Education Systems In Australia, Singapore And The Uae

The primary ambition of this action is not aloof to study, assay and appraise the currently accustomed systems of apprenticeship actuality followed in Australia, Singapore and the UAE but additionally to be able to draw a allusive assay citation the advantages and drawbacks of these in allegory to anniversary other. For this purpose, it is important for us to accept what an apprenticeship arrangement of a country agency and how they can alter with annual to anniversary other.

Education is authentic as an act that is amenable for accepting a absolute developing appulse on the actuality indulging in it, not aloof on the mind, but the appearance as able-bodied as the concrete and brainy abilities of the individual. Apprenticeship is a agency through which the association in accepted is amenable for the manual of all the aggregate adeptness set forth with assertive ethics and the acquired accomplishment that has been accumulated over the generations. This makes apprenticeship a consecutive connected action and therefore, altered countries and societies and establishments apply altered techniques as accounted actual and all-important by them to address this knowledge.

Education arrangement in Australia

In Australia, apprenticeship is advised by the arrangement as the albatross of the agnate states or the territories as appropriate. The accompaniment governments are captivated amenable for actuality able to accommodate the funds for apprenticeship as able-bodied as adapt and adviser accessible and clandestine schools. The federal government, on the alternative hand, is affianced in allotment the universities, which about set their own curriculum. In Australia, like in a lot of alternative places about the world, a three-tier based arrangement or archetypal is followed which comprises a compulsatory primary apprenticeship for all in primary schools, which is again followed up by a accessory apprenticeship in secondary/high schools. The final bank in this arrangement in the tertiary apprenticeship in federal government managed universities or TAFE colleges above the country.

The Australian arrangement of apprenticeship has been ranked at 6th for their Reading on a accepted scale, on 8th for their Sciences and on 13th for their Mathematics additionally on accepted scales by the Programme for All-embracing Studnt Assessment in the year 2006. Also, Australia has been listed as 0.993, actuality amid the arch in that scales, in the Apprenticeship Index that as appear by the UN in 2008. They are angry at the aboriginal position for Apprenticeship Index with alternative countries like Denmark, Finland and New Zealand.

Education in Australia is binding till a authentic age, which may alter amid states which accept complete administering over the apprenticeship in their agnate states. However, this age varies amid 15-17 years in general, which agency that apprenticeship up to the accessory akin is compulsatory for all.

Besides ecology and acclimation the activities of a academy in a accompaniment by the accompaniment government, anniversary accompaniment additionally has a Vocational Apprenticeship and Training(VET) or contrarily a Abstruse and Added Apprenticeship system(TAFE). The basic cold and action of VET is to be able to adapt bodies for assignment in a career that may not necessarily allegation a university bulk to be attained. It is the albatross of anniversary accompaniment in Australia to administer and alike their own arrangement for VET and the training and apprenticeship of individuals and adapt them for their work, and accompaniment assembly accommodated on a civic akin to accord and alike their efforts and arrange them in a accepted administering appear the apprenticeship of these individuals for authentic tasks. Also, the civic accommodated ensures that VET continues to be accustomed amid altered states and abide applicative and accurate alike if a claimed campaign from one accompaniment to another. A VET advance done in on accurate accompaniment is applicative in all the alternative states aural the Australian domain. Typically, the advance of VET takes about two years of study.

The universities in all the states are adjourned by the axial or the civic government. However, anniversary of these universities is advantaged to set their own advance chic and the government has no administering over this matter. However, for a advance to run in a university set by its governance, the advance allegation be accustomed by some able body. A advance in one of the universities in Australia takes a time aeon of almost three to four years at the minimum.

In the assignment abode and the offices as able-bodied as alternative places of employment, the administering booty into annual alone the courses accustomed by some able anatomy to apply new agents for the purpose of training or employment. The training accustomed as one of the advancing assignment places of a company, if provided in some anatomy of documentation, adds to the advantage of the apprentice and counts into the all-embracing accomplishment of a apprentice advancing a course.

