Educational Community Stakeholders

1. Discussion Question 1: 250 words with citation. Due today 11/03/2018. Worth 5 points.   Why is it important to acquaint finer with others?  How will able advice advice you in your bookish career?  Provide examples. 2. Discussion Question 2: Due Monday 11/05/2018. Worth 5 points. Discuss the aftereffect local, state, and federal agencies accept had on your academy readiness.  Does this aisle alter for acceptance entering academy anon from aerial school?  3.  Educational Community Stakeholders PowerPoint. Due Tuesday 11/06/2018. Worth 102 points. Create a PowerPoint presentation of 12-15 slides, which describes your community’s educational stakeholders (Arizona), and the primary roles of local, state, and federal agencies in accessible accessory apprenticeship (High School). Accommodate presenter's notes, a appellation slide, and in-text citations aural your presentation. Support your allegation with a minimum of three bookish resources. If you can accommodate this commodity great, but if not that is ok.    “A Nation at Risk” by Good, C. J. from the American Educational History Journal (2010). This is the aforementioned chic that you helped me with aftermost week.  I will be announcement account appointment questions for this class.  

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