Educating Patients on Using Computer for Information

Patient Guide Chamberlain Academy of Nursing NR 361: Informatics Systems for Nursing Accommodating Guide to WWW A 28 year old male, academy graduate, was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. He was actual afraid with his analysis but afraid to apperceive aggregate about this ache process. He capital to be abreast on Diabetes and booty albatross for his health. Knowing the Internet could action him a affluence of advice he aloof bare advice on how to go about it. He was computer adeptness but was not abiding what sites would action him the best advice on his diagnosis. With the affluence of advice on the Internet, it is actual important to advance appraisal abilities to abetment in anecdotic affection Webb pages (Hanson & Hoss, 2008). A aboveboard bloom armpit will accommodate advice that is based on accepted accurate fact. The accommodating was directed to the site, http://www. diabetes. org. This armpit is associated with a acclaimed organization, the American Diabetes Association. The armpit provides acquaintance advice at the basal of the folio so you can verify authority of the organization. The armpit is able-bodied organized and maintained, a assurance of inherent quality. The sources are listed and can be absolute in alternative sources. The goals and purpose of the allotment alignment is in the, “About Us” link. There are dates on the pages indicating, back it was created and adapted befitting the advice current, which is important with bloom information. This armpit has aerial affection and clinically accordant evidence. A chase for Diabetes on Google brought up a armpit www. everydayh ealth. com/diabetes/index. aspx. This is a bartering armpit and the advice lacked accurate quality. Most of the advice accustomed was assessment based. The armpit states that the advice is not for analysis or diagnosis. There is additionally no acquaintance advice given. This armpit is maintained by a aggregation that supports the customer and announcement companies. The folio had assorted advertisements that didn’t affect to Diabetes. This would be a armpit that should accession affair and suspicion. The Internet can action admired advice about the clock. However, the appropriate accoutrement to appraise the advice are the key to accepting advice that is actual for you (Anderson & Klemm, 2008). References Anderson,A. & Klemm,P. (2008) The Internet: Friend or Foe Back Providing Accommodating Education?. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 12 (1), 55-63. Hanson,D. & Hoss,B. (2008) Evaluating the Affirmation : Web Sites. Aorn Journal, 87 (1), 124-141.

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