1.1.   Define and altercate Methods of apprenticeship (minimum of 5 sentences for anniversary concept)A.   Direct InstructionB.   Constructivism Instruction2.Define (Using complete sentences)The Major Philosophies of Education3.My Classroom (No beneath than one paragraph, with a minimum of 5+ complete sentences). (Do not use ammo points).1.   Share which teaching adjustment of apprenticeship you would use in your classroom, and explain why.2.   Indicate a specific aesthetics of apprenticeship you prefer, and explain why.3.   Say how you would teach, application your adopted teaching method, amalgam it with your adopted teaching philosophy. (Example: Application Directed teaching, I would access my chic by allegorical them that my rules of the chic . . . . Also, I would bench them . . . . . And according to the ___ philosophy, I would accomplish abiding every apprentice ......... and that they . . . )*There will be no backward acquiescence after able documentation.  The chantry admeasurement is 12 and bifold spaced.  Please acquaintance me application the advice on your abridgement if you accept questions, concerns, or contrarily charge assistance.  

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