Course Project: Creating a Child Health, Safety, and Diet Blog This week, you will abide to assignment on your advance activity by creating the fourth section. Section 4: Advantageous Food and Nutrition Based on accepted trends and realities, it is bright that adults committed to children's advantageous advance and development charge apostle for high-quality nutrition, which begins with a able basal ability of children's comestible needs, adorning stages, and comestible guidelines. For your advance activity this week, you will actualize a fourth area that provides important advice on diet and age-appropriate foods for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers and that will serve as an educational apparatus for adults who assignment with adolescent accouchement and their ancestors members. Use the afterward guidelines: Summarize why acceptable diet and bistro habits are so important to accouchement in anniversary age group. Cite affirmation from Chapter 6 in your argument and/or alternative assets to abutment your claims. Refer to Chapter 8 in your advance argument and explain why adults should actively advice accouchement advance advantageous bistro habits and at atomic two means this can be accomplished. Provide three alimental recipes that ancestors associates can adapt with preschoolers and explain the comestible amount of each. (To locate recipes, attending through the assorted appropriate Web sites or do analysis as needed.) Offer strategies and suggestions to accomplish affable calm an agreeable acquirements acquaintance for children. Assignment length: Approximately 2 pages

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