EDU 304: Discussion 2 due today

  Please analysis the alternate case abstraction about Ms. Ruiz and her acceptance at this articulation  After reviewing the case study, amuse abode the following: Choose two of the options Ms. Ruiz provides for performance-based assessment. How do these options accommodated the Five Criteria for Effective Appraisal as declared in your textbook? Cite analysis from Chapter 6 to abutment your response. Talk about an educational acquaintance area you were asked to “show what you know” through an accurate activity. What was the action and how did this appulse your learning? When it comes to the able development of agents like Ms. Ruiz, do you anticipate educators would account added from formative, summative, or performance-based assessment? Explain your acumen with specific examples and analysis from Chapter 6 to abutment your response. Textbook: Introduction to Education: Choosing to Teach by Suzanne Krogh, Lynda Fielstein, Patricia Phelps, & Richard Newman

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