The Critical Thinking chapter in your arbiter explains the amount standards of actuality an able analytical thinker. Think about these amount standards as you apprehend the afterward story. The Dark Men and the Albatross is a acclaimed Indian allegory that tells the adventure of a accumulation of dark men that blow an albatross to apprentice what it is like. Each one feels a altered part, but alone one part, such as the ancillary or the tusk. The alone affecting the elephant's cogwheel exclaims, "It's a Spear!" The alone affecting the elephant's ear exclaims, "It's a Fan!" The alone affecting the elephant's ancillary exclaims, "It's a Wall!" The alone affecting the elephant's appendage exclaims, "It's a Rope!" The alone affecting the elephant's leg exclaims, "It's a Tree!" The alone affecting the elephant's block exclaims, "It's a Snake!" They again analyze addendum and apprentice that they are in complete disagreement. ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS Read the absorbed book "The Dark Men and the Elephant." Read the Intellectual Standards Which of the standards of analytical cerebration best applies to this adventure (Clarity, Accuracy, Precision, Relevance, Depth, or Breadth)? Write approximately 150-200 words (1-2 paragraphs) explaining your answer.

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