Education arrangement in Singapore

the absolute arrangement of apprenticeship in Singapore is coordinated, and managed by the Ministry of Education, or the MOE, which has the albatross of authoritative the able governance, development and administering of the accompaniment schools, which accept allotment from the axial government. The government additionally has a role in advising and authoritative the activities of clandestine schools. There are set attempt to actuate the role of the government in the chic and the freedom the schools have, forth with the attributes and affectionate of aids that the government provides and the acceptance action to the assorted clandestine and accessible schools. There are SPEDs or schools with appropriate apprenticeship for accouchement with disabilities and the funds for these appear in genitalia from Voluntary Welfare Organizations as able-bodied as the MOE and the civic budget, of which about 20% is contributed to these schools. In Singapore, apprenticeship is compulsatory till the age of primary academy level, and it is a bent answerability for parents to not be able to accommodate their wards with this. English is the primary average of advice in the apprenticeship arrangement in Singapore and is alike the aboriginal accent for the accouchement in their preschool age. The apprenticeship arrangement in Singapore is authentic as world-leading and it is one of the actual few that were best out abnormally for acclaim by the apprenticeship abbot Michael Gove of the United Kingdom. Singapore additionally follows a arrangement which is in a address of speaking a three-tier archetypal but in actuality has four axiological levels. The aberration comes in the precollege/pre-university akin which is advised an average akin amid academy and academy but about is an addendum of chief academy itself.

The afterward tiers are maintained in the acquirements action of a apprentice appropriate from the beginning:

Kindergarten: the aboriginal appearance in the apprenticeship aeon is the preschool appearance or the kindergarten. This is meant for accouchement from ages groups three to six years, afterwards which they move to the abutting akin of education.

Primary school: this is the column kindergarten appearance which is added disconnected into the following: Foundation stage, in which a basal addition is accustomed to the acceptance about English, their mother argot or a bounded language, Mathematics, History and Civics and sometimes alike basal sciences. The abutting is the acclimatization date breadth added in abyss adeptness in English, mathematics and alternative accompanying courses is accustomed depending on the adeptness of the apprentice adjourned so far in the preschool and the foundation stage. At the end of this, there is a primary academy abrogation assay (PSLE) conducted on the civic akin which determines whether a accurate apprentice is accessible to leave the primary academy at this stage. Also, the array in this assay actuate what bench the apprentice gets in the accessory akin of education.

Secondary education: based on the account accomplished in the PSLE, the acceptance get altered advance or streams in the accessory school. The altered streams or advance are: Special, Express, Normal (Academic), or Normal (Technical).

At this level, the aim of the apprenticeship arrangement in Singapore is to accomplish a bright acumen amid acceptance acceptance to altered levels of aptitude. This has its pros as able-bodied as cons. The criticism fabricated adjoin this arrangement is that the age of ten to twelve years in a student’s action is too beneath to accomplish a allegory of him with his alternative aeon and it may be de-motivational appear the apprentice in not acceding him a adventitious to abstraction and excel with acceptance of academy bookish capabilities. Also, the acumen fabricated creates a bisect amid the acceptance and the accepted adroitness of acceptance to the aforementioned chic is lost. The sixth grade, some accept is too aboriginal for aggressive studies and this affectionate and bulk of antagonism can generally become actual difficult for the acceptance to handle. However, the traditionalists accept that it is this arrangement which is in a way allowance acceptance of all levels of bent cope with the burden of academics. By putting all the aerial performers of the assay calm and similarly, adding the chic up into abstracted sections, anniversary accepting altered adversity levels of academics not alone helps the weaker acceptance as they no best accept to attempt with the academically ablaze acceptance who are not of the aforementioned league, but additionally the smarter acceptance by putting them in a aggressive ambiance breadth they get a adventitious to collaborate and apprentice with alternative acceptance of agnate potential. Hence, the Singapore arrangement of apprenticeship does accept in accepting acceptance of according adeptness and bent belief together, while consistently emphasizing and auspicious the allegation for accepting a aggressive ambiance breadth every apprentice is ambitious to do well.

