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TitleBuilding a sentence: assignment plan for teaching a baby accumulation of students
Grade Level/SubjectGrade 1
Big Idea: Account the ample concept/topic or approach to be introducedStudents will use phonetically spelled words to authenticate their adeptness to write.
A. Essential Questions (Overarching/Topical)

B. Desired Results – List/Label the standards/benchmarks to be accomplished in this lesson
C.  Knowledge and SkillsStandard 1.aEssential Element 1.a.4
A. A.  Essential Question(s):What strategies do acceptance use to assemble sentences?How does acquirements phonetically spelled words authenticate my adeptness to write?

B.  State Standard(s) covered:L.2.f: Spell amateurish words phonetically cartoon on phonetic acquaintance and spelling conventions.There may be a accepted that bigger matches a autograph activity. Either alter this or add a autograph accepted that fits as this is a autograph activity.
C.  Mastery Cold (SWBAT):When the abecedary shows a account taken from newspapers to the students, acceptance will be able to address labels for the pictures.When acceptance are provided with stationary, they would be able to convenance autograph application phonetically spelled words. 
Language ObjectiveInclude affairs to abutment apperception for English accent learners.WIDA StandardsStandard 1.a, SEI a Essential Element 1.a.4After celebratory the abecedary authority cards with pictures of objects, the acceptance will call the nouns.The acceptance should additionally be able to analyze the verbs of the nouns are doing.After alert to abecedary behest words, acceptance will account bottomward the nouns.ELL acceptance will be commutual up with acceptance with able English skills.Allow ELL acceptance to use their built-in accent with aeon to begin afore affective advanced with assignment in English

Pre-AssessmentHow will the acquirements be measured?Formative AssessmentTraditional AssessmentPerformance AssessmentStudent Self-AssessmentStandard 1.bEssential Element 1.b.2

Formative assessment The abecedary will address complete sentences and afresh breach the affidavit into pieces according to the cardinal of words in the antecedent book and accord the pieces to a distinct apprentice who would be adapted to align the pieces to anatomy the aboriginal sentence. Checklist: A apprentice will acquire abounding marks for analogous and adjective with a noun and adverb with an adverb while Analogous alone the noun accurately or alone the verb accurately will acquire bisected a mark. 

Summative assessmentThe abecedary will abode some cards on the attic adverse bottomward and every apprentice will accept a agenda and address a book about the noun while celebratory the genitalia of a book like nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs.Rubric for the Summative AssessmentScoring criteria01234
Student assemble sentence  which is grammatically incorrect.Poorpunctutation, poor adjustment of adjectives, poor adjustment Stufent ofadverbs,verbs, and nouns in the sentence.Student prepares sentences  with alone one of the elements positioned correctly.Student prepares book with two of the elements accurately positioned.Three of the elements positioned correctly. Sentence is able-bodied complete with all the elements placed accurately in the sentence.

Resources for this lessonInclude TechnologyStandard 2.a and 2.dEssential Element 2.a.3 and 2.d.2Old magazines, pieces of architecture paper, cement sticks, scissors, autograph paper, pencils
Time allocated for this lesson20 minutes 
Classroom administration or blueprint considerations bare for this lessonStandard 2.b, 2.f and SEI dEssential Element 1.a.4, 2.b.1, 2.a.3Have acceptance align their desks in a semi-circular address about the abecedary in a ample room.If this is a baby accumulation action why are all of the acceptance rearranging their desks? Perhaps you would like to accommodated wit a few acceptance at a time about a table. Please acclimatize to accommodated the baby accumulation requirement.Every apprentice should able amplitude for writing.
Step by footfall plan-BeginningExecutionEndingTransitions amid Assignment SegmentsEvidence of apartment and/or modifications(504, IEP, ELL, etc below)Standard 1.a, 1.b, 2.a, 2.b, 2.c, 2.d, 2.f, SEI.a, SEI.b, SEI.c, SEI.dEssential Elements 1.a.4, 1.b.2, 2.a.3, 2.b.1, 2.d.2Focus Assignment (I do it)Write simple sentences on a blueprint for example:The jug.A cat is built-in on the table.The agleam dejected carIntroduce the affair by allegorical the acceptance you will be acquirements about what makes a sentence.Issue the acceptance with old magazines , scissors, cement stick, and a architecture paper.Highlighted areas are instructions and/or setup. It does not accord in the “I do it” allocation of this lesson. Please adjust. Perhaps move it to the breadth aloft “I do it”.Hold up a annual and accord examples of nouns.Guided Instructions (“We do it”)Help acceptance to analyze nounsHelp the acceptance to put the words calm in simple sentencesGather the affidavit and abode them adverse bottomward and let anniversary apprentice aggregate a piece.Collaborative (“You do it together”)Instruct acceptance to advance a verb that explains what the verb is accomplishing and allotment it with the rest.Put acceptance in pairs and acquiesce them to altercate what the verbs in their cards are accomplishing and assemble simple sentences.Independent (“You do it alone”)Instruct every apprentice to address bottomward a book about the noun on the card. . 
Summarize the capability of the assignment application these questions.  Attach apprentice assignment back appropriate.Standard 4.aElement 4.a.1Challenges, discoveries, changes to be fabricated in the future:● Was the cold met for this lesson? What affirmation do you have?● Were all acceptance actively affianced with the lesson? If not, how could the assignment be adapted to appoint all students?● Was the assignment plan accessible to chase or does it charge to be modified?● Was the material/technology sufficient?● Would I use this assignment again? Why or why not?● Would I acclaim this assignment to others? If so, are there appropriate considerations to be fabricated for application it?

 Diverse Learners Checklist

Diverse Learners.
Learner Factors: Differentiation, Modifications, and Accommodations: (What will you do to acquiesce acceptance with altered abilities, acquirements styles, 504, IEP, etc. to accomplish during the lesson? Check off all that apply)
-Adjust Grouping Formats-Oral, Pointing, Signed Responses-Give Additional Examples-Write Homework List-Give Daily Progress Report-Use of Brail or Large PrintGive Apprentice Copy of DirectionsProvide an Alternate Reading Level for a Reading. ¨Extend Time of Selected Work¨Reread Directions¨Use Assistive Devices to Respond¨Post beheld account or schedule¨Give Verbal Reminders¨Use of Interpreter¨Give Verbal Cues to Emphasize Main Ideas¨Use Page Markers¨Give More Frequent Breaks¨Handout Hard Copy of Board Notes¨Word Processor/Computer¨Seating Near Advanced Students¨Use Graphic Organizer¨Increase the Cardinal of Review Activities¨Pair Students

Standard 1.a, 1.b, 2.a, 2.b, 2.c, 2.d, 2.f, SEI.a, SEI.b, SEI.c, SEI.d

Essential Elements 1.a.4, 1.b.2, 2.a.3, 2. b.1, 2.d.2

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