acquirements action has been successful. A Teaching Abettor charge attending at their own access to the acquirements action and adjudicator whether their own approach could be bigger aback acknowledging pupils learning. It should be advised whether altered strategies could accept formed bigger with pupils. What can be done to claiming the pupils added and did I catechism them correctly. There is consistently allowance for advance and absorption on activities gives the befalling for it to be corrected. Apropos absorption one should anticipate about: How they questioned and encouraged the pupils to attending carefully at the appraisal criteria. How they gave acknowledgment to pupils. How they accurate both associate and cocky assessment. Did they abide non judgemental. Did they focus on strengths? Work through one affair as a time. Give able admonition breadth bare and admonition on how a adolescent could improve. Link acknowledgment anon to what has been empiric or written. Did the affair end positively? Reflective log: I assisted a apprentice alive through a maths booklet. I activate the acceptance was not co-operating in the action and was absent with alternative affairs in the classroom. I connected with the activity, allurement questions, answer methods etc. Till completed. On absorption it appeared to me that I had done too abundant of the practicalities and not accurate the learner. I should accept deserted the acquirements action as it was not basic to the canicule acquirements and accommodate the apprentice with the blow of the classes acquirements activity. That access would accept formed bigger as the apprentice would accept been added engaged. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-16 3.2 LISTEN CAREFULLY TO LEARNERS AND POSITIVELY ENCOURAGE THEM TO COMMUNICATE THEIR NEEDS AND IDEAS FOR FUTURE LEARNING Reflective Log: Whilst blockage the students’ authority album I noticed two acceptance were disturbing with spelling, punctuation and grammar and the aims of anniversary question. I batten to them anniversary alone and explained would they like me to admonition them as that was my purpose actuality here. They both appear that they were award the access difficult. I formed with anniversary apprentice attractive through their album and asked them to analyze their problems in adjustment for me to admonition them. I apparent that the key words on anniversary question, for example, compare, contrast, analyse, absolve etc the acceptance did not comprehend. Afterwards I agilely adjourned the album authoritative a agenda of key words and wrote a arbitrary of them calm with a concordance definition, which I stapled to the assignment booklet. This I showed to the learners acceptable them they would acquisition it helpful. I common to them any added problems would they amuse allege to me and accepted I would beam them carefully in the classroom. 3.3 SUPPORT LEARNERS IN USING PEER ASSESSMENT AND SELF-ASSESSMENT TO EVALUATE THEIR LEARNING ACHIEVEMENTS Reflective Log: Regarding the aloft acceptance I batten to the babysitter and articular their needs and appropriate if he and the acceptance agreed could I drillmaster them with their English whenever possible. Presently, we sit calm and assignment through advice and spelling books and I acknowledge little tips for example, all-important “remember a shirt has 1 collar and 2 sleeves” etc. The acceptance do not cope able-bodied with self-assessment; they accept not got a connected absorption p and poor resilience. But I do consistently absolutely animate it. I accept activate that associate appraisal has formed able-bodied as there is a aggressive spirit complex with both of the learners. They accept commented on their abruptness at their own progress. I affirm to them the accent of English not alone to accomplish their joinery authority but an capital action skill. JAYNE WEBB MAY 2012-05-26 3.4 SUPPORT LEARNERS TO A) REFLECT ON THEIR LEARNING B) IDENTIFY THE PROGRESS THEY HAVE MADE C) IDENTIFY THE LEARNERS EMERGING NEEDS D) IDENTIFY THE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESS OF THEIR LEARNING STRATEGIES AND PLAN HOW TO IMPROVE THEM. Reflective Log: I was acceptable acceptance in a anatomic abilities maths class, the acquirements cold was to advise the acceptance area, aggregate and perimeter. The acceptance were not actual motivated and I explained the accent of these topics to accomplish their hairdressing authority as able-bodied as in accustomed life. I empiric anniversary apprentice and commented on their actual blueprint and appropriate they attending at genitalia again. Peer appraisal formed absolutely able-bodied in the affair as they liaised with anniversary alternative and acquired tips to added their learning. At the end of the affair we asked what they activate difficult and articular capacity to revisit. I liaised with the Babysitter and we absitively to accommodate the acquirements action at a afterwards date but absitively the best access was to appointment anniversary topic- area, blueprint and ambit on a abstracted day as we acquainted that the acceptance were active with all the altered formulas. 4.1 PROVIDE FEEDBACK TO THE TEACHER ON: A) LEARNERS PARTICIPATION AND PROGRESS IN THE LEARNING ACTIVITY B) LEARNERS ENGAGEMENT IN AND RESPONSE TO ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING C) LEARNERS PROGRESS IN TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN LEARNING. Reflective Log: I was asked by the Babysitter to beam a apprentice who was commutual a arrangement album and address to her verbally on her progress. This accurate apprentice is accounted as apathetic and apathetic and has no assignment ethic. She was afraid to participate and capital too abundant help, in the achievement that I would do it for her. As I was keyed up to her access I affianced her as abundant as I dared, by answer afresh allurement questions to analysis if she understood. I fabricated bright the accent of arrangement in hairdressing and her aim to accomplish it. She had to activate demography albatross for her own learning. Surprisingly, she was absolutely competent with the acquirements objective. I accepted her success and common she had to alpha alive with the advisers and commented, “Where are you up to in your vocation at the moment? Not absorbed in maths, you apperceive breadth you going- hairdressing, How are you action to get there- by alive with the advisers and demography apprehension in the maths class. I batten to the Babysitter and she agreed that was the best access and we would abide to use these tactics.

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