The allocation arrangement followed by best of the schools in Singapore is agnate to the one followed at the Singapore-Cambridge GCE assay at the akin O. This assay is taken by acceptance afterwards they accept actually about four to bristles years of apprenticeship at the accessory level, with anniversary apprentice actualization for a minimum of six capacity or courses. The marks acquired in this assay accept a agnate brand absorbed to them and therefore, and these acquired grades accept a acceptation absorbed to them as mentioned below:

A1/A2 (Distinction)

B3/B4 (Merit)

C5/C6 (Credit/Pass)

D7 (Sub-Pass/fail, that is, casual at a lower accepted in the assay or fail)

E8/F9 (Fail)

The all-embracing absolute achievement of a apprentice academically is affected through assorted altered systems of scoring which accommodate the L1R5, the L1R4 and L1B5 systems. For the purpose of appraisal of exams that are of a non-major kind, abounding schools are accepted to use the Mean Brand per accountable adjustment of evaluation. Schools that accept currently been alive the Chip Affairs accept additionally been accepted to use the GPA arrangement for the purpose of evaluation, that is, the Brand Point Average adjustment of grading. Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are binding for all acceptance at the accessory akin in schools, in which all the acceptance are appropriate to participate in a minimum of one such activity, and this accord and their achievement is graded forth with alternative bookish achievements through the four years of their education. This arrangement of scoring is accepted as LEAPS (“Leadership, Enrichment, Achievement, Participation, Service”).

There are about a few criticisms fabricated of the accustomed apprenticeship arrangement in Singapore, generally by parents of acceptance there, that the apprenticeship arrangement is too rigid, sometimes alike elitist and over-specialized in assertive cases. A aciculate adverse to the apprenticeship arrangement in the United States, an generally faced criticism is that there is little or no abutment and advance in the arrangement for artistic cerebration and little accent on arts and artistic vision. The altercation put in acknowledgment to this has consistently been that the acceptance of Singapore accept consistently outperformed the others from altered genitalia of the apple in all-embracing competitions of mathematics as able-bodied as the sciences. However, what is argued is that the actuality that Singaporean acceptance assuming bigger shows alone that they are bigger able and added aggressive appear advancing for these accurate kinds of examinations than developing abilities and the adeptness of chargeless artistic and analytical thinking.

Education Arrangement in UAE

With the advance that United Arab Emirates has been ability over the accomplished few years, one can actual able-bodied adumbrate the development in the arrangement of education. The administering of the country has not alone added bookish opportunities in big cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai adjoin additionally in every alien breadth basic the country geography. The country now has complete abundant to action apprenticeship assiduously to acceptance alignment from kindergarten and activity all the way to university levels. In actuality the academics administration has additionally fabricated apprenticeship chargeless to the citizens of the country. This is the acumen that the behavior like Emiritization are apparent to be acknowledged in UAE. The acceptance are actuality accomplished from the aboriginal canicule so that already they are grown-ups they accept the adequacy to exhausted the best in the world. Moving added into the advancements that the country’s apprenticeship has apparent in the contempo past, clandestine apprenticeship is provided to accouchement of both sexes who accompany academy apprenticeship abroad. Several thousand acceptance in the country accept done awfully able-bodied and accept additionally fabricated the country appreciative by actuality amidst the best by this arrangement of the country. If one compares the apprenticeship arrangement absolute in the country in the 1970s back the seven Emirates were formed, there has been a desperate change. With constant behavior of privatisation, UAE has been activity abundant guns. This can be apparent in the re-evaluation of the Government’s role. There is a appropriate alignment in the country’s basic that is attractive afterwards this privatisation action allowance the country and its citizens mutually. This anatomy is declared the Abu Dhabi Apprenticeship Council (ADEC). Avant-garde institutions like United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), Zayed University (ZU) and additionally Academy Colleges of Technology (HCT) are accomplishing a arresting job in the context. So, now that the country is seeing so abounding reforms, one can actual able-bodied see that the motive abaft the aforementioned is the country wants its adolescence to be able to accommodated the challenges of the new century. Also, the affection of apprenticeship accustomed to the individuals is acceptable abundant so that already they are graduates; they are able abundant to accept jobs in the accumulated world. (UAE Apprenticeship Centre – Accepted information, 2010)

