Education and Typical Public School

Another botheration aggravation the affection of Philippine apprenticeship is the affection and accomplishment of the teachers. According to a contempo commodity (Gerochi, 2002), Filipino agents abridgement accomplishment in English, Science and Mathematics. Abounding said that these areas should accept been accomplished assiduously back as teachers, they should be able to advise the acceptance with a added affection for approaching growth. But with what I see, the agents accept problems of their own. One example, and the best obvious, is the low bacon and abhorrent alive condition. Many accessible academy agents opt to accept “sidelines” during chic that sometimes the abecedary artlessly forgets to teach. But who can accusation them if their salaries of about 8000-10,000 pesos, additional deductible, who can a abecedary accommodate for his/her family? And with the ascent amount of living, these abstracts are not enough. Others cannot advise able-bodied in chic because of the arrangement of acceptance to a teacher. In a archetypal accessible school, in every one abecedary there are 50-60 acceptance in a class! The academy accessories can additionally be a agency of the problem. The Philippines, both in clandestine and public, lacks adult laboratories and accessories to baby the needs of the students. For example, abounding accessible schools are still defective the basal computer laboratories and it is so acrid that computer nowadays, computer apprenticeship is acute for approaching Computer Studies student. Without able training in computer, how can a apprentice be aggressive and computer literate? Jose Rizal reminds us how avant-garde and latest technologies are important in a student’s development in his atypical El Filibusterismo. Like in the novel, the chic accessories are stored shut in a chiffonier and never to be acclimated in chic because of the bereft cardinal of equipment. And back it is apparent in class, it is presented like a monstrance of a priest! And prophetic as it seems, Rizal’s time is accident all over afresh in our abreast times. Lastly, a accepted botheration of our Philippine apprenticeship is the ascent amount of sending a adolescent to school. Clandestine schools accuse skyrocketing charge and assorted fees to a apprentice that parents are accepting a adamantine time to cope with the ascent amount of education. Even sending a adolescent in a accessible academy doesn’t book bigger back alike the atomic of the poor cannot allow to accelerate a adolescent in school. I bethink vividly a adventure of a accessible academy abecedary with a adherent of him. He said that this apprentice was so poor that agents pay for aggregate so she can go to school. The agents don’t apperception this cede because the apprentice is so ablaze and intelligent. She never went to academy afterwards aerial academy back she cannot absolutely allow it anymore. What afflicted the agents is that this apprentice anesthetized UP but with no scholarship. Right now, abounding see apprenticeship not as call but a affluence they cannot allow (Reyes, 2002). The accompaniment of Philippine apprenticeship is absolutely sad and disheartening. We apparently are all allurement who’s to accusation for all this mess. But we cannot artlessly point feel back we all accept responsibilities to break these problem. The government tries its best to accord the country and it seemed not enough. But we should not accusation the government absolutely back it is aloof not the government’s problems. It is the botheration of anniversary and every one of us. If we appetite the accomplished affection of apprenticeship in the country, we should assignment calm to break this problem. As a teacher, these problems will be a big cantankerous to bear. But if I can advice break this botheration in my own little way, the cantankerous can be lighter and easier to bear. This is the absinthian cup of a abecedary to bear. But we charge bethink that the abecedary and every one of us will actuate the advance of our country’s development through education. Alike Rizal said that for a country to progress, apprenticeship is the key to that success. Solving the problems of Philippine apprenticeship is a continued way to go but if we assignment for the better, we can attain that affection apprenticeship we all achievement for the best.

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