The country has provided the afterward breakdown to the apprenticeship system:

Kindergarten: 4 -5 years old

Primary: breadth of programme 6 years old with an age akin amid 6-12 years old

Preparatory: breadth of programme 3 years old with an age akin amid 12-15 years old

Secondary: breadth of programme 3 years old with an age akin amid 15-18 years old

In this program, accessory academy affidavit is awarded

Technical Accessory School: breadth of programme 6 years old with an age akin amid 12-18 years old

In this affairs abstruse accessory ascendancy is awarded

The apprenticeship arrangement of the country has become so austere on the accomplished few years that it has fabricated primary apprenticeship compulsatory for all levels of the association afterwards any bigotry of its citizens. The best allotment of the arrangement is that the arrangement of agents to accouchement has been kept as 1:20 which was abundant above reckoning back the Emirates were formed. This arrangement is added to 1:15 at average and accessory levels of education.

Another actual cogent mark in the development of the apprenticeship arrangement in the country is the accumulation of Federation. The weekend agenda of the apprenticeship arrangement was additionally revised in the year 2006 with Friday and Saturday actuality advised to aggregate the weekend.

Levels of Education

Primary and Accessory Education

As it has been mentioned, apprenticeship at this akin has been fabricated compulsatory in the allotment of the world. It has four-tiers in this sector. This has been mentioned as follows:

4-5 years old: Kindergarten

6-11 years old: primary Schools

12-14: Preparatory Stage

15-17: Accessory School

In adjustment to ensure that the accouchement of this age are well-equipped with Islamic attempt and the acceptable ability of the place, the teaching agents is additionally declared in the base of Emiritization to an admeasurement which would ability 90% by the end of year 2020.

At the moment, the cardinal of pupils accessory primary academy is of the adjustment of 40%. Abounding of them action adopted accent courses as able-bodied but at the aforementioned time advance the candor of the place. The Government has accustomed admissions to expatriates but on the base of arete which would additionally burden fees.

As far as the citizens of the country are concerned, they are experiencing the awful avant-garde behavior of ADEC breadth the alignment has taken the albatross to buck all the fees of archetypal school. Integration with Zayed University has additionally planned to advance English speaking adequacy of the masses. There are 30 adroitness associates from the aforementioned to attending afterwards English speaking courses in the schools at the primary and accessory levels. (Zayed University announces the bristles year cardinal plan , 2009)

IT Education

The Ministry of Apprenticeship in UAE is authoritative its best accessible efforts so that the affairs and strategies accompanying to the development of educational programs are able to accommodated all-embracing standards. As a allotment of all the educational strategies fabricated by the company, there is appropriate absorption accustomed to the addition of latest IT assets at every akin of education. Actuality at par with the latest IT casework would accomplish the country awful aggressive on the all-around front. The apprenticeship arrangement is alive on accouterment a computer amidst every ten accouchement at the kindergarten level. The amazing success of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid IT Apprenticeship Action (ITEP) has avant-garde the IT arrangement of apprenticeship in the country. It has not alone installed assorted labs in the arena but it has additionally provided a awful admired apprenticeship ability accessible at ITEP serves about 40 schools in the country so far including about 13,000 students. The success bulk of the acceptance is of the adjustment of 97%!

Higher Education

The best arresting actuality about UAE apprenticeship is that it has been able to alter itself in actual little time. The Government institutions are accessible chargeless of charge. Alike some internationally accepted clandestine institutions are additionally accessible chargeless of allegation authoritative it awful accessible for the citizens to accept categorical education. Universities like United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) offers arch analysis accessories in academy education. There are added than 70 undergraduate degrees and additionally a abundant cardinal of streams at the alum level. As the country has now collaborated with abounding all-embracing institutions, the affection and assortment of apprenticeship has gone up tremendously. Talking about Al Ain, there is added than 280,000 aboveboard meters of amplitude accessible for residential as able-bodied as educational purposes. The country is additionally focussing to a ample admeasurement on public-private affiliation in education. Top organizations of the acclaim of Mubadala Development Aggregation and additionally UAEU accept undergone the beheading of a 30-yrs acknowledgment agreement. This will acquiesce BOOT (Build Own Accomplish and Transfer) base development. (build, own, operate, transfer, 2010)

Zayed University

This University was accustomed with a motive to brainwash the women citizens of UAE. It has a ability of the account of 370 actor Dhms which encompasses an breadth as ample as 711,000 aboveboard metres. There are in all six colleges with altered departments and laboratories. The bookish analysis of the university has been mentioned as follows:

Arts and Sciences

Business Sciences

Communication and Media Sciences


Information Systems

The basic motive of the University is to animate bilingual adeptness in both English and Arabic with a accomplishment in IT and additionally a ample adequacy of quantitative and analysis skills. The University has been ability amazing innovations in the accomplished few years. Dubai Internet City (DIC) is an archetype of this. ZU has additionally partnered with IBM so as to accomplish an accessory of its e-business and additionally advice activities. The University additionally organized, ‘Women as All-around Leaders’ appointment in 2006. This is done to ensure that the acceptance of the University are able able-bodied abundant so that they could accomplish an alive accord in the society.

Higher Colleges of Technology

In adjustment to accommodate technically a added complete arrangement of education, a arrangement of UAE colleges was devised in the year 1988. It started with alone 4 colleges but has 12 colleges for men and 12 for women in cities like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Fujairah. The advance in the cardinal of acceptance has gone from 239 to 15,000 in alone about 2 decades. There are a cardinal of examples in this area. As for example, Dubai Men’s Academy provides a cent percent agenda atmosphere. Bookish assignments, assay mark sheets, the cardinal of classes absent and additionally the library can now be accessed online in the college. The bartering arm of Academy Colleges of Technology is Applied Analysis and Training (CERT) has fabricated a cardinal of alliances with bunch firms and abounding aristocratic organizations which helps in the able development in the region. CERT is additionally planning to accomplish a abstracted ‘CERT City’. The abstraction abaft accomplishing the aforementioned is to accept a actually chip ability for research, addition and additionally entrepreneurship.

Conclusion of Comparison

If one puts it on the developed and the developing scale, Australia and Singapore would actually lie on the developed ancillary and United Arab Emirates would lie on the developing scale. The acumen for the aforementioned is that it has been alone about 30 years back the accumulation of the Emirates. As we accept seen, best of the development in the country has appear from the authoritative of the federation. Such bodies were cogent concoction afore the UAE arrangement of apprenticeship alike started. But as far as the advance in apprenticeship arrangement is concerned, one would actually put UAE appropriate on top. The accouterment of chargeless and compulsatory apprenticeship for the citizens is one of the ancestry of a country that is developing its apprenticeship system. But with the bulk of advance that UAE has been witnessing over the accomplished few years, in little time, the country would be able to bolt up with the brand of Australia and Singapore which are almost developed. Actual anon the after-effects of alignment like ITEP and UAEU would actually see all-embracing levels. It is the accord with multi-national apropos that by the end of this decade, the country could be of the brand of Singapore and Australia.

As far as the ‘International Maths and Science Study’ is concerned, Singapore was placed at the aboriginal abode assuming the mark that it has fabricated in the mentioned subjects. This is adverse with UAE breadth the focus has never been accurately on Maths and Science. As the date of development has amorphous in the abstruse era, the country focuses abundantly on IT than in any alternative subject. The apprenticeship arrangement in Singapore is added specialized and adamant than any alternative country. It has additionally been apparent that the apprenticeship arrangement in Singapore involves bottom amounts of creativity. As we accept seen, there is additionally a allegory of the added able ones and the bottom ones in the apprenticeship arrangement of Singapore. The agents are additionally allotted in the aforementioned adjustment of quality. This is acceptable to accomplish the able added able but the bottom able ones would not get a chance. This has been criticised abnormally in the primary and the accessory levels. (A adviser to universities in Singapore, 2010)

As far as Australia and UAE are concerned, there is a affinity in the actuality that both the countries accept implemented compulsatory apprenticeship at the primary level. But as far as Australia is concerned, this at times is not declared apprenticeship at the kindergarten akin breadth play-school is awful prominent. Such availability is not actual accepted in UAE. To be added precise, apprenticeship is advised to be compulsatory in Australia amid 5 and 15 only. As far as apple raking is concerned, the country’s rank of 6th in Reading, 8th in Science and 13th in Mathematics does abode Australia abaft Singapore in the closing two subjects. If one compares UAE for that matter, it does not alike accommodate Maths in its compulsatory arrangement of education. Moreover, there is a huge bulk of application that is accustomed to Arabic and English in adjustment to accomplish bilingual scholars. The altitude as we accept apparent are adverse in both Australia and Singapore. Allotment and administering of the apprenticeship arrangement is looked afterwards from area which is altered from that we accept apparent in the case of UAE. There are assertive centralized bodies that accept the ascendancy to don the accurate job.

Moving on to the arrangement of chargeless education, as we accept seen, UAE is a avant-garde in accouterment chargeless education. The case is not agnate back compared to Australia and Singapore. In actuality it is awful big-ticket to abstraction in the two countries. Back the aforementioned is compared to UAE, for the citizens it is actually free. This account continues for alike away studies. Also, the actuality of expatriate-citizen is added arresting in UAE than in the alternative countries. Singapore and Australia do not accept behavior like Emiritization to brainwash the citizenry added liberally. There are abounding expatriates who accept been activity to Australia decidedly for their education. UAE additionally allows admirable expatriates to abstraction with fees levied on them but it is not as abundant arresting as in Australia and Singapore.

The administration of apprenticeship is additionally added absolute in Australia as compared to UAE and Singapore. This is arresting in the blueprint mentioned in the Australian apprenticeship sector. As far as adaptability in switching capacity is concerned, Singapore in the best avant-garde of the three countries. This allows the acceptance of Singapore to be able to accept a accountable of their liking. Unlike the alternative two countries, Singapore allows continuously bigger standards to ambition rather than a distinct ambition set of the accomplished accepted and expectations.

As we accept seen, Singapore is additionally declared to accept educational alive not giving according opportunities to all to study. In UAE this is there with annual to citizenry and expatriates, but in Singapore it is on the base of aptitude and intelligence. This should actually be adored in the approaching so that Singapore can aftermath beyond masses of qualifies professionals.

As far as alertness for assay is concerned, Singapore is not advised to be a favourable place. This is because; the country has consistently ranked in Maths and Science and not in alternative subjects. This is an adumbration of blueprint acquirements which can’t be advised to be optimal in the apprenticeship system. But the Singapore Ministry of Apprenticeship takes pride in the actuality that it ranks in the Maths and Science streams as the country’s argument books are awash as far as in North America. Back it comes to Australia, as the akin increases from primary to secondary, the country’s apprenticeship arrangement gets all the added regularized. This is taken affliction of from the primary akin itself in UAE to a ample extent. (Singapore’s Apprenticeship System, 2010